I didn’t know how to control myself when she came out  in a short cut off jeans, crop top and jacket with a pair of jean sneakers how could her dad watch her leave home like this I am not usually amazed by his parenting skills cos the man was a walking monster  I wondered if she really knew who her dad was or what he was capable of she did not see me so I had to honk the horn. I asked her to hop in and searched for a boutique on Google Maps the closer boutique to her place was  20 minutes drive , she asked whether I was not well acquainted to the area, I really wanted to know about her, I wanted to run a background check on her but I wanted her to be the one to tell me, I looked at her from the corner of my eyes as she chatted with her friend whose name I didn’t catch   she was so pretty when she smiled I was oblivious to the song that was playing just her voice could keep me going I wonder what she’ll do if she knows the kind of plans I have for her father she closed her eyes and laid back on the seat God I just wish I could capture this moment I could feel deep inside me that she was the one for me, she didn’t even realise when I pulled over I came out  and hurriedly went around and opened her door she flicked her eyes open and I fell for her all over again. “We’re here ” she just shrugged and went inside the boutique with me ,she took a seat and engrossed  herself with her phone the attendant was very friendly I asked her to size Aaliyah up and guess her size “I think she might be a size 38/39  38 will do” she said nodding exorbitantly “I want you to get her long dress ankle length dresses actually I’m even joining you to choose them “. I ended up buying a whole lot of dresses for her now I wonder how I’m going to convince her to take them the girl was too stubborn and strong willed the attendant went out with some of the dresses while I checked to pick a final one I ended up taking two dresses a white and red one the red dress reminded me of last night,  she didn’t notice when I came out she was busy ranting to the poor girl how she didn’t come to buy anything and was not going to fit any of the dresses I knew this was going to happen I had to do something real fast she gave me a defiant look I did my best to give her a blank look but I think the the love I had for her gave me away. I had to profess how I really felt for her when she agreed “But I’m paying for them ” I could tell from the look she gave me she was in love with me. I  believed in Fate but never knew I would one day fall for the daughter of my arch enemy and a kid for that matter.




I chose the white dress he had brought the guy had me eating off his hand I did his biding even when I didn’t want to I preferred to dress in short clothing I had a few jean trousers  but I preferred cut off jeans or ripped ones and leggings and a handful of knee length dresses the only time I dressed in long dresses was when I was praying or on Eid days. My dad couldn’t talk on how I dressed I went to a boarding school at an early age after my mom and grandparents died in a plane crash. I wore the dress and it looked really good on me. I came out to see him talking animatedly  with the lady  and she was shamelessly flirting with him she turned and I think the look on my face wiped the smile away “How much does it all cost? ” I looked at him from the corner of my eye and saw him smiling at her like they were sharing a common joke that was the last straw “I asked how much it cost?! Or are you deaf now? ”  I knew I was acting childish but I just couldn’t help it she was there talking about God knows what with a man who had just professed his love for me and she even said he told her I was his fiancee why would she be laughing and touching   him he was mine and mine alone no one else’s.  “I’m sorry” I said after a heavy sigh “No problem ma’am” she said with a smile she looked at him and I didn’t even turn to see what they were doing cos he annoyed me “Its 200 Cedis”  she said “You think I was born yesterday it’s either you tell me the price  or I leave this very minute ” “Hey chill princess ” he said trying to hold my arm I pulled it away and it hit the counter “ouch ” my eyes were teary immediately “Look you know what I’m leaving I said holding the edge of the dress for free movement. I’m not spoilt I know that but I didn’t know where this green beast appeared from I went out angrily  and the annoying thing was he did not even follow me I was clueless when I reached the parking lot I wasn’t a caged person but I was indoors mostly and I wasn’t in Kumasi more often. I went and stood by the street if I get a taxi home I hurriedly wiped the angry tears that was threatening to roll down “God this is crazy how can I be crying over someone who I don’t really know and the most annoying part is over such a trivial issue I was scooped up and raised my head to meet his eye he smiled and shook his head when he saw the tears welled in my eye the attendant was standing by the car and opened the door  he seated me gently and wiped my tears with an handkerchief he had removed from his shorts pocket. The attendant smiled at us and bidded us goodbye Jamal called her back and gave her something a tip I think I was weak so I let it be.



I never thought she was the jealous type the look she gave me when she saw me laughing with the shop attendant was enough to kill, but I was somehow happy I think I read from somewhere that jealousy was a sign of love I prayed it was so cos if she loved me enough she might not leave me when I’m through with her dad. She didn’t even let me touch her I don’t know if she feels threatened by the attendant but she was all I needed the only one, I followed her outside and she was by the street side waiting to hail a taxi  I never wanted to even touch a finger of hers till we were married but drastic times called for drastic measures I scooped her up seated her gently in the car and gave the attendant who was standing all this while watching us a large tip she thanked me and said she really liked how I  showed my affection towards Aaliyah. I started the car and drove away with no  particular destination in mind her phone rang from my side pocket I handed it to her but she did not answer it she called as soon as the call ended and told the person she couldn’t make it I gather it was from the friend who called earlier I parked at a secluded part of the road and wondered how to start “Princess” I said softly I tried to touch her hand but she pulled it away her anger was uncalled for I knew that but I felt like soothing her anyways maybe she had never been in a relationship and I was making her all emotional I put my hands down and looked at her intently please look at me she looked up and had  tears roll down her cheeks I closed my eyes shortly and opened them ; “Princess do you think I’ll give another woman a second look when I have you, you lag nothing you’re my perfection you complete me do you really know how I feel about you?? I want to marry you like right away ” she raised her bloodshot eyes and looked at me slightly shaking her head “Yes I want to marry you and I will in Shaa Allah I just want to gain your love and I can see I’m gaining it I can’t wait for you to bore my babies ” ” So should I take you home or you still want to go to that restaurant?? ”




He was wrong when he said he was gaining my love he already had it my heart, body ,soul ,spirit everything. I had a really bad memory when I saw him with her,  I knew firsthand how well to do men kept mistresses and lots of girlfriends my dad was an example I did not  understand some things when I was a kid but I vividly remembered how my mom used to cry at night when he wasn’t home on time he never hit her or brought them home but that was more painful the slowest form of murder,  I had even promised myself to not marry a well to do man maybe middle income worker but from the amount  of money he spent at the boutique I can tell he is pretty loaded , I gave him Sumy’s address and asked him to drop me there I called her and told her I’ll be coming to her house she was pretty angry because I stood her up but was silent when she heard my teary voice “hey you come over and tell me what happened k”. He removed the shopping bags from the car booth and offered to take them inside “don’t worry I’ll get the guards to help me carry it inside” “So we’re cool right? ” he asked doubtfully “Yea we’re cool” I said giving him a smile  “expect my call tonight” he said hopping into the car and giving me a wink  Sumy alighted from a taxi just as he drove off she gave me a questioning look and held my hand as we went in “what of the bags who’s going to bring them in?” “I’ll let the guards  do that” we took one each and went inside,their house was pretty much like ours our house was four lanes  away from ours. Her mom wasn’t around so we went straight to her bedroom she asked two guards to bring the bags in as we went inside. “So tell me everything don’t even leave a single detail out who dropped you off  I know all the cars in your house and that car is not among and since when did you start wearing long dresses? ”  she asked rapidly . “Please Sumy let me pray before you start  bombarding me with all these questions “.I said leaving for her washroom.


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