I WAS VERY TIRED I  was in LA yesterday, I had to shorten my trip because  my grandparents will be arriving today, Liyah called to ask if  we would be arriving today I really missed her,  I talked to her on the phone but it wasn’t like seeing her, I would let my grandparents persuade her dad to move the wedding forward  I have lots of projects to attend to I had a shoe collection about to be opened in LA with Jamal Crawford, Mike seems to be having problems with the old man I needed to marry Liyah like this second I don’t want my plans to ruin my relationship with her I’m so confused right now.


“Liyah please listen to me, I swear I love you I never intended to hurt you or use you against your dad” “Leave me alone Jamal I hate you I swear I regre-” I hugged her tightly but she was resists and pushes me away.

Breathing became  difficult, the portion of my bedspread was drenched with sweat . What does this mean  I checked my phone clock and it was a few minutes past 3 pm, the flight will be arriving soon, I freshened up, prayed and packed a few things. This time I’ll be coming back with Liyah as my wife I’m gonna use every persuasive tact to convince her dad my luck is my grandparents liked her they didn’t know of my plans but my feelings for Liyah were sincere so it was alright.

I called the taxi service in my area to send a taxi my house I didn’t want to tire the driver out.

I was at the airport in less than 30 minutes, the driver directed me to the airport restaurant when I called to ask where they were since I didn’t see them at the arrivals area,  “Jamal ” my granny called out excitedly when she saw me,  there was never a dull moment with Nana around I hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek “Jamal my boy you’ve grown more handsome than ever” granny knew I didn’t like it when she said that but says it anyway “Come here my boy”my grandpa hugged me more tightly and patted my back “Missed you my boy” “I missed you too”. We ordered only drinks and sipped lightly as we waited for our flight “We’ll be taking another flight in about 15 minutes” I told them “I like this country already,  I read there are lots of beaches here,  I can feel the waters calling out my name already” Granny said stretching out her arms I gave grandad a look and shook my head. “Grandad I want you to convince Liyah’s dad to push forward the wedding” my grandma grinned “Someone is in love, I really like that girl Jamal you will have to deal with me if you break her heart” I swallowed lightly and smiled  nervously, flashes of the dream crossed my mind “I don’t pray to do that granny I really love her”. I wanted to surprise Liyah  so I didn’t call her when we were about to take off.

The driver drove the car away before  our flight departed , I couldn’t take my mind off granny’s words throughout the flight, I have to get married to this girl I can feel something will go wrong I can’t lose her.




I COULD FEEL SOMETHING  would be happening, a life changing experience maybe I looked at the mirror  and straightened my dress, I  turned to Sumy again “are you sure he’s going to love this?” “You look so beautiful I don’t think he’s going to let another guy give you a second look” I sighed “Thank you”.

I was wearing a light green and black armless wrap dress  with a black head scarf and applied a light make up and lip gloss.

DAD arrived  first  I hugged him and took his briefcase “Welcome dad,  how was your trip?” “Good princess, how have you been?” “Splendid dad”.  Sumy also greeted him and went on to the sitting room I took his briefcase to his room and came back to join her.

“Has Jamal arrived yet?” dad asked when he joined us later “No dad he’s yet to come I think his grandparents came into the country not too long ago he  might be on his way by now “Liyah I want you to do something for me”….. I wonder what it would be this time “I want your wedding  to be done today” I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad what does this mean “Liyah?” he called  my name questionably “Did you here what I said”. My voice choked I love Jamal but I still had to get used to the idea of getting married . “OK dad, but why the rush” he just smiled and shook his head


A taxi drove inside, Jamal and his grandparents came out of the car and I ran out to meet them I hugged Yanick tightly before doing same to Donald, Jamal stood behind crossing his hand to his chest,  he winked at me and smiled when our eyes met, I think my heart somersaulted then. “What about me don’t I get a hug?” he said stretching out his arms I frowned a bit and twisted my lip “Really you want a hug?” I asked taking Yanick’s hand in mine and walking inside with her as Jamal and Donald tailed behind us.

Dad met us at the door and hugged Jamal tightly giving him a pat on the back “Welcome back son” he shook Donald and Yanick’s hand and showed them in.

“I’m happy I finally got to meet you Mr and Mrs Jones”. “Freshen up first then you come down from your meals” I said as I showed them to their room upstairs.

I was so excited I had forgotten to introduce Sumy, Dad was having a talk with Jamal so it was the two of us again “I’m sorry I didn’t get to introduce you to Yanick but I’ll do that when they come out” she turned away, I held her arm “Mi amigo please ok” she tsked and rolled her eyes “I hear you”

We were going to have an early supper today like the Ashantis  do I introduced them to Sumy before we went to the table. Yanick couldn’t stop praising the cook “Liyah you know I really travel” I nodded when she said that “this is one of the best meals I’ve ever had thank you” I smiled and stole a look at Jamal.

Daddy cleared his throat, here we go again “Mr and Mrs Jones as I was saying to Jamal earlier I want the wedding to be done today” Yanick widened her eye and looked from me to Jamal “Really?  How can that be done?” she asked looking at her husband then giving us a questioning look. “I wanted to surprise Jamal and Liyah,  and everything has already been prepared”. Jamal grinned more widely this time, “We have to hurry the imams will arrive very soon” dad said standing to leave the table, so it was true after all.


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