I couldn’t bear the pain I felt in my heart, Dad couldn’t have done that, he won’t even kill an innocent fly not to talk of human I kept saying repeatedly maybe I might believe it if I repeat it more often I leaned into the seat and showed the driver the route that led to my house. I closed my eye when the driver honked at the gate,  a security guard came out and checked the car before opening the gate, if he was surprised to see me he was good to hide it. The car drove to the end of the walkway I heaved a sigh and pulled out my bag, “Thank you” I said giving him a sad smile I pulled the bag with me as I walked to the door, my heart beat very fast as I walked into the house what shall be the outcome?


The door of the study was ajar when I entered the house,  I left my bag at the end of the staircase and went there I peeped in and dad had his head bent down looking through some files, I cleared my throat and lightly knocked the door, he raised his head, his eyes were wide when he saw me at the door, that meant his guards haven’t informed him about my arrival yet “Liyah….! ” he said in a surprised voice I burst into tears as I entered the office, I’ve kept my emotions in check since leaving the hotel I just couldn’t hold on anymore I felt dad embrace me and lead me to a sofa he rested my head on his shoulder and patted my back when we were seated. “What happened Liyah did anything happen to Jamal?” I sniffed and wiped the lone tear that fell as I opened my mouth “D-a-ad did you have a hand in the murder of Jamal’s family”. He looked away “D-a-ad” I said again my voice much weaker this time, my heart hurts does his silence means he really had a hand in their murder. “Liyah,  Parry was a very good friend of mine we were more like brothers, he called me some days before his murder, I had no idea of the questions he  asked me and volunteered to ask others who knew about it but my name was among the list of those who were recruited to Lebanon I couldn’t even call to tell him what was happening” I heaved a heavy sigh.


“Did Jamal tell you I was the one who killed his parents?” he asked worriedly “Yes dad, he married me to avenge the murder of his parents” he leaned me on the sofa and went to his desk he took his mobile phone punched some keys and held the phone to his ear he tsked and turned to me “He’s not answering his phone” he muttered and turned back again, he nodded and held the phone to his ear again” . “Dad please don’t call him I’ve been through enough today, I’m going upstairs  now, I still have to check my emails  my  admissions are out.


He nodded and smiled sadly, I hated  Jamal for using me, but dad doesn’t seemed offended I lifted my bag and walked to my room I gave the house a once over look and closed my eyes never in my wildest dream would I have thought I would be leaving Jamal I still hurt but  it was meant to be, I placed my bag near my closet and went to sit on my study desk at the far end of the room, I powered up my laptop and I had lots of new messages, I didn’t know which one to open first, there were lots of facebook messages I hissed and started scrolling through, I saw Yale University and closed my eyes punching the button to open the message, I have gained admission  I felt like screaming at the top of my voice at least some things were going right in my life, then I remembered it was in the states my mood dampened then what should I do, I want to be as far away from Jamal as I can not even close to his shadow.


♥                             ♥                                         ♥


I also had a message from Aberdeen that actually made my day my heart was more drawn to the Yale but I had to choose Aberdeen, I’ve never been to the place and I liked to explore this will give me a chance, but should I inform dad? I drummed my forehead  with my hand as I thought it through.




AALIYAH, I  TOOK MY PHONE AND CALLED MIKE,  “Buddy she left me” I uttered when he answered there was silence at the other end of the line,  “I’m really sorry man, how did she find out?” I closed my eyes this shouldn’t have happened, I relayed what happened to him, I knew he couldn’t help me through this one but he might help with an advice or two, “How are things going with the old man?” I asked he was hesitant “Mike why are you quiet, how are things going?”

“Jamal I think he knows you are behind all these he is yet to sign the papers and keeps on asking me questions about my childhood, I think you should just be upfront with the man he seems to like you and might understand why you did what you did” “Yeah I thought about that too I’m going to give up on this vengeance thing, I promised not to go after her but it seems I’ll have to break my promise anyways” I wanted to call her dad back after I had finished speaking with Mike but I wanted to talk tonhis in person, I packed the few things I had brought and called the reception to get me a cab I went out and waited for the cab to arrive I couldn’t stand living in the room anymore.

The hotel bill had already been prepaid  so there was no need to settle bills. I smiled sadly as the car drove out of  the place its one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and holds the most beautiful memories of my life, we were in Accra in less than an hour.

“You know what just take me home” I gave him the address and lied back on the seat  I don’t know what stopped me from going to the airport  but I had to stop I promised her not to go after her  and will have to fulfill that even if it’s for a  week, I’ll have to let her have sometime to herself maybe that will prompt her to come back to me.

My grandparents were not at home when I arrived, they were probably at the beach or a tourist site, I’m glad they were not even around granny would have bit my ears off with her numerous questions and keep on reminding me of what a fool  I have been to make my wife leave me that easily.

I freshened up and prayed then took my laptop to access the sketches of the sneakers we were adding to our  shoe line I couldn’t even concentrate “Princess” I whispered to myself and took my phone, she looked so beautiful on the screen, smiling widely like she had no care in the world I kissed the screen “I really love you, you know” I kissed it once more and held the phone to my chest.




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