Boss chick

Book 3


I bought the dress online as I drove home which will be delivered in like 30 minutes I drove speedily than I ever did and I was lucky my house was not located in a populated area or I would have surely committed murder . I was lucky to be home before my stylist I was able to wash up before she arrived . She was brought to my room by one of our numerous maids with my step mom hot on her heels “Aaliyah I thought I told you to not bring in strangers into this house ” she said covering her nose whiles eyeing my stylist I did not mind her and turned to my stylist who was already arranging her tools on my dressing mirror and directed the maid to bring in her two assistants “I’m talking to you ” she repeated a bit loudly “Look madam I don’t want to be disrespectful cos you are my dad’s wife but you are pushing me to the limit don’t make me do what you’re  gonna regret and the house is mine I was here before you just let me be” I finished sitting on my  stool “so what style do you see suit for this dress” I asked my stylist showing her the pic of the dress I had ordered  my step mom who had a bemused look on her face growled and left the room, Miss Monica couldn’t contain  her laughter anymore gave a loud roar her assistants who from all indications have heard pieces of the exchange came in grinning ” my girl finally got a backbone I think school toughened you ”  ” No Ma I think I always had it in me just waited to unleash it in the right time”. We exchanged her assistants  pleasantries   and they started working on my feet .

“A-ha I think I have just the perfect style to go with your dress since its natural and soft I’m gonna add a little curls and at the end and I’ll it dye red  to go with the dress “.  I had a confused look on my face when she was finished “You know  I don’t like that bad girl look my dad wouldn’t like it”  Bt she convinced me to do it and have a nose pierce my dad is definitely going to get mad when he sees me my dress was brought some few minutes after the pierce and I had to go for it with teary eyes the delivery man had a strange look on his face when I went for it “Miss Aaliyah?” he asked shakingly I wonder if it was because of the two gorillas we had at the door I signed the paper and gave it back to him with a little tip to it. “Thanks ma ” he said with a huge grin on his face I went inside and held the dress to my partners in crime one of the assistants screamed excitedly I thought  these designs were just released? “Yes but bosses never have less I’m a boss so I only have the best girl”  I finished winking an eye  .


Mike called to tell me “Aaliyah” I always have to shut my eye and breathe deeply whenever I mention or hear her name She  was going to have a party at Aphrodisiac night club which was all the way in Kumasi I had to catch a flight to Ksi I had to meet her today  “my QUEEN “. I called the airline and reserved a flight to Ksi I packed a few clothing and slept a bit since I booked the 5 pm flight.


My manicure and pedicure were done and my hair looked fabulous it did not look natural at all “I’ll do the make up I feel a bit restless now so I want to  sleep it off a bit, the flight over here was a bit tiring and I don’t want to be jet lagged tonight”

“Ok but take care young lady I don’t want to hear any bad news tomorrow morning and don’t let the guys close I know you are going to look mwah after the make up, don’t ruin your hair ok”. Monica and her crew left shortly after they had packed their tools I was already dozing off by the time they left.


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