I was very happy things were going my way I just pray nothing goes wrong and even if it does our love will be strong enough to withstand whatever comes our way. “My friends are waiting outside, we are ready to go if you are” she muttered as she walked out of the room, I walked behind quietly thinking about what transpired in the room Was he really the one his reactions were so genuine he could have made me doubt myself . We were met in the living room by her two friends the ones she went to the club with they hugged each other her other friend was just staring at me I wonder why she was looking at me like that did she know me I smiled and nodded at her she looked away probably embarrassed about how she openly ogled.Liyah was whispering something to the friend she was hugging who was sizing me up I didn’t like the look of distrust she was giving me, but I’ll win them all over I am a great charmer, I gave her a charming smile but she just lifted her lip a little,she hugged the other one and turned to me “So Jamal meet my friend Sumy” she said pointing to the first who was still giving me those looks “Ah so I finally get to meet you I’ve heard your name nice to meet you” Liyah just shook her head with a smile of her own “And this is Lisa” “Nice to meet you too Lisa” “Guys this is Jamal my fr-” “Fiance” I finished for her. She opened and closed her mouth, “Uhm let’s go” she said hurrying to the door her friends followed her also speechless.




She didn’t deny it when I said she was my fiance I smiled and looked around the room very decorative and quite simple there was a picture of her and her dad and another one of her and a woman definitely her mum judging from the striking resemblance,they looked really happy my heart tugged when I remembered my own mom I touched a pic of Liyah giving her dad a peck and another one with her friends probably at a party”. My phone rang and I answered without looking “Bossman here” the line was silent I looked at the screen and it was princess “who I’m I speaking to ” I asked feigning ignorance “Bosschick” she replied “Really you now agree you are mine” “We are waiting for you” she said abruptly ending the call.Finally, I smiled as I left the room they were at the parking lot “I think you and Lisa should take your car I’ll go with Jamal” I heard Liyah say as I reached them Sumy rolled her eyes and asked Lisa to join her “Should we go in your car or mine where’s yours I asked looking through the parked cars and looked back at her when I saw the number plate of a Lamborghini “Really so you are really a boss chick and who’s the boss?” I asked walking to the car her friend honked her horn “Drive us Liyah it seems your friends are tired of waiting already”





I was lucky I had taken the car key “ok” I said winking at him as I opened the car door”. I want to be outspoken about my feelings for him but I just can’t bring myself to do so. I wondered why Sumy was being unfriendly with him she didn’t even compliment me on the dress and was acting like a Mama bear protecting her cub from predators I liked it, it made me feel loved, but I think she’s overstepping the line I really love my friends they’ve kept me in line during all these years,I only pray it’s for a short while cos I can’t choose between them. We drove out of the house and we’re soon on our way to KFC with Sumy and Lisa tailing behind us “You’ve lived in the states all this while ,which state did you live?” he settled in his chair and turned to me “I lived in LA all my life”.

“Hmm so you are an Angel?” “An Angel?” he asked confused “I meant city of angels” “Ah so you understand Spanish?” “We learn Spanish and French in school” we were quiet again ,”I’m so sorry about your parents, I know how it hurts losing a parent but both my heart bleeds for you” he was quiet as I spoke “So how did it happen was it an accident or arson?” he sighed and closed his eyes, maybe I shouldn’t have asked him was it wrong of me to have ask “Princess I’ll tell you someday today has been so much for me I want to just enjoy your company, just us no memories ok”.


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