I WAS A DAMN FATHER AND I WONDERED WHEN SHE PLANNED TO COME BACK HOME, SHE IS MUCH FULLER THAN SHE USED TO BE BUT IT NEVER CROSSED MY MIND THAT IT COULD BE CHILDBIRTH BUT GOODNESS GRACIOUS I HAD A KID AND HE IS A REPLICA OF ME I PLACED HIM ON THE NOOK OF MY NECK and watched as he tried to raise his head “So what’s his name?” I asked Liyah who seemed a little upset as she whispered something into the ear of Elena “Abdul Maleek” she answered fidgeting with her bag handle. I smiled and nodded she named him after my dad “Hey little man, I am your daddy” I uttered pulling my hand away he giggled like he could understand a thing I said. “We’ll take our leave now” Liyah muttered stretching out her hand for him, I shook my head and held him tighter leaning towards her “I told you I won’t take a step without you princess, and I mean it” I whispered quietly into her ears she looked up and Elena and Clayton were looking at us, Elena smiled at her and she smiled back nervously “Alright, if you say so but I’ll not have a thing to do with you it’s only you and ou-my son and I’m going to  take him away, so you don’t have to grow attached to him” she whispered back turning to move away I pulled her back and kissed her hard on the lip I softened it a little when she melted into me I really missed her, I pulled away a little and looked into her eyes she looked so dazed she might have fell if I had not held her arm “We’ll talk about this immediately after we get to your friend’s house” I whispered in her ear nuzzling my nose to her ear.

I had to find a way to convince her to go back home with me, there was no way I was going to leave them here, it’s either I join her or we leave together, that’s the only condition I have and I will not give in to any of her condition or whatever provision she has. We went back to Elena’s house which was located at Westminster Abbey, “You have quite a lovely house” I said as I looked around, it was not enormous a semi detached house it was evident they are a high middle income family “Thank you, welcome to our humble house and you can stay for as long as you like” she answered turning to Liyah who was surely giving her the evil eye. “I’ll take my godson now so you can get to settle your issues” I stole a glance at Liyah as a silent growl left her throat. Elena whispered something into Liyah’s ear, Liyah had a frown on her face as her friend left us in the living room “Good luck” she mouthed to me and hurriedly left the room. We were quiet for sometime Liyah busily playing  with her fingers as I watched, where should I start from “Liyah-” I called out softly she raised her head and it was like seeing her for the first time all over again, so innocent “I don’t know how to make you understand me but I want you to know that you are the most amazing thing to ever happen in my life, and I swear I never intended to hurt you or use you to avenge your dad, But I don’t regret seeking vengeance on him or I might never have met you” I said softly, I know I might be rushing things like I did our relationship but I couldn’t delay this anymore I have missed her enough, I want my baby boy to grow with me by his side. She bowed her head down but didn’t utter a word “Liyah -” she was still quiet “Say something please your silence is killing me”.

She raised her head and her eyes were bloodshot red, I shook my head as she tried to speak and joined her on the single sofa she occupied, “I hate seeing your tears princess, my heart hurts whenever I see them” my words seem to have  fueled her tears cos  she cried much louder with hiccups, I closed my eyes it was going to hurt but it seems that’s the only way she could find joy, I rose to leave but she held my hand, I scooped her from her seat and lied on the long sofa lying her body on mine and  her head on my chest my shirt drained her tears as she cried on, a bit quietly this time, I patted her back lightly as she cried.

“I didn’t want you to hate me and the children we were going to bore that was why I left” she muttered in a feint voice, I grew a bit rigid, I mean why would she ever think that?, I  still patted her back lightly. “But I swear I regretted leaving I didn’t know how I survived all those months without you but I swear everyday was very difficult for me with the next day more difficult than the last, the only thing that consoled me and kept me going  was the knowledge that I was going to have Abdul he was the only joy I looked forward to, and when I had him” she closed her eyes slightly  “God Jamal I wished you were around to see the miracle we made together, he looked so much  like you  that looking at him sometimes hurt” she finished raising her eyes to meet mine.

She smiled sadly and aligned her body with mine, and looked deeply into my eyes “Jamal forgive me for leaving you like that, I should have at least stayed but when I overheard dad tell you to come over I made my emotions have the best of me, but I was hurt then”. She closed her eyes and kissed my lip softly. I was amazed by her act, the heavens have clearly answered my prayers, I pulled her into me when she began to pull back and kissed her deeply God I missed these moments.

“Promise that there will be no running away this time around” she nodded and runned her fingers on my chest “No babe I want the words, give them to me” “I -promise -I won’t ever leave you- no matter what” she softly said and kissed my chest. “I want to talk to my dad Jamal I really miss him”.

“I’ll tell him but for now I want you to officially introduce me to my son, then we’ll leave for Ghana the day after tomorrow” I nodded when she widened her eyes.

We had dinner with Elena and her family, a very hospitable family I liked how they took me in even when they didn’t know a lot about me, junior was sleeping so he was left  upstairs but his baby monitor was with Elena.



I COULDN’T HOLD BACK ANY LONGER, I TRIED BEING DIFFICULT BUT I COULDN’T ANY LONGER I LOVED HIM TOO MUCH TO MAKE US SUFFER LIKE THIS I was virtually helpless without him, I looked across the room to where he was praying, I looked into the cradle and Abdul was sound asleep we are a real family now I sighed and walked to the bathroom to freshen up I joined him and did my nafil, then he led us in fajr when it was time.

He motioned form me to join him immediately I was done with my azkar, I pushed my body into him and laid my head on his chest “We shall be leaving tomorrow morning” he said gently and pulled my back more into him I nodded and laid my head at the nook of his neck.



“I can’t believe you are actually leaving” Elena uttered in a teary voice “Ah Elena I only want to sort things out with dad and build my relationship with Jamal and Abdul but I’ll be back before you know it, it’s just for two weeks and I’ll be coming back very soon” I muttered  blinking  back the tears that had gathered in my eyes I  hugged her tightly and hugged her mom too. “I will really miss you guys” I told the guys when I got to them Clayton nodded and handed Abdul to me. “Thank you for all you’ve done for Liyah and my son -” Jamal thanked them  “Hey buddy, take care of her, I’ve not known her for long but she’s like a sister to me” Jamal nodded and shook hands with them.


**  ***  **** *** *** * ***  *  * * *

I breathed in deeply and stretched  my two hands out I “Home sweet home” “Are you happy to be home?” he asked behind my ear, I smiled goofly and pulled the trolley out “Aaliyah” I heard Yanick shriek happily “Yanick!” I hugged her then Donald “I’ve really missed you guys” I said when I pulled away from Yanick’s long hug “I missed you too my girl”  I knew what she saw when she widened her eyes “O-M-G  D-onald this is Jamal’s childhood come to life, I have a great-grandson” she  stated in bewilderment.

We took another  flight to Ksi after we had gone to JAMAL’s house and freshened up , Jamal had called  dad yesterday and told him he was making progress but he didn’t know I had been found I want to surprise him, I held Jamal’s hand tightly when the gate was opened I didn’t know how to face dad Abdul was with Yanick and Donald  who were fussing over him in the other car,  I nervously wiped my hand on my dress will dad be angry with me?, Jamal squeezed my hand and nodded when I raised my head.


**    ****   ** ***   * * *    * *   **

“Ah Liyah I can’t explain to you the joy I feel” he uttered wiping unshed tears it really breaks my heart that I’ve broken such a great man “Forgive me  dad” I cried out holding both of his hands with mine. “I’ve long forgiven you Liyah I was scared, I  know you had your reasons but don’t ever repeat such a thing”. “This is the last time such a thing will ever happen dad,  I promise”.  “Do I get to see my grandson now” he asked looking over at Jamal  and his grandparents who had tired Junior Abdul at the furthest end of the study.

I met up with my girls the following day they were amazed when they saw junior and me,  Jamal has been with us every single second, it was somehow irritating but I loved it this shows how serious he was about us.

After two weeks…..

It was so sad when I had to leave quite early cos school was reopening this week, “I’m really going to miss you dad” he smiled and hugged me “Me too Liyah”, he turned to Jamal and Abdul “You too my boy take very good care of my daughter and grandson, and take good care of yourself”. “Yes Sir” my dad shook his head whennour flight was being called “We’ll miss you dad, take care”. We took a flight to Glasgow.

*     *      *      *     *   *     *    *

Jamal has rented an apartment in Glasgow so I was mostly on the road, Glasgow was not very far from Aberdeen, and Jamal was very supportive, he always has a way of making you feel comfortable, schooling was now more fun, I liked my studies and Abdul wasn’t a bother to me.

He always had between his dad and godmother to spoil him, he is now seven months old but looks like a year old boy. My baby boy grows more like his dad each day and they are my favorite men in the world.


“I want to experience this one with you, I don’t want to miss out like I did with Junior (Abdul  Malik )” he said in a seductive voice enveloping her with his hands. She struggled to leave his hold but  he held her tighter “You did it on purpose” she complained bursting into tears “He-y” he turned her around to face him “You know I love you right and only God knows how happy I am that you are the mother of my babies, you have nothing to fear” “But I’m just nineteen, and junior is only eight months Jamal, I’ll grow older than my agemates, I already look older than most of them and what hurts more is you always look younger and have girls throwing  themselves at you” he bit back the laughter that was threatening to erupt he knew his problem will be worst when he laughs but he found her damn funny she thought he could leave her for just another girl.

They were back in Ghana for a short holiday, which would end in three weeks, and Jamal had gone to  work he said he had pressing issues to attend to and spent most of his time at the office, she didn’t like it one bit.

**     ***       *      *     **   ***   ***

She hated the new P.A  he had she was very pretty and Jamal praised her non-stop Liyah felt threatened but she  never showed him a sign, she just smiled and nodded whenever he said something good about  his P.A “Mercedes”. She went to his office to give him a surprise visit and felt nauseous and dizzy when she saw the P.A he always praised a pretty fair colored lady of average height. Jamal insisted on taking her to the hospital when he saw  how sick she looked and heard the happiest news he has been praying to hear from her. But here she was claiming she was not ready.

He took Abdul who has grown like a year old from his cradle, “Hey big boy you are going to be a big brother help me convince your mom ok”. He called Mercedes and gave her orders on the kind of  preparations he wanted her to make.


“I’m sorry ma’am  but those were the orders of the boss”. She rolled her eyes and just followed the PA, they walked on a long walkway which had  large scented candles  at the sides and rose petals directing the path, “I’ll leave you here ma’am” she said and walked away.


I followed the petal arrows to a dim  room I   took my phone from my purse and switched on The Flash light, BOSSCHICK  was boldly encraved on the wall with a big painting of me under the words I blinked my eyes sharply.

I walked closer to see the smaller drawings clearly, my midriff was held gently and he spread his palms on my tummy, “I really don’t know how to make you understand my feelings for you Liyah, I  love you like I’ve never love a breathing being, you come first in everything” he sighed and turned me around “I felt dead when you left me, life was meaningless, when I didn’t know what had happened to you, the only thing that kept me going was the fact that you might be alive, I can’t bear to be away from you, that’s why I followed you to Scotland before the fall break, and it’s very hard for me to leave you and junior at home for work, I am only consoled because I have hidden cameras at almost every corner of the house so I am updated on your every move” he wiped the lone tear that had streaked down “You come first in everything, princess, and having my babies -” he knelt one knee and held my hands “That’s the most precious gift I’ve ever been given, don’t ever feel threatened princess, you are the only one here” he  uttered prodding to his chest.

**   ***    **  *      *     *  ***   **  *  **  *

“I love this place, Aaliyah you’ve given me and my family a reason to always visit this place” Elena said excitedly looking around  the beautiful Aburi garden. My baby bump which was a bit showing. Jamal was with dad, Elena’s dad and her brothers  and had Abdul Maleek with him, he winked at me when I looked their way and handed Abdul to Clayton and joined us.

Sumy shook her head “I really like how you guys seem not to be having enough of each other” she commented looking over at Elena, she nodded in agreement I hate that Lisa didn’t get to join us maybe she will tomorrow.

Jamal invited everyone over I  wanted to spend this vacation with all my friends and loved ones and he made it happen without my knowledge, and he chose the region I love the most, the Eastern region we’ve been to the Akosombo dam and Boti falls and will be visiting the Holy Trinity Spa tomorrow.  We didn’t go to La Lumiere this time we lodged into a different hotel.


*                                                                          *     *


I stretched out my hand and breathed in deeply I liked how the wind blew my white flowy dress, Alhamdulillah for everything I have my family just as I’ve always dreamed of, Jamal joined me and runned his hand over my tummy “So when do we get to tell everyone of the new addition we’ll be having in the family” “Ah honey you really know how to dampen my mood, how can I when Abdul is not even a year old, they’ll know when it’s evident and I can’t hide it anymore” I said turning to look at everyone else.  They looked very happy we were at  the beach of Holy Trinity. “I want to always be this happy I’m so happy baby”  he nodded and kissed my neck.


I watched as dad and Jamal’s grandparents fuss over Abdul Maleek, Elena was speaking animatedly with her brothers and my friends who were laughing heartedly, there is never a dull moment with these people around me.  I stood on my toes and kissed his lips.

“Thank you so much Mr Bossman for making me the happiest woman ever” “Mmph you are welcome-”  he looked up like he wanted to remember something “Boss-chick”. I nodded and repeatedly more gently “Yea BOSSCHICK”