“JAMAL MY SON how are you doing?” I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard that “You know we have to talk” he chuckled and continued “Liyah is doing well, but you have to be here we have to talk things through” he was quiet again listening to whatever the bastard  had to say I didn’t believe Dad could degrade himself to Jamal like that, I know Jamal was hurt but dad had to also consider my feelings  I’m his daughter for crying out loud,  I wanted to barge into the  office but I stayed behind the door and listened on “Promise me you’ll be here next week as you’ve promised,  I’ll be expecting you  son”

I retraced my steps and went back upstairs I had to hasten my admission process I won’t let dad convince me to go back to Jamal, there was no future for us  maybe more heartbreaks cos it was going to take a lot for him to accept that dad had nothing to do with his family’s death the thing was encraved in his mind, and no matter how much he claims to love me he would still see me as the daughter of a murderer and what if we were to have a family together how would he treat our kids?

Would he love them as every dad was suppose to love his kids or hate them for being the grandchildren of his family’s murderer thinking about it made me sick,  my head throbbed really hard, I tried to regulate my breath and   on my bed facedown, I hated the posture but I was tired of everything, Dad would by all means want me to go back to Jamal and I could never say no to dad so I had to leave the country by any means  before Jamal comes down.


Dad was ready for the office and had already reached the  door as I descended the stairs “Daddy” I called out “wait a minute please, I have something really important to tell you, he came back in and stood near one of the long flower vase.  I forced a smile on my face “Liyah I didn’t want to disturb you” he said with a wide smile “You look splendid, I like how you are recoporating” I widened my smile and shrugged “So what did you want to talk about?” he asked walking back to the study “Uhm dad uh I had admission to Yale so I’ll be leaving for the embassy early tomorrow morning” I said looking deep into his eyes.  He nodded “I’m really proud of you Liyah but does Jamal know about this  you’re still married to him and need to seek his permission in things like this” my mouth was agape when dad uttered those words “Dad” I said startled at how he said it so easily I know I shouldn’t be surprised by his response I cleared my throat and shutted my eye “Dad Jamal lives in the US and Yale happens to be there besides he knew I would continue  schooling before  we got married so I don’t think I need to ask for any permission” I finished my voice a little  higher than necessary,  I drew in a gulp of air and breathed out heavily  “I’m sorry I overreacted dad but he already knew  all these before we got married so  I thought I could go but since you say so I’ll call him and tell him tonight” his face lit up when I said that I forced a smile and rose from the chair “I’ll call him now and inform him I don’t want to delay I want to be in school already” he raised my head with his fore finger and thumb to meet his gaze “Liyah, I trust Jamal” he sighed and shook his head to whatever he had remembered  “upon all that’s happened I know you  feel betrayed but he would have never married you if he didn’t love you, don’t let what he had against me come between the two of you” I nodded and willed the tears that had started to well in my eyes away. I just nodded and rushed out of the study.




I LIKED HOW DR. AMIN still wanted me to be with his daughter I know I have wronged her in more ways than I would like to count for but it was already done and I didn’t regret that I  ever sought for vengeance cos it brought me to Liyah, her dad had told me she had h admission to Yale, I’m glad she’s finally coming to the states, I couldn’t rush the work I had here I needed to be part of every single decision that would be made at this point cos Jamal was busy with the playoffs, I wanted to call and listen to her voice but I had to wait, I massaged my temple and looked intently at the sketches on the tablet.


My phone chimed at the side of my laptop I answered from my Bluetooth headset without even looking at the screen “Bossman speaking who am I speaking to?” there was silence at the other end “Who am I speaking to?” I asked again in an irritative voice “Uhm Jamal I -” “Liya-h ” I said surprised when I heard her voice “Princess is that really you?” I asked when she was quite “Jamal I wanted to  tell you I have gained admission to Yale and will be leaving for school next week” I feigned ignorance “I’m so happy for you princess I’ll be waiting for you” I heard her swallow and closed my eye “Jamal I still want a divorce I can’t go on living in this lies, promise me you’ll grant me one” I was speechless I wanted to smash everything because of the rage I felt deep inside. “Liyah stop saying that ” I said trying very hard to control my temper she ended the call without even a goodbye I called back but she didn’t answer so I threw the phone on the sofa and walked to the other end of the room I leaned my head on the window hitted the glass with my fist it really hurted but I wish that was the pain I felt in my heart, I wish it could subside like the pain in my fist.y phone rang continuously but I  didn’t make a move for it.

I couldn’t give the designers my final say on the designs they had brought I knew I was delaying our I couldn’t think of anything but Liyah  she had me all wrapped around her little finger I’ll find ways to convince her to come back to me she still loved me at least I had that to my advantage.


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