WE joined Lisa and Sumayya who were already seated Jamal had the attention of almost every girl in the room his height made him stood out and the man was also beautiful, we joined them and made our orders it was already noon so I ordered banku with okra stew and grilled tilapia, he  also ordered same ,Sumy had  rice Lisa always wanting to try new things ordered a  Chinese dish. “Tell us about you Jamal the guy who has made our friend go haywire, we want to know you better”.”Sumy!-God you are a real killjoy” I said rolling my eyes “But it’s true or I’m I lying” she said laughing I liked the fact that he has clicked with my friends he made small talks with them when we were eating asking them about school and stuff. “What do you want to know about Sumy”he asked looking around the table and later setting his eyes on Sumy,  she looked down and continued “Everything from childhood,school, girlfriends” she finished giving me a look , I nearly had a heart attack when she asked,come to think of it I’ve never asked him if he had a girlfriend, I kept quiet but I was listening intently to what he was going to say “I am Jamal Bossman, and I’ve lived in Los Angeles, California all my life  and graduated from the University of California, I’m now involved in IT and other businesses, and your last question was about my relationship right?” Sumy nodded when he asked again, “I had a girlfriend back in LA but we broked  up long before I came down here” “Really?” she asked giving me a worried look “Yes” he said nodding. I just smiled weakly and relaxed on the chair, Jamal settled the bill it was really nice meeting you “Jamal I’m so happy to have met you it was really nice speaking to you” Sumy said “Same here,hope to hear from you soon ” Lisa added “Goodbye will call you  girls when I get home” I watched as they drove away and handed the keys to him I really wanted to know about this girl he broke up with did he broke up with her or was she the one to leave him was he still in love with her? I sighed and closed my eyes, he parked the car “I’ll be right out Princess” he said leaving the car I slowly opened my  eyes we were at the Golden Tulip not too far from our house so this was where he stayed I smiled and pushed the seat a little backwards he came much earlier than I imagined and placed a small suitcase and backpack  in the backseat, the drive home was quite quick, we came out of the car simultaneously he took the suitcase and pulled it as we walked in whiles I carried the backpack. Her Royal highness was sitting on a lone sofa with the maids on her sides as usual I really wanted to walk away but Jamal greeted her which made me come back “Good afternoon Ma” I also said “Won’t you introduce us” Jamal said when I was about to walk away “I thought dad already I introduced you sorry that’s my lovely step mom” I said walking away “I’ll come back to show you to your room when you’re done” I added as I walked on.


I was very happy I had  won her friends over. I went to the hotel and packed the few things I brought and took my backpack she was asleep when I came back and drove to the house I had no problem going in this time, a woman who I placed to be the lady of the house was sitting on her sofa with maids attending to her I greeted her and called Liyah who was walking away to introduce us ,she was the step mom, maybe she didn’t treat Liyah well that was why she didn’t acknowledge her when we came in “Who are you and what are you doing with that spoilt brat” I now understand Liyah “I’m a guest of Dr Amin” I answered shortly “If  you would excuse me it was nice meeting you ma’am” I said following Liyah’s trail, Liyah  stood at the top of the staircase holding the banister “I thought you would never come” she said rolling her eyes I just shook my head and followed her “This is your room everything has already been prepared” she said handing out the backpack and walking away “Aaliyah” I called out  this was the first time I have mentioned her name completely she turned and I just looked deeply into her eyes and nodded I think she understood what I meant and nodded back it was the answer to every unasked question I just wanted  to reassure her, let her know we were OK I sensed her discomfort when Sumy asked if I had a girlfriend back at home I needed her to know she was the only one she needed that assurity. I performed my prayers and rested a bit.


I was in a garden with Aaliyah and a baby boy who looked so much like me. I held him in one hand and held Aaliyah in the other “thank you so much princess you mean a lot to me” I said looking her in the eye. A noise kept bugging me I really didn’t want this moment to be lost, I opened my eyes and it was all a dream there was a knock on the door “Jamal” she called out as she knocked, I closed my eyes and opened them again I  checked my phone and there was a miss call from Aaliyah and the time was already past four which means I had missed my Asr prayers “Jamal…. Dad is home” “I’m coming princess just give me some few minutes  I’ll be with you in a while” “Would you know your way around?” she asked  a bit worried “Yes princess I’m going to pray I’ll join you when I’m done” “OK I’m going to inform dad” I freshened up and did my prayers.

The man had a smile on his face when he saw me I would have really liked this man if not that I already knew him too well “Welcome sir” I said upon reaching the room  “Thank you, take a seat” he said pointing to the other seat of the two seater sofa, “How was your day?”he said looking at me from where he sat on the other side of the sofa “Splendid sir thank you once again for trusting me with Liyah” he  sighed heavily and began “About that, you asked of Liyah’s hand right?” I was speechless when he said that I didn’t know he would bring it up this early “Yes sir I want to marry her  and would be very happy if you give me her hand in marriage sir”. He smiled shortly “One thing I’ve always wanted more than anything is Aaliyah’s happiness, her happiness is mine she lost her mom at a very young age and my relationship with her has not been the best of relationships but I have been trying my best to make  amends, I never want to force her to do anything against her will But”.. I was very scared when he said but was he going to deny me Aaliyah I could do anything for her even give up… No I can’t go there I can’t give up on something I’ve been planning since childhood for her, not for anyone “But you are an exception you are like a son to me and I would be very happy if I have relations with my late friend, Parry” he said in a choked voice “Thank you so much Sir” I said sincerely grateful “But.. ” he added  another but I wondered  what his condition was going to be “You still need to seek for her love”.


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