I stole a glance at her and she looked really furious, but that was all I needed to know she loved me or would not have reacted how she did. That is a plus for me and I have already won her dad over.


She rolled her eyes when our eyes met I looked up and her dad had his eyes on us and was hiding a smile “Liyah” she looked up when he called her “I want you to meet my long lost son, his dad was a very good friend of mine more of a brother than a friend actually” he finished looking at me. She turned and looked into my eyes like she wanted to really verify from me then looked at him again “You mean he’s -not your son?” he chuckled and said yes. “I actually want him to tell us what happened to him?” “Jamal? Tell us what happened with you I want to really know my son”. I turned to her and she was looking at me with interest “Well my mom was of mixed race she had a white mom and met my dad when they were schooling and married after school, we lived in the USA till I was ten then they relocated here but I didn’t join them I stayed with my grandparents and my parents visited from time to time”, I sighed heavily ,talking about my parents always reopens old wounds and I hated lying it was true I later went to live with my grandparents but I didn’t want to tip him off, he might know my intentions so I told him half-truths”. “How old were you then?” Liyah asked in a teary voice I turned to her and she had tears in her eyes it hurts that what I’m telling her are half-truths I don’t want to build our relationship on lies but it was necessary to do that I wonder how I’ll make her see the kind of monster he is maybe after we get married cos I don’t think she’ll marry me if she knows what he did. “I was 9” she smiled sadly and the tears started flowing “Ah princess I hate to see your tears,it was destined to happen” I said wiping her tears with my hanky I felt like hugging her tightly maybe that will ease my pain I hated remembering the past and it was very hard controlling myself when the murderer was sitting right next to me I started praying in my heart to control my emotions.”I’m very sorry for what you’ve been through I know how painful it is losing someone you love and both parents at the same time it’s not easy I really like your courage, so when can I meet your grandparents?” I just nodded as he spoke those words the hypocrite didn’t even blanch as I spoke I wonder the kind of conscience he has I was getting too emotional I didn’t want my emotions to ruin everything.”I would like to meet your grandparents” “My grandparents are touring the world right now they will be coming here soon” I smiled when I remembered the last time I spoke with them they were in India and couldn’t stop talking about the Taj Mahal. “Are they Muslims?” he asked “No they are Christians but they made me practice my religion” he nodded “So you really practice not just by name?” “I really do sir”.”You live in a hotel right?” “Yes sir”. “I want you to move here and I really need to rush to the office we’ll talk more when I get back in the evening” I stood up when he stood he shook my hand and patted my back “So happy to finally meet you son” “Sir I want to ask for permission to take Liyah out” “You can take her out but nothing bad should happen to her ,no staying out late and don’t forget you’ll be living here from today” “Yes sir I’m very grateful”.






I was very angry with the two of them especially dad how could he do this to mom I knew their relationship had been rocky but they reconciled long before her death and hiding the birth of a child takes the thing to a whole new level. The worst part is I can’t seem to stop whatever hold Jamal had on my heart. I just listened on as my dad talked about his long lost son but only one thing had my attention when dad said his friend’s son now he’s got my mind I couldn’t just give up on the guy what we have is too hard to find. I wanted to console him when he talked about how his family was killed, my mom’s death really affected me I can’t imagine how I would have felt of I had lost both of my parents ugh I don’t even want my mind to go there, I’m very happy he’ll be staying with us from today .”So are you ready?” he asked when dad left? I looked away I feel sorry for him but he didn’t have to make me lose a thousand years from my life by not even prompting me that he was meeting my dad today then not denying he wasn’t my blood brother when dad said he was my brother “Hey” he said as he squatted infront of me and held my hand “Princess look at me please: are you angry with me?” he asked in a sad voice “I’m sorry ok, I didn’t know your dad knew mine, and I really want to marry you that was why I met with him today” “OK” I said looking into his eyes I couldn’t hold back my smile any longer he smiled back and looked at our joined hands “So about yesternight you said something I don’t want to recall although my heart bleeds whenever I remember those words but is it true?” “No i don’t all I remember saying is I was gonna think about it”

“Really?, I don’t want you to think about us, I want you to love me even if it’s an iota of how I feel about you” my phone rang just then Sumy was a killjoy I wanted to ignore it but that would worsen my case since she already knew I was home and I was the one who asked her to come over Mary walked in just then “Please Ma’am you have a visitor” Jamal stood up and went to stand by the window “Hey Sumy I’ll be right out I’m at the study”


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