I WONDERED why they had kept long it was already past 8pm and they should’ve been home already, I saw the time they left for mosque and dad knows I can never have dinner without him ,I layed on the prayer mat,  and dialled Sumy and Lisa’s line they were definitely going to be mad at me, I told them I would call them when I got home and look at the time now, I called Lisa first then held the call to call Sumy on a conference call “Guys I’m so sorry I didn’t call earlier” I said immediately the call went through “You now have lover boy so you easily forget about us right?” Lisa teasingly asked “Ah Really? I knew you before I knew him don’t be afraid guys you are my blood and  what did  you call him again … “lover boy” can’t take that from you” “You finally accept that he’s your lover boy?” Sumy asked in her serious tone “Sumy you are a killjoy..” there was a knock on the door just then “I’m coming…..! I’ve got to go guys I think dinner has been served, I might call you later tonight but if you don’t hear from me, we’ll meet up tomorrow if God permits”, the knock was more insistent this time, It was Mary when I opened the door “Dinner has been served ma’am” she said politely and went away when I nodded. I untied the wrapper I had over my  knee length sundress, dad and Jamal were engaged in a deep conversation as I descended the stairs, I liked how they have clicked in this short time, Jamal saw me first cos his table faced the stairs I winked at him and hugged dad from behind and kissed his cheek “I really missed you today dad”; I sat on the chair next to him, and listened quietly as they talked, one of the maids served us, It was plain rice with vegetable salad. We ate quietly as dad and Jamal continued talking,”I’m so sorry I couldn’t join you I had this terrible headache that was why” she uttered giving dad a peck we were almost done when she came.I rolled my eyes as she did her act the woman was attention starved she always wants to be the center of attention “How are you young man, hope you enjoyed the meal?” she asked looking at Jamal “Thank you ma’am I’m very grateful” she took the seat next to mine and called one of the maids to clear the table. My dad cleared his throat after the maid was done , he usually did that when he had something important to say, come to think of it he’s been doing that lately.”Aaliyah” my heart almost stopped beating when he mentioned my name I looked at Jamal and looked back at Dad “Jamal came to see me this morning because he wanted to seek for your hand in marriage , I got to know he is the son of my good friend who is of late (may his soul rest in peace)when I asked him to tell me more about himself, I don’t want to force you into doing anything against your will, but I’ll be very happy and grateful if you accept my son”. I didn’t know if I was hearing him right but did he just tell me Jamal wanted to marry me, Jamal wanted forever with me I looked at Jamal who also had his eyes on me, it was only the two of us when our eyes met,he smiled when I nodded lightly, and  motioned to dad with his eye,”Um da-ad please let me think about it I’ll give you an answer in the morning”. I didn’t know why I said that I really wanted to shout “Yes” but it seems my mouth had a mind of its own. I marveled at how my step mom kept mute when dad was speaking she always had something to say, maybe she had a change of heart.




WHAT IS THIS girl playing at I know she loves me no sane woman would be jealous over a man she doesn’t love maybe she wants a little persuasion and I feel what we have is very strong then why is she doing this, I gave her a questioning look but she looked away “Dad I’ll retire now I have a lot to do tomorrow” she said pulling her chair, he nodded “OK dear but think about it I’ll wait for your reply tomorrow”she nodded and gave me a look I spotted a smile on her face, I gave her a wink and looked away swallowing hard “Sir I’ll also retire now” I said when she was gone “Good night ma’am” I walked to the stairs but prayed she has not reached her room yet we had an unfinished business.

She was throwing her fist the air when I gotta t upstairs I cleared my throat and she froze and started walking hurriedly “Wait up” she rushed to her room and closed the door before I could catch up. I smiled and went to my , Alhamdulillah I finally had something I really wanted go   my way, I tried calling her phone but she didn’t answer, I already had what I wanted, I closed my eye daydreaming about the kind of life we would live.


I WAS ABSOLUTE I  wanted to marry him,to be his forever. My dad trusted him and dad was a very good judge of character  and I also loved him  wholeheartedly but there was a sliver of fear or should I call it doubt “what if he has a hidden agenda or he plans to leave me for his ex-girl “Ya Allah  don’t let this be my worst mistake” I prayed more after my morning tilawat and did a few runs on my treadmill, I wasn’t going to give room to any doubt there was no going back ,I saw him, I wanted him and I’m now going to have him in Shaa Allah that was it no more excuses.

I fell asleep after I had bathed, and had the best dream ever. I woke up late in the morning it was almost noon and I’ve not even had my breakfast I freshened up and chose a  long sleeve white dress, I tied a white headscarf and applied a  little makeup painting my lips the deepest shade of red. My phone rang just then I looked at the screen and it was dad. Dad was not a patient person he was very persistent when he wanted. He wanted  to make me feel like I made the decision to marry Jamal but I know he would find other means to make me if he really wants to.

The table was already set, I felt like having maize porridge today , I went to the kitchen to make it myself I tied an apron over my dress and made the porridge.

“Can I join you?” Jamal asked as I was eating “Of course you can” I said giving him a smile of my own when I  saw the smile on his face. He looked more handsome than ever “I can bring you a bowl if you want” he gave me a half smile and shook his head “You don’t want my food, I prepared it myself” I said in a sad voice  “No baby I want to eat from the same bowl with the same spoon can you do that for me?” I shook my head gingerly the act felt too intimate “No but you can have the rest I am very full” he ate everything in the bowl and almost licked it clean “This is the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever had” he said after he was done “You are sure?” “Yes” he was very funny “I’ll have to ask your Nana if it’s true?” he brought out his phone immediately I said that he held it to his ear and shook his head when I stood up to clear the table “Granny Liyah want to speak with you…she’s the girl i’ve  been telling you about… Yes my fiancee”


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