I FELT CONTENT when  I  woke up I had a feeling today was going to be a good day, Liyah would be  saying yes I’m quite sure about that, I was up very early as usual did all my morning routines and had breakfast with the man of the house I was becoming fond of the man, I loved his daughter and now I’m becoming more closer to him than I liked, I couldn’t like him, liking him is a risk I can’t take, he called Liyah’s phone but she didn’t answer “Jamal I want you and Liyah to meet me up at the office, I have a very important meeting to attend” he said when he was leaving. I went to my room and rested afterwards only to come out to see her dressed like an angel I liked the way the dress covered her up she looked really beautiful, I think I’ll fill up her closet with more white because it suited her better, I couldn’t keep myself from smiling, smiling has now become a nature to me Liyah did that to me I was smiling more often than ever “Can I join you?” I asked as she ate her porridge she smiled back and said I could but was a bit sad when she told me she couldn’t eat from the same bowl and spoon with me, that was going to change cos when I  marry her we’re gonna eat from the same bowl for the rest of our lives,

I ate the leftover cos she said she was full.

I called Nana’s line when Liyah  laughed when I said her porridge was the best breakfast I ever had, my Nana is the worst cook ever she could only fry bacon and eggs, but the rest was history, we had a maid who did the cooking but my grandad also helped out he is a good cook , and I learnt from him so I’m not a bad cook myself. “Nana…. I want you to speak with Liyah my fiancee” she widened her eyes and shook her head when I said that  “Nana let me call you on facetime I want you to see how pretty she is”  Liyah pulled her chair back and stood up to leave but I was quick enough to catch up with her “Please don’t run away sweetie I want you to talk to my grandparents before they come down here she shook her head and batted her eyelashes I don’t know if she was doing it on purpose  but it was damn cute making her look more prettier “Ple-a-se” I pleaded in a soft voice she pushed me back a bit and nodded, I didn’t even know I was holding her so close, I called granny and she was so excited “Jamal where is she I’m dying to see her” I chuckled when she said that my grandma is a very lively person living life to the fullest has always been her motto “OK  I’m gonna give the phone to her but you don’t have to scare her with your excitement, where’s granddad?” she rolled her eyes “You know your granddad he went to play golf can you imagine in this heat”she said fanning her face with her hand  “so where’s my granddaughter -in -law?” “Granny Pls don’t ask her many questions” I said as I passed the phone to her “Good afternoon ma’am” she said with a smile on her face “Afternoon dear how are you? And please don’t call me ma’am you can call me Yanick” “I’m good, hope you are enjoying your trip?” “Very exciting, you look much prettier than I imagined”


I liked the way she talked with my granny like she has known her for a long time, Liyah was “it” for me I feel it deep inside me and I know she feels it  too.

“Liyah your dad wants to see us at his office,  he had to leave because he had an important meeting to attend, but I’ll go to the mosque since it’s already time for Zuhr,  I’ll call you to meet me at the gate when I’m done”.




I DIDN’T WANT TO speak with his grandparents I was really surprised at how young his grandmom looked she could pass for his mom, we talked like we had known each other for long I liked her already I pray her husband is also friendly, I also went to pray when Jamal was gone, my phone rang some few minutes after  I was done it was Jamal “We’ll go in my car” he said when I picked up. I just took my red Chanel purse, I didn’t feel like wearing high heels today I chose a red wedge sandals.


I frowned at the him that wasn’t his car , when did he buy a new one?, it was a red Venza I just shrugged and held the handle to pull open he held up his hand, so I stopped he looked very angry I wonder who he was making the call with “I told you I wanted those shares I don’t know how you are going to get them for me but I want them, you might be my friend but I still pay you to do your job, don’t make this difficult for me” he said angrily he opened the door for me and motioned for me to enter when I just stood there. “I’m sorry man I didn’t mean to burst out like that,  my emotions went out of place but I  really need those shares please make it hasty OK, so we’re cool?” he smiled when I gave him a worrying look “Thanks man, I’ll be leaving for Accra within the week though” “You like the car ?” he asked as he entered the car “Nice car where’s the other one?” I asked glancing  through the cars parked at the lot.   “I returned it to the rental at the airport and bought this one” I nodded slightly. My dad’s office is located  at the city centre not too far from home but the traffic jam was crazy we were in the hold up for almost  an hour “this is why I hate going there it’s even worse today I wonder what’s happening in town?” I muttered tsking.

We were at the office some few minutes later the jam was caused by the Ashanti King and his convoy. We had to wait cos dad was in another meeting his assistant was more vigilant this time she didn’t want me to barge in like I did the other day, I sat quietly this time I didn’t want to bother Jamal cos he looked deep in thought I felt sad for him, he looked too young to be handling all these businesses his phone chimed again I frowned when I saw Jamal written on the screen “Hey man how’re you?” he looked happy when speaking to this person I wonder who this person is “I’m so sorry I can’t make it to LA on game day maybe I’ll join you in the finals and I’ll be bringing my wife along” he finished giving me a quirk smile. He winked when I gave him an angry look.  Who told him I was gonna marry him anyways.


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