I called her when I was close to their house and told her I was at the gate  women will always have a last minute thing to do when you are taking them out I parked  a few paces from the house I didn’t want to meet her dad yet want to surprise him with a wedding , didn’t even want to tip him off on who I might be just as I predicted she wasn’t ready yet , I switched on the car radio and Kendrick Lamar’s   “we gonna be alright” was playing.




I came down and dad was still reprimanding her,this was one of the reasons why I hated being home ,it always ended with her trying to paint me black and my dad finding out the  truth then reprimanding her, I would have given up already if I were her and I always wondered why dad was still with her.   I stood at the door and told my dad I was going sightseeing with my friends, “Liyah take one of the guards” “Dad you know nothing  wrong will happen in broad daylight plus I’m running late,” I said checking my wrist watch I went out and he was not at the gate a car honked and I turned to see him waving , he looked good in his knee length army shorts with white T-shirt  and sneakers .

He took in what I was wearing and shook his head “hop in” he said gesturing to the side door I tsked a little and hopped in,it seemed he was not well acquainted with Kumasi cos he was busily typing on his phone and GPS “why? Are you not well acquainted with the area yet?” “Not that I  just want us to go to an interesting place ” “I heard KFC opened a branch here let’s go there “I said disinterested  “OK” he said finally putting his phone away and sizing me up once more “So how was your night? ” he asked coolly “splendid ” I said shortly not wanting to converse.  The car was quite once more so he turned up the volume of the radio which was playing a certain rap song my phone chimed and it was Sumy I smiled as I picked it ” hey Obaa how are you how was your night?” he was looking at me from the corner of his eyes. “So what time did you leave the place?” ,”really I thought you would have stayed much longer”. I was quite as she explained to me how some of our classmates got drank “we left when things started heating up” she finished. ” I’m sorry for that I don’t think I’ll ever be clubbing or even partying again, the place is too stiffening , loud and addictive if you’re used to ,all the partying we did in school is enough” I said stealing a glance at him he was busily driving I don’t think he had his mind  on what I was saying . “Would you meet me at KFC in like half an hour?” “k bae see you then and extend my greetings to your mom tell her I’ll come over  tomorrow and that kiddo kiss him for me k”i ended the call with a sigh I pushed the seat back slightly and closed my eyes reliving the time we met. “We’re are here” he said as he parked he opened the door for me and I was amazed to see that we were at a boutique, I looked at him questionly but he looked away what is this guy up to I shrugged and followed him inside the place was quite maybe because it was a weekend the attendant smiled as we walked in “good morning and welcome to La Mirage ” she said with a smile on her face I just nodded and sat on one of the waiting chairs he muttered some things to her and she nodded leading him to an interior part of the boutique they came back in about fifteen minutes with a whole lot of clothes “Ma’am please join me to the fitting room I would like to see if the dresses do fit you ” I gave her one of my best murderous looks “did you see me buying anything here I just sat down or do you now charge people for just sitting I asked opening my mobile money account “what is your number? ” “I’m sorry madam but your fiance said you should wear the dresses to see of they fit please come with me ” she said in a calm voice I raised my head to see Jamal holding two other dresses I rolled my eyes and looked at her “so how much does all cost ?” “he already made payments ma’am” “I didn’t ask you that I  asked for the cost and that’s  what I’m paying although I don’t need them so what sizes did you pick?” “Size 38 ma’am ” “OK package them for me” Jamal gave the two dresses to her and sat on the chair next to me he turned slightly almost held my hand but stopped midway he looked deep into my eyes I had to look down “princess?” I took my phone to seek refuge but he took it from me and when I raised my head to nag I just couldn’t “Baby I don’t know how to make you understand but I really love you ” I think he registered the surprise look I had on my face cos he nodded while I shook my head “yes, believe me I fell for you the very moment I saw you and I just can’t stand it when I see other men looking at you like they want to be with you I never knew I was the jealous kinda guy till i saw…. ” he clenched his jaw tightly and looked into my eyes pleadingly “Please babe do this for me , just this once”. He really got to me this time I never knew something like this could happen falling for someone you’ve never met this is what they call a match made in heaven cos I could feel deep within me that he was my other half”.




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