Boss Chick

Book 1

Some people call me mean cause I don’t treat them with respect but hey is it my fault for being the “boss chick “and don’t get me twisted I’m not the bosses’ girlfriend I’m the daughter of the renowned business tycoon Dr Muhammad Amin Mahmud who happens to be one of the richest men in Africa. My mom died when I was 12 and my dad married 2 months later because he wanted someone to look after me but she was very mean to me she ruined my self esteem and I couldn’t even sit in the same room with my father when she was around we lived in a huge mansion so I always made up stories when he asked me why i didn’t like joining them,I drew farther apart from my dad my only haven was school and I attended one of the best  GIS  i resorted to rebelling against her which is why  she tells dad that I am disrespectful and now here we are six years along with the same wicked stepmother who has tried her possible best to make me wretched but has failed miserably cause I find a way to fight back and that kills her ,she has also not bore any children for dad and that makes me Aaliyah Amin Mahmud the only heir of Dr Amin of Amin Group of Companies.

Today is my graduation day I’ve completed senior high school and my friends and i have organised a party at Aprodisiac to celebrate and dad doesn’t want me to go although he knows I get whatever I want I wonder why he is saying I shouldn’t go in the first place and I’m the “boss chick” and I need to be there, there will be no party without me being there I tried calling all my dad’s phone line and he wasn’t picking I  was low on budget and couldn’t use the money I had to even buy a new dress all my dresses were outdated and there was a new Oscar de la Renta dress I was dying to wear and my credit cards were running out so I needed an increase in my clothing allowance I looked at my friend Lisa who was looking at me and shaking her head whiles I was tsking as my dad didn’t pick my calls “Aaliyah just let it be you have a whole lot of dresses you could pick from not necessarily this one”she finished looking at Sumayya for support,she nodded silently agreeing with Lisa. ” Ugh are you guys for real those dresses are so last year and you want me to wear that??? Gosh I’m outta here see you guys later and no need to join me at home let’s meet at the party” I continued hopping into my car to dad’s office I turned on Trey Songz oh na na on loud speaker and sang along as i drove speedily there ,I was soon at the forecourt of the skyscraper the maître d rushed to were I was to open the door for me although I was somehow arrogant I was very generous to dad’s workers and some of them liked me but I was hated by most “did you see my dad leaving today Dennis?” He widened his eye before answering “No Ma’am” I nodded lightly and left I did same to the receptionist at the down floor and climbed the elevator to the thirtieth floor where my dad’s office  was his secretary started calling my name but I paid no heed to her and went ahead to his office I didn’t even bother to knock and just barged in his secretary was right behind me trying to stop me from entering “leave her Maria let her in I’m almost done here” she  left I quickly went to where he was and hugged him tightly kissing him on both cheeks “I missed you dad why were you not picking my calls and you know my time here is little since I’ll start my tour on Monday I finished sitting on his lap. He looked at me sternly and said I should go back to my car and wait for him” Gosh dad you are really a killjoy ” “can’t you see I’m in a meeting?” He asked pointing to his guest, I flashed him a look and turned abruptly, he was a young man and I wondered what business he had with my dad since most of his business associates were older  I shrugged it off  and walked to his resting room which was adjoined to his office.