I turned up the volume of the radio and sang along as I drove speedily to the hotel  I  smiled at the  doorman who pulled the glass door for me  and whistled an unknown song as I walked into the reception and smiled back at the receptionist who always had a welcoming smile. I don’t know what I would have done if my feelings weren’t  reciprocated , I was smiling like a loon  as  I walked to my room and wondered if I should call her already. I didn’t want her to tire of me plus she was exhausted from all the emotional rollercoaster she went through today. I freshened up and prayed before dozing off dreaming about  all the beautiful babies we were going to make.





Sumy called Lisa before I could even finish praying I wonder why they were making such a big deal off it. Lisa came over within 10 minutes  “who is he? ” “how did you meet” they asked in unison “Ugh you guys are too inquisitive  I feel so drained please let me sleep” I said pulling them off the bed to make space for me ” “We are not going to let you get any sleep if you don’t tell us, start already then you can have your beauty sleep ” Sumy said stubbornly while Lisa nodded in agreement. I tried giving them my best angry look but they knew me and didn’t budge “you win but I’m saying it only once, I met him at the club yesterday, he saved me from a creep who tried touching me, he took my number and took me out today that’s all” I said rapidly and took a pillow to lie on “no  no what did you just say was it a rap, you don’t get to just blurt it out and sleep, you are giving us every single detail” Lisa uttered turning to Sumy for support “OK guys you know what we’ll all meet up with him tomorrow please let me get some sleep you can check out the things I brought”.

I woke up later to an empty room, I checked my phone clock and it was a few minutes past 4.  I went to the living room to find Lisa and Sumayya looking through the things I had brought they had scattered it all over the place I sat on the bed like sofa that was facing them “since when did you start wearing long dresses??” Lisa asked surprisingly “Just what I was about to ask” Sumy added “I was surprised when I saw you wearing this one but all these??  She added “and they look expensive too” she took another bag and the clothes I wore earlier was in. “A-ha I knew  it ” Lisa check this out she said throwing it to her Lisa smelt it and asked if I wore it today.  “She wore that today and changed into this one when they went out”. I just sat there as they talked about me like I wasn’t around  “was he the one who asked you to change?” they asked in unison “Yes he said he doesn’t want others seeing what belongs to him” “mmm I like him already ” “me too” “someone finally made you wear something long” “You lie I wear long” they gave me the tell me about it look and I held my hand up in a surrender gesture “OK maybe not often but I do wear it”, I sighed and continued “guys I don’t know what is happening  to me but I know I’m in love with this guy he makes me feel things I can’t describe he just makes me feel” I sighed putting my hand on my chest. “Woah the girl fell real hard” Lisa said in a teasing voice “Yea real hard” “So what’s his name? ” Sumy asked “Jamal, and you know what he doesn’t even know my name yet, he calls me princess”.  Sumy always being the voice of reason had a concerned look on her face “Does he know who you are?  As in who your dad is?” “No he doesn’t and he is pretty loaded himself, look at all the stuff he bought for me I estimate it to be about a thousand”. Lisa threw one dress at me and I was really surprised, it was a black  Prada dress and was worth over a thousand Cedis . “please tell me it’s not true” “if you add up all the prices you’ll get over four thousand Cedis and that’s  a  lot to spend on a girl you just met yesterday ” Lisa added reasonably.

I called Adams to come pick me up   late in the evening Lisa and Sumayya helped me put the bags in the car “tomorrow and be there on time  ok ” “OK but don’t stand me up like you did earlier ” warned Sumy .

I took a bag and asked Mary to bring the rest  inside. ”

He called late at night like he did yesterday and this time I couldn’t nag just listened to him and answered where necessary “so when do I get to meet your dad?” I choked when he asked I coughed a little , he said sorry at every sound I made “don’t you have water close to you??” I took a bottle of water from the mini fridge in my room and took a sip my voice was scratchy when I talked “my dad? Are you for real I don’t even know you yet how can you talk of meeting my dad??” “so you don’t love me?” he asked in a sad voice “I’m not really sure of that yet?? Maybe, I’m still thinking about it?”  “Really? Then I want to tell you I am heads over heels in love with you princess and want to marry you right away”. I ended the call when he said that but had a smile on my face this man was going to be the death of me I LOVE him with love on block words maybe he doesn’t know how much yet but marriage I think that will be dealt with tomorrow.




I smiled when she ended the call but I was going to marry her,  I prayed before going to sleep praying to dream of her.

I was excited the next day I hit the gym after my dawn prayers and slept .

I was woken by the  buzz of my phone “Bossman speaking, yeah I’ll be there early in the morning yes I can’t make it there today , tomorrow, he has to patient till then” I finished pressing the end button. I smiled when I remembered I’ll be seeing her today it was all worth it.

I was at her house before 11:00 am I wanted to see her dad today and I just hoped she’ll wear one of the dresses I bought for her yesterday I was stood at the gate as a  black Lincoln was driving out,definitely her dad,  the glass was rolled down and and he motioned his fingers calling one of the guards I wonder why he had a lot of them I chuckled hysterically and shook my head when I remembered how my dad was killed.  One of the guards knocked on the glass and I rolled it down “The boss wants to see you ” I nodded and got out.


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