Boss chick

Book 6


Jamal was gone before Adam approached us “so this will not be part of the report you make to my dad OK” i said trying to give him my best stern look  “of course ma’am my job is to see to it that you are safe and nothing more ” he said “thank you for knowing that ” I added picking up my purse to join the others .

We partied a bit before I bid them goodnight it was past 12 am already the drive home was very short Adam went to open the gate, we lived in a secured area so I  was not  frightened  my phone chimed and I picked  up without looking at the screen  “so you’re home already princess” I slightly closed my eyes as he continued “you go freshen up I’m going to do that too but expect to see my call soon” I couldn’t even utter a word he ended the call and a car honked  behind me and I turned to see him waving at me I shook my head trying very hard to hide my smile.




I just prayed this girl wouldn’t come between me and my goals I think I really fell for her. I closed my eyes and it started coming back to me like it was just happening the screams and gunshots I rose from the bed hurriedly and  performed ablution to pray that was the only place I found solace when I cry before my lord .



I freshened up and did my late night prayer. I straightened my bed and pulled on my princess pyjamas I really liked girly things and was a romantic at heart maybe from all the princess stories I read I switched off the bedside lamp and lied on my bed with thoughts of him invading my mind gosh this guy was not going to stop bothering me, he was closing on me too fast I hated being clueless I always wanted to be a step ahead but it seems with him I just turn into mush making him do what he wanted. As if on cue my phone rang and I knew he was the one I decided to ignore it but I just couldn’t do it I ended up answering it “princess did I wake you up” I kept mute thinking of a way to stop him I didn’t like this kind of feeling “Look mister thanks for what you did for me earlier but I don’t like this thing one bit I would be very grateful if you stopped calling me and just let me be  ok” the line was quite so I checked to see if he was still there “I’ll be waiting for you at your front door by 9:00 am please be ready by then and don’t wear one of those clothes you wore tonight I wouldn’t want guys looking at my future wife like that” I was practically growling when he was saying all those stuffs the nerve of that man “look  Jamal u can’t just ” the call ended, I called back and he didn’t pick up the nerve of that man….



I was bubbly when morning came I had a feeling today was going to be good I had a text from Jamal when I was going down for breakfast I chose not to read it and went to join my dad ,he goes to work early so I mostly didn’t join him,  daddy had a surprise look on his face when he saw me “Good morning dad ” I said giving him a peck  “Good morning Aaliyah how  was your night” “splendid dad” I finished with a smile he cleared his throat after he was done I’m not such a breakfast person I usually take coffee or chocolate drink and I’m ok “Aaliyah I wanted to tell you your share of your mum’s inheritance will be transferred to a private account she opened for you the details will brought by her lawyer in the afternoon but you’ll still not have access to everything” I didn’t even look at  him when he was talking I always feel hollow when  my mom’s name is mentioned , my grandparents were rich and only had my mom and the saddest part is they died together in an accident , the first time I separate from my mom and she dies, I shed  tears whenever I remember the past.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself  Liyah  this day was going to come no matter what , you can invest the money if you don’t want to touch it now but it’s yours to do as you please with”.

“Thanks dad  I’ll think about it but I wanted to tell you I’ll be going out today and dad don’t forget I said I’ll be touring the world after high school and  since I’m done I would  not start my university education this year so I’ll tour the world the whole of this year”. I said looking into his eyes with my already teary eye. “Ok I’ll think about it ok ” I kissed his cheek as he stood to leave for work my phone rang but I ignored it “why won’t you answer it” daddy asked suspiciously  “not important dad it’s Sumy and she’s just going to deprive me of sleep”  i said yawning to prove that I was sleepy . “Byee dad I’m going to sleep” I said walking back to my room.



I met up with Mike the next morning and discussed the shares with him signing over the shares to me. ” I want you to look into the other share holders I heard he has only 50% of the shares right? ”  “yes he has 50% I don’t know who has the remaining 25% his shareholders swear to secrecy it was very hard to secure this percentage but I think the company might not be doing so well that was why they were selling the shares in secrecy”

“I don’t care about the money  or how well the company is doing Mike all I want is the company I want to outbuy him if I’m the major shareholder I get to do as I please with it” I finished smiling I checked my phone to see if Aaliyah had replied to my text I tried calling her but it wasn’t answered I think I was frowning  cos Mike had a smile on his face “She’s getting to you isn’t she?” I raised my head  asking innocently ” What were you saying? ”  “You know what I meant but don’t break her heart she’s just a kid and has nothing to do with whatever her dad did to you”

“Mike you might be my friend but that doesn’t give you the right to tell me whatever you like I don’t interfere in your affairs do I? ” I said angrily  “Hey take a chill pill man I’m just asking  you to not break her heart she’s been through a lot already please don’t hurt her” he said standing to leave  “Hey man sorry for my outburst and thanks for today” he just shook his head and left.



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