BROKEN by Meena Diasso


“Like a broken mirror I know I can’t be mended the past hurts more than I’d like to
acknowledge and I wonder how long I can hold this farce up I just have to make them believe I’m alright”.


I held his gaze when he raised his head he smirked and pushed the file away I quickly looked  at where he pushed it to and slightly shook my head “So Miss Alkali are you really sure you can handle all these considering the fact that you’ve not practiced for long and we are one of the leading media houses in the country?”. He said a bit boastfully.
I gave him a  strained smile of my own and nodded “Yes sir I’m actually the best candidate, I’ve been practicing since I was a teen on radio and I’ve done a little backstage work on TV I know almost all the ins pertaining this job”. He nodded and sized me up I rolled my eyes  inward and cleared my throat.  I think he’s going to make my job a lot easier.

He stood from his desk I can see why he has the girls after him even when they know he is nothing but a lousy casanova, he is tall maybe 6’1 inches tall and slightly built and his facial feature was not over the top but he could surely make it on the cover of any male magazine.  He held the back of my chair with both hands and turned it so we were facing each other.  I had to really force myself not to hit him in the face. “So what do you say to a dinner at La Palmeto to celebrate your special day cos you have the job”.
I looked at both hands then looked into his eye “I’d rather not  do that Sir, I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression to my will be co-workers or anyone” I replied smiling, this was actually my first real smile since I entered his office,  he nodded and stood up shoving both hands into his side pockets, “You have the job, and you will start tomorrow and do come early I want you to meet up with our anchors,  correspondents and producers so you can have a hang of how things work here” he said in a sudden serious tone.  I nodded and took my bag from the floor. I slowly stood from the chair and looked up at him again “I’d like to take my leave now Sir” he smiled and showed me to the door

“And Fatima…..” I turned and he was still smiling “my dinner offer still stands  my chauffeur will come pick you at 8:00”. I shook my head and went out this job was going to be much easier than I bargained for.


My mom was sitting on her favorite chair reciting the Quran in her beautiful voice.  I sat on the floor and gently placed my head on her lap listening to the verses attentively, I’ve forgotten the last time I took a Quran it hurts me when I remember I’m not as spiritual as I should be but I pray that I’ll get there some day.  Mom is my best friend in fact the only friend but I can’t get myself to tell her what ruined the once cheerful and carefree girl, even I want her to be back I want to do things without looking back, especially with the opposite sex, I don’t want to be  male phobic all my life, I don’t want to always be alert and ready to spring on any guy who comes close to me.

Just like the girl  I am helping out we actually need a voice my case might not be as worst as hers but I was still traumatized by it.  I might be lucky my molester  never went the extra mile but there was a probability he might have done worse.

A hand wiped the tears that was flowing then the hiccups and waterworks came in  full force, she sat next to me and hugged me gently patting my back,  I know there will be questions after this breakdown but I have held on  long and couldn’t hold the pain in any longer. 


One thing I love about my mom is she never questions you if you are not willing to  open up dad was on one of his numerous business trips as always,  it used to be the same with mom but she decided to stop when I was in junior high school and never told anyone the reason why.

“So tell me was your break down about a new case?” she asked in a quiet voice  when we were done eating dinner,  I nodded and took my phone from my pocket I used to be very distant from her until she forced me to stay with her whenever we finished supper but I still couldn’t open up to her like she wanted to .  “You know you can count on me right,  just remember you can tell me everything you want to” I looked up and nodded “maybe not this mom” I said in my head.
There was a knock on the door just then “Someone is here to see you madam” the young help we had said in her quiet voice I looked up confused “Who is it? ” I asked with a frown cos I know I have no friends all the friends I made could not be even counted as friends since we met in school and only talked when we had projects to do together,  and I can’t remember inviting anyone over even my client didn’t have my address to just come banging on the door whenever she had a fright.  My phone chimed just then and it was  an unknown number,  I looked up and mom was prodding me with a questioning look I shrugged and studied the number “answer it it might be important” I pressed the answer key before the call ended.

“She finally answers her phone” he said in his thick baritone voice I swallowed hard and looked at mom. “I’m actually at your front gate please come out we are running late already” I rolled my eyes and ignored mom’s questioning look “But I told you I didn’t want to go,  I still haven’t changed my mind”. He cleared his throat I could hear the smile in his voice “I’m not one to easily give up on what I want,  I know you are not a kid and I don’t want to give you any mixed  information so I’m doing this head on I’m interested in you and I want you to be with me I’ve actually never wanted anyone like I want you so I’m going to  pursue and seduce you till you give in to me,  and the dinner offer still stands I’ll always ask you till you give in,  see at work tomorrow  bye”. He rapped hanging up.

I took the phone off my ear and looked at the screen what the fuck just happened I looked up at mom who was also giving me a strange look I think it’s an old friend I quickly said to avoid the questions I know she will bombard me with. 

I have him right where I wanted him to be I just have to make him pant a bit more like the dog he surely is and corner him then disgrace him in the eye of the public. I covered my body with the the blanket and held it tighter when the forbidden memories started penetrating through the fog of my mind,  I fought it off with all my might and all the clues the shrink gave me but it still seeped through.

Tell me what you think of the story.

What do you think is Fatima’s problem and what will happen between her and her strange boss.

Dedicated to a friend I’ve never seen but still feel close to Fatima Kaka.

(The story is fiction though not related to her in any way you will know why I said that as the story progresses)


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