JAMAL’s call was unexpected I promised to fly to LA before game night it seems I couldn’t do that, Jamal is a good friend of mine although we’ve not known each other for long he plays for the LA clippers, we met at a charity event and  had the same name almost the same in height though he was a few inches taller than me “Why didn’t you  tell me about this wedding and who’s this lucky lady is she in LA?” I looked into her eyes and shook my head “No Africa, she stole my heart the very minute I saw her, and we’ll be flying to LA next two weeks I have some businesses to attend to”. Mike and Dr Amin came out of the office just then. “It was nice doing business with you sir, I’ll bring the papers tomorrow for you to look into” I heard Mike tell him as they walked towards us “Jamal come here son” I shook hand with the both of them while Liyah hugged him “Mike meet my” …he gave  Aaliyah a side look before saying “son” “Jamal this is Mike my soon to be business partner” I nodded and shook Mike’s  hand again, more  tightly this time, I was excited when I heard what he said but he has not yet signed the papers  so it was still a work in progress. “We shall talk more  tomorrow” He said giving Mike a pat on the back “Yes sir,have a good day” Mike replied and went away.

I stood when we walked into the office it was much bigger and stylish  than i made out from the video ; a picture of him, his late wife and little Liyah stood on his desk,they looked really happy, that is what I dream to have with Liyah. A vast mahogany table with a comfy office chair behind it  and two similar but smaller ones opposite it, “Have a seat Jamal” he said pointing to the chair to his right, Liyah  sat on the chair beside mine,  I wondered why she didn’t sit on his lap today, he smiled and looked from me to Liyah “Liyah no need to beat around the bush I want you tell us the decision you’ve are you ready to take Jamal as a husband?” I  stole a look at her but she just played with her fingers, my body tensed when she opened her lips is she going to refute my proposal?,  she closed her eyes a bit and bit her lips,  I felt like shaking her up maybe that will get her to hurry she looked at me then at her dad “Um dad I-” she passed me a  look again “Yes I will dad but it’s not going to be as immediate as Jamal wants it?” he nodded and smiled, he was very happy with her choice, I was overjoyed with by her decision but I wanted a wedding right now  “Jamal, you’ve heard the young lady, when would you want the wedding to take place?” “Today sir” he chuckled then looked at Liyah “You see the young man is in a haste” I chuckled myself  “But can we make it next week I have lots of projects he smiled and turned to her again she looked down playing with her fingers she was shy all of a sudden “When did you say your grandparents will be here again?” “Ghana will be their next stop ” he nodded “Then we’ll set the date 3 months from now that’s in July” “Thank you so much sir” I replied although  I would have preferred it much earlier.





I WANTED the earth to just swallow me up when I said yes, this guy can’t be serious he wanted me to marry him today has he ever saw this being done seeing a lady and marrying her in less than a week was this a reality show? I shook my head as remembered what happened in the office,  the girls needed to  hear this  I was going to be Mrs Bossman in less than four months I felt so happy inside as for school I wondered which one to choose I have applied to 3 schools outside the country and two in Ghana my dad only knew of Yale and Birmingham University, I don’t know why I’ve not told about Aberdeen maybe it’s  because I’m not really into the school.

The girls were very surprised when I told them the next day “Aaliyah are you really sure about this?” Lisa asked worriedly, she was suppose to be the roses and chocolate kinda girl and look at what she’s asking me,  Sumy was unusually quiet “I don’t want to ruin your happiness girl but I pray you are not making a mistake” she said in a quiet voice I nodded and hugged her, she understood me. “All I want is your support guys” I said pleadingly “We’ve got your back Liyah” I smiled and hugged Lisa too.

Jamal had lots of businesses  to attend to because he had delayed some to be able to stay back with us, he went back to Accra two days after  our meeting with dad.


Two months later……


I  was mostly fixated to my phone these days I’m either texting or calling him, he seldom visited us but made time to fly over whenever he could. “Liyah please tell your dad to push the date forward I get really tired nowadays, making runs between LA, London, Accra and Kumasi. I want to make those trips with you… Are you there babe?” I really felt sorry for him but he had to wait for the right time “We have to be patient Bossman we are only 25 days away from the wedding no need to rush things”.

Jamal will be visiting with his grandparents today, I am so excited I don’t know how to express it, I have been chatting with Yanick and Donald all this while. Yanick always made my day, Dad was at a conference in  Accra but would be back today, and my step-mom was also on a trip to God knows where so I was home alone with the maids, I called Sumy to join me, Lisa was visiting with her  cousins in the capital. The maids helped me  prepare 3 local dishes, Yanick and Donald said they wanted to try every local dish, I didn’t want to make any heavy dish so I made otor (mashed ripe plantain), Ampesi with kontomire stew (boiled yam with cocoyam leaves) and kenkey with hot red pepper and shito(fried pepper sauce). I wondered if they’ve arrived yet I called Jamal’s number but he did not answer  he came back from London just yesterday, he needed to slow down  a bit, he called me later “Sorry princess I was praying when you called hope everything is going well” “Yes everything is going well what time will you be going to the airport?” “I’ve sent a driver to pick them up, we’ll be coming tomorrow” “Jamal!” I complained in a whiny voice, “you want all the meals I prepared to go to waste, you’ll have to come today its only a 45 minutes flight you’ll be here within an hour. “OK for you I’m going to  buy a ticket now, I’ve bought the tickets online and our flight is 30 minutes after they arrive so I’m going to rest now baby love you” “I love you too baby, hope to see you soon”.




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