I BUSIED MYSELF WITH PAPERWORKS THE DAYS THAT FOLLOWED, I was very distressed after the short conversation we had on phone, I didn’t want to be easily convinced plus he knew he had dad’s support so I had to be fast before he spoilt everything for me, I held my bag tightly and breathed in a large gulp of air when I reached the entrance of the bank, I have only three days left to go on this journey less than three days actually since I had a little over 48 hours to leave everything behind. I smiled at the security guard who was giving me a suspicious look and entered the bank. I went straight to the receptionist who was wearing  her ever welcoming smile “Welcome ma’am how can I help you?” “I want to empty my account” I said in my utmost serious tone” she asked me what I was using the money for when she saw the exuberant amount in the account “Are you really sure you want to withdraw all  these she asked once again “I’m investing it” I said when she was too complative “OK” she muttered as she handed me the withdrawal slip. I sighed when she was done, that was a close one I sat on one of the waiting chairs and as I waited for my turn.


Dad was seldom at home these days  and I have not contacted any of my friends since I came I really missed them, but I had to go to Accra tomorrow I didn’t want to waste anytime. I didn’t even want to tell dad so I called his office  after he had left for office knowing very clearly he might be in a meeting and asked his assistant to inform him I was leaving for Accra for the final part of my paperwork. I gave my room a once over look, God I missed the place already, the last time I left the house like this was when I left with Jamal, my husband to go start a new life, which ended just as it had began, I swear I sometimes think it was all a dream, I quickly wiped the lone tear that trickled down my face,”no more tears princess” I whispered to myself I smiled sadly when I used the pet name he called me. And today here I am leaving this house all over again and this time around I wonder when I will be coming back.

I  took a taxi to the bus  station, I wanted to see more of Kumasi, which might also be the last, for only God  knows when I will be back so driving in a commercial vehicle will be a whole lot better, I’ve already transferred all the money I had withdrawn to a new account and invested a reasonable amount in  a promising business,  the bank was world acclaimed and had branches worldwide so I wouldn’t have any cash problems.

I was very lucky I had the window seat , I leaned my head on the glass as I remembered all the things we did when we were together.I was so lost in thought I didn’t know when we reached our destination, I alighted and went for my luggage, I schooled here so I had lots of friends here, but I had to do this alone I lodged into a hotel a bit far from the airport area,  I didn’t want to leave  any trail behind.


I had my ticket, luggage and everything in check I threw my sim card in the dustbin and pulled my bag away. It really hurted going away leaving everything that has ever been dear to me behind.


IT’S BEEN THREE DAYS since I came down here I’m already done with my registration and everything and I have a very cheerful and friendly roommate, a white British girl Elena she could talk hours non stop  without getting tired, I didn’t want to be  friendly when we first met but I could not ignore her  humble friendship request  and be bitchy everytime when she was just trying to be nice, she was the only friend I had though,   she actually reminded me of Yanick I wonder how she reacted to Jamal’s  confession, did she already know of his plans or was kept in the dark as us all.

I’VE BEEN NAUSEOUS SINCE YESTERNIGHT I vomited almost everything I tried to chew on, Elena has been bugging me to see a doctor but I saw no reason to do so since all the necessary test that needed to be done were done when I was enrolled into school “IT might be the pizza we ate in the morning”, I said when she complained for the hundredth time for me to see a doctor “Aaliyah you mean to tell me a pizza with pineapple topping makes you vomit for almost  12 hours” she asked giving me a confused look “Y-yes” I said innocently pulling the blanket tighter over me “I’m calling in a doctor then” she said pulling out her phone from her side pocket.





I ALMOST WENT CRAZY WHEN DR. AMIN CALLED TO TELL ME LIYAH WAS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND “I’ll find out from the school if she has checked in” I told him when I realised the tension in his voice.  I was scared myself where is she? Where has she gone to? Is she OK?. Those were the questions I  repeatedly asked myself it was late at night and there was nothing I could do at this time, I opened my laptop on the small coffee table and powered it up.

I reserved an online ticket to Connecticut, I just pray I’m not so late and that she’s really in school even if she wasn’t willing to see me, and I pray she does forgive me, I know I shouldn’t have lied to her but I’m only human, I’ve given her enough  time to get over it cos I knew I was at fault but judging from how she’s acting I don’t think she’ll ever forgive me, it’s now time to invade her space and seek for forgiveness, I did my late night prayer but couldn’t sleep afterwards I had a very bad feeling I just prayed what  I felt was just a feeling or my mind playing tricks on me, I wanted to call Jamal but he had a game tomorrow and I didn’t want to disturb him I took my phone and started looking through the pictures we took at the resort God Liyah I really miss you and it really hurts you don’t believe in our love, seeing you this happy and then remembering the day you left really hurts cos you believed me with the ever trusting faith of a child and I ruined everything with just one  lie “Please come back to me my love” I whispered to the pic and kissed it softly.

I didn’t get a good night sleep cos I was in the chair the whole night my body ached a bit when I woke up cos I was unaccustomed to the sleeping posture but I still had to go to the school today, Dr Amin called me in the morning, he said none of her friends knew of her whereabouts I wished I had Sumy’s number Liyah doesn’t do a thing without consulting her she might know her whereabouts,  I told  him to probe  Sumy and Lisa they might know something, these are times I regret not buying a private jet, I could have gone to the school  the very minute I was told she had gone missing.

THERE WAS NO ONE BY LIYAH’S NAME THAT HAD ENROLLED, “YOU MEAN TO TELL ME NO ONE BY THE NAME OF AALIYAH AMIN has been enrolled this year”, “Let me check again” she typed some “She was granted admission but she never paid her tuition” I just nodded and rose from my seat and walked slowly out of the office “Are you alright sir?” she asked when I stumbled a bit, “I’m ok” I replied in a stiff voice. Where did she go I didn’t want to stress her dad my phone rang and it was him “Jamal did you find her?” I was mute “Uhm” “You’ve not found her right?” I was quiet again “I’m so sorry sir but I’ll find her in Shaa Allah” he sighed “Jamal I trust you to find her, she is all I have, I have a PI investigating into the matter, I don’t like this feeling one bit, my business associates could use her against me, she had no reason to leave home, there is a mining company I am buying but it seems the children of the man are not happy he wants to sell the company, I hate doing things without proof  but I suspect his sons are the ones behind this” my brain stopped working when he said that, What is happening to her? Is she OK?  “Son are you there?” I was startled, I  was so lost in thought I had forgotten I was talking to him “I’m listening sir,  I’ll be coming down there today I can’t be here whiles she’s out there, I’ll call my grandparents to find out if she has contacted them” I was more nervous after my phone call with him  I would never forgive myself if anything was to happen to her. I took a flight back to Los Angeles and chartered a flight to Ghana, I first went home and my grandparents were not around I tried calling their phone but it was not going through, granny told me they will be visiting Nzulezu so I was not worried much cos the area had a poor network connection, I took another flight to Ksi that very day I couldn’t waste time, it was all I needed, I had to face her dad and seek for her forgiveness, I could forgive her dad, I could give her anything  she wanted, finding her right now and confessing the kinda love I had for her was all that mattered.

Security was very tight at the house Adam came out to meet me, we shook hands as he led me inside “So how has the investigation been so far” he sighed and gave me a sad look “We didn’t want to involve police but the PI had already started with his investigations and we’ve called the main suspect for questioning, he denies being involved but we’re watching his movements and actions that’s all I know for now the boss is over there” he muttered pointing to the garden, Adam looked sad he was Liyah’s favorite guard.

The old man’s posture was slump, I cleared my throat but he didn’t turn he seemed so deep in thought “Sir” I called silently he turned around sharply and what I saw nearly knocked me down “Jamal” he said sadly “you finally got here” he sighed sadly, he looked older than his age, I looked away when our eyes met.


“I’m so sorry Sir  I am to blame for all these, I made her lose trust in us and I also had your support which irked her the more” I was quiet again  “Jamal I’ve never blamed you for Aaliyah’s disappearance I’ve never doubted the love you have for her even for one second, I rather blame myself I should never have  joked with her security like that I should have known better” he massaged his temple and looked at me again “I think we have to talk about your parents” I shook my head as he spoke “No son you have to know what happened, Liyah told me it was the reason why she left you, she.. ” “Uhm Sir sorry to interrupt but I really loved your daughter, I fell for her before we met and I never intended to use her against you never, but regarding my parents death I have already forgiven you if indeed you are responsible” “I’m not responsible for your parents death, Jamal I wanted us to talk this through the moment I heard about it but you weren’t in the country and now we have Liyah’s disappearance to deal with” he told me how close he was to dad and what really happened before he went on a peace keeping mission, I also told him what happened to us and everything they told dad before killing him.

“I’m so sorry I believed the worst of you I should have told you upfront what I really knew, because seeing you made me doubt what I’ve always known, I really trust my instincts and I liked you from the very first time I saw you, even when I thought you were behind my parents death”.

“It was all meant to happen son the most important thing is finding Liyah, then we can be a happy family as we’re suppose to”.

Now I’ve found half of  the peace  I’ve always wanted to have I didn’t need to be shown any prove but I believed this man, he has always wanted the best for me, he knew how Liyah and I felt about each other and urged me to pursue her even when he knew I was at fault, he possessed  everything I could ever wished for in a dad. “I’m so grateful sir I’ve faulted you in many ways yet you still support me, thanks for everything” “You are my son even if you still don’t see it like that, and you deserve better”.

My phone chimed just then I answered from my Bluetooth headset “Jamal you’re back why didn’t you call us”. I swallowed hard and asked the question I was afraid to ask “Granny is Liyah with you?” I asked without even asking her how they were doing “What do you mean Liyah is with us isn’t she with her dad?” she asked in a surprised voice. The light that was building inside me died an early death when when she uttered those words.



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