Book 7

Morning came too soon I woke up super energized than ever I  joined dad for breakfast, he usually had his breakfast early  but  today being a Sunday was like holiday for him ” Good morning dad” I said giving him a peck on his cheek “Good morning Liyah, how was your night??” “Splendid dad” I said with a goofy smile whiles mixing my coffee drink “So you still drink only coffee for breakfast ?” he asked pointing to the cup with his head. “No school hasn’t changed me one bit ” my step mom walked in just then with a frown on her face I rolled my eyes when she kissed my him and sat next to him . “Good morning mom” I said cynically  I always prayed to forget about the things this woman did to me but I just couldn’t I forgave easily but never forgot it was scribed on my mind forever “Honey I wanted to tell you about Aaliyah’s new found habits she left this house late last night and was dropped off the early hours of this morning by a man ” she said shedding crocodile tears  “she even shouted at me last night saying I should let her be since I wasn’t her mom” “subhanallah” I said openly my dad’s facial expression was murderous I was actually laughing when she was done “You don’t believe her do you Adam was doting  on me like a mother hen I had no chance to even speak to anyone   and I came home with him please step mom you should stop saying things which you’ve not witness ” just then my phone rang   I picked up without looking at the screen “hello princess are you ready  I’m at the front gate ” “o-ok ” I stammered. I stood up to leave ” I’m going to freshen up dad you can verify from Adam if I’m really speaking the truth ” I muttered winking at my step mom  “see you later mom” she also stood to leave but daddy called her back angrily ” Come back here Amina” I hurried to my room I didn’t  want to to be around while he reprimanded her.


Should I really go out with this guy he gets to me I’m attracted to him I know that but is he good for me? “ya Allah please help me through this ” I bathed and now contemplated on what to wear the guy must really be crazy if he thinks he can make me do his bid by just snapping his finger I smiled and  chose a white Chanel crop top with a faded denim jacket and a faded cut off jeans I moisturized my body ,applied  a light make up and wore my clothes “this should do” I said with a smile on my face




I met up with Mike to sign over the shares to me ” Thank you Mike you’ve been like a brother to me ” “And how has it been with the girl so far is she giving you a hard time? ” he asked with a knowing smile. I laughed hard for sometime when I remembered how she was acting I knew she liked me might even be in love with me but she was trying very hard to deny it but I’m not a quitter I get what I want, maybe not when I want it ,but I surely do get it ”

“Why are you smiling like a fool you love her don’t you ?” “I think so” “you think?  Jamal what of her dad?  How do u seek revenge on a man and fall for his daughter? You are one crazy dude you know” . “Hey   reminding me of that wouldn’t stop me I know what I want already and I’m going to take it a step at time slowly, see you later man I’m running late I have to pick her up”.


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