Boss chick

Book 2


So he has a daughter and she doesn’t look bad she will do I whispered into my Ā representative’s ear ,I’ve been following his family for very long and I never knew he had a daughter I now have my work all cut out for me.

“Sorry for the inconvenience that was my daughter ” Mr Amin said as she went away. Ā “No problem sir and she’s pretty if I must say” . I started seeing black when I heard him say that “Man back off she’s mine already” I said angrily. I could hear him trying to suppress his laugh as he continued talking to the man ” Ā We really appreciate that you’ve considered our company sir, so when shall we sign the contract? ” Mike asked him. “I think we can sign it now nothing as good as the present “. This calls for a celebration we shall Ā celebrate this night you found me a wife and some shares in one day and you shall surely have some raise Mike. I went off to get ready for the celebration Ā as Mike handled the paperwork . Finally got what I’ve been chasing after plus a wife I’m thinking of a place to celebrate “Call me immediately after signing the contract I said removing the Ā earpiece and replayed the video to where my queen sat on her dads lap I played it slowly and closed my eye listening to her voice which was music to my ear.


Dad was keeping long and I had to be home in less than an hour with my new dress I had an appointment with my hairdresser i didn’t want to be late she was one of the few people who never made me had my way although I mostly get her to comply she was a friend of my mom and had always been a mother figure to me , my dad came in and looked really tired I tried giving him my best puppy eyes and started slowly Ā ” dad please don’t do this to me I’ll be very grateful if you do this one thing for me ok and I promise to do anything you ask of me after this will you? ” I finished in a teary voice, he shook his head and Ā smiled ” you really deserve an Oscar you know you could have fooled anyone but me the money was deposited before I came you’ll get an alert very soon ” I immediately brightened up and jumped hugging him fiercely Ā he held me much longer Ā I pulled away and saw his moisty eyes which left me speechless dad never cried and I wonder what is making him do so now “Dad is something wrong please answer me you know I can’t Ā bear seeing you like this” ” He held my hand and seated me slowly on the sofa sitting beside me. ” You are all that I have Aaliyah I would never be happy if something were to happen to you I know we’ve been rocky for sometime but I promise to make it better ok” . “Aww dad thank you so much I also love you too ” I said kissing him on both cheeks “See you later ” .i finished leaving the room hurriedly