Boss chick

” i’m sorry for the mistakes in the previous chapter bear with me typing error hope u understand “

Book 4


I woke up feeling more energetic than ever I felt giddy and wanted to be at the party already I checked my wall clock and it was already past six  I quickly went to the bathroom  freshened up and performed my prayers my phone chimed and I ignored it cos it was definitely going to be one of the girls and I didn’t want to be rushed.



The flight to Kumasi was like being in a trance 1 minute  my luggage was being checked the next minute we were taken off and now here I am on my way to the club in the airport rental cars with the help of a GPS I didn’t want to bother Mike he had already done enough by securing me a deal with the king it was now time for me to play with his Princess a bit. I lodged into one of the popular hotels in the area and the area was serene as its name suggested Ahodwo (serenity)  I lied down praying to fall asleep cos I had a long night ahead.




I freshened up once more and took my dress from where I kept it in the walk in closet it was a petite strapless cut off dress which fitted me like glove a few inches above my knee and OMG I looked outta this world i bet I’m gonna turn heads and on second thought that’s what boss chicks are suppose to look like😘.

I applied a light make up and put on a long dark red diamond earring I completed my look with a black Jimmy Choo five inch peephole shoe and I was now the official lady in red with the exception of the shoes. I was contemplating on which car  to go with whether to go with a chauffeur or to drive there myself I took the red lambharghini keys. I really loved cars so I had a whole collection of them most of which I had never driven “daddy’s rules” which I sometimes find annoying I had a red Porsche Cayman which would have been more suitable but it was part of the locked up collection so the lambharghini would do. There was a short route to the garage from my bedroom but I wanted step mother dearest to see me all dressed up so I opted for the living room she was sitting in one of her Thrones as I expected whiles her maids attended to her I had to hide my laughter as she hissed when I reached the door . My dad’s two gorillas were hot on my heels as l walked to the garage “Miss Aaliyah we’ll be joining you” they said in unison I almost fell when I heard them “Wha-what do you mean? ” I stammered. “The boss called and ordered us to follow you wherever you go” I was short of words how could dad do this to me he knew how I hated having the guards around they were so irritating trying to ward off anyone who tried to come close to me even my friends it was overprotective and I hated that ” Okay we make a truce I’ll call up my dad and tell him I want to go with only one guard I can’t take it with two of you hovering over me” I said dialling my dad’s line he picked at the first ring  like he knew i was  gonna call

“Dad I can’t have those two gorrilas hovering over me” I said mouthing sorry to them   “Aaliyah I am not backing down on this  either you go with them or no party at all” I had to force myself not to growl “Dad they’ll make me the highlight of the day you know the place is secured I’d never joke with my safety you know what  why don’t you make me go with just one, I’ll go with Adams if that pleases you ” Adam was the scary looking one.  My dad finally gave in and I was finally in my car leading the way as Adam followed on a motor bike .




I didn’t know how to impress an eighteen ear old whether to dress like a  boy or wear my regular style I decided to wear all a black and red Burberry checked wool shirt ,a black jeans with a pair of black jordans I picked up my phone and keys and walked out of the lobby ,the hotel the place was somehow busy I hopped into my car and off to the club I went.





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