BROKEN by Meena Diasso




Even blood ties could be BROKEN right? I contemplate sometimes but everything can be BROKEN even the most basic of bonds. I sometimes marvel at the closeness between a child and it’s  mom especially when it’s in the womb, some women abort these babies so I think I’m right BLOOD ties CAN be BROKEN.


“It’s ok baby everything will be fine he’s not chasing you anymore” a soothing voice kept repeating I was in my terror room all over again the dark glasses and the sweets on the table. I tried pulling away from the gentle hold but the person held me tighter then the tears started all over again. “Let it all out, cry your heart out you really need it”, that did me in  I was crying so heartily she couldn’t hold me any longer I fell on the bed face down and started hitting the pillow with all my might,  even that didn’t faze mom, she sat on the mat and patted my back.  I breathed in heavily and sighed wiping the tears that had stained my face I didn’t find it as embarrassing as earlier.


“Fatima I know something is troubling you, for the love of God please tell me  it hurts seeing you like this”. I looked up and mom looked very tired should I tell her, I felt it was about time I opened up to someone about this other than the shrink my molester was long dead but his threats were embedded in my brain,  I know the fear is uncalled for but I’ve been traumatized for long and there is this small part of my brain which won’t let it go no matter how hard I try, it hurts when you always have to  watch your back and be on guard when you are alone with someone.

I swallowed hard and held mom’s gaze “Mom you remember when I was a kid and used to  be friends with Nhyira (literal Akan meaning Blessing) my cousin” she nodded and held my hand I heaved a sigh and looked up I really needed that, I held her hand tighter and squeezed my eyes this was going to be difficult “Well uh-uh uhm  U-u-u” I closed my eyes and tugged at my nose a bit, I looked into her eyes and blinked a few times, “You know he used to give us lots of sweets especially me…. and he…… ” “Who are you talking about dear” she asked, it hurts even mentioning his name I always get the creeps when  his name  is mentioned, I usually get panic attacks . “I mean Uncle” I finished off hurriedly.  “Aw I’m so sorry  Fatima, I knew you were very close to him but I didn’t know you never got over his death since he died when you were quite young” I settled on the mat next to her.

“Mom I’ve gone back to journalism and I just secured a job in the leading media house in the country” I said in a forced cheerful voice, “I’m so happy for you” I could hear a but coming “But you know your dad wants you to get married, he has been prodding me for quite some time now and your grandparents are complaining since you are their only granddaughter”.
“Mom, I don’t want to get married now,  it’s not like I’m too old mom I just turned 26”. My mom chuckled and brushed my long braids with her fingers,  “Fatima I also want you to get married, I was very happy when I heard you talking on the phone with a man, and judging from how you were reacting I could tell you like him”. I stiffened but she seemed oblivious to my reaction, “I also want to see my grandkids Fatima,  I know I’ve not been the  best parent to you,  your dad and I  have mostly been absent  in your upbringing but I  can assure you that we love you very much” she kissed my temple and gently placed my head on the mat, “I’m going to  pray now it’s already dawn”. I sighed and pondered over what just happened,  I don’t know why I didn’t tell mom what truly happened but I couldn’t make myself do it.

I am a 26 year old lady and a lawyer/journalist a Kanuri by tribe (though I can’t speak a word of it or should I say I’m an Ashanti cos my mom is  an Ashanti and Ashantis inherit matrilineally) my mom is actually a Ghanaian and my dad a Nigerian I sometimes wonder how they ever fell in love but it seems that’s what Allah had in store for them although I don’t really believe in love. They met when dad was studying in the University of Ghana, I’ve lived most of my life in Ghana only visiting Nigeria  occasionally, I love both countries though and was very happy when dad said we were permanently moving to  Naija, I wanted to set up my own law firm,  but decided against it since I was new here, I worked as a corporate lawyer for sometime till I was approached by the sister of a colleague my only luck was I could always go back to journalism, I hated being under the spotlight which  was why I never pursued my journalism career but I had to do this for this girl, the bastard really needed to be stopped and put in his right places to teach other bastards like  him a lesson.


I moved back a little and gave my closet a once over, this is going to be difficult, I didn’t want to be too dressy the weather is kinda hot today so I didn’t want to wear a suit,  but I also didn’t want to be too dressy he might think I was trying to impress him,  I was contemplating on  wearing an abaya just to tick him off but today wasn’t Friday, I usually do that on Fridays I didn’t  want to be late either.

I applied a  little makeup and stood a little away from the mirror,  I ended up choosing a mid thigh multi colored stripe armless dress,  with blue jeans and a jacket. I chose a black stilettos  and my bag,  mom always complained about my high heel addiction but has long stopped when she saw I had no intention of stopping she was still in her room when I came out, I knew not to wake her since I was the one who had her up all night, “Please tell her I left for work when she wakes up” I told the young help we had she nodded and smiled I hurried off to my car and sped away this was going to be a long day I could tell.

I nodded at the receptionist and studied  the lobby it was very large and very busy, I thought things cooled off mid week but I think it doesn’t apply for this place, I made my way to the elevator and and hurriedly entered before it closed, I know it would be polite to  greet but I couldn’t make myself do it, I silently watched as people got off,  soon I was the only one in it, seems I’m the only one here to see the boss.

The secretary an older woman had a smile on her face when I came in “You must be Fatima the one who will be meeting with Ahmad?” she asked as soon as I came off the elevator I couldn’t just be rude to  her so I smiled back and nodded “Yes ma’am I’m here to see the  boss” she chuckled and shook her head “No my dear you will call me Tosin from now on” I like this woman already I only nodded  she sat directly opposite the elevator so she is the first person you see when you come off the elevator.  “OK ma’am” she shook her head again “I still insist you  call me by my name” she muttered tugging my arm to his office.

He was on the phone when we entered the office and she didn’t even knock. How did I miss this woman the first time I came here, I asked myself, he gave me a lopsided smile and ended the call I really hated the look he was giving me like a kid eagerly waiting to be given his favorite toy, “Mama I can see you finally met Fatima” he said as he placed the phone on his desk “Yes” she answered “and she’s very beautiful Ahmad, a real gem I’d advice you never let her go” she said gazing at me again “Yes that’s very true, but Mama she doesn’t want us to be even friends” he added, my eyes widened on their own accord. Did he just say that, that was really lame I mean who used such tactic to  get a girl to go out with them “That’s because I don’t want to mix business with pleasure” I uttered before Mama could say anything I hated the game this guy was playing, I know it’s a progress but I don’t like how it affects me, I mean who wants a guy like him he could be chasing after the next pretty girl he sees and what happens when I give birth and gain weight, I sighed and cleared my throat, you really need to stop thinking like this FATIMA.

I swear I could burn to ashes by the look some of the girls were giving me especially Omolara I think I’ve seen her a few times on TV,  I’m not such a TV person,  I seldom watch TV I preferred reading newspapers, visiting  blogs or social media especially Twitter. I gave her one of my seldom smiles when she looked from Ahmad to me,  I’ve not shown any interest in  the guy and the girls were ready to pounce on me I was only here to help, “Welcome to the crew Miss Alkali, we are happy to have you”  one of the male anchors muttered,  I gave him one of my fake smiles “Thank you I’m happy to be here too”. “I think we’ve had enough of the formalities, you can all go back to what you were doing” Ahmad said in a thunderous voice, I swear I could have peed on myself.

Dedicated to a friend I’ve never seen but still feel close to Fatima Kaka

What’s ur take on Ahmad and Fatima, is there any chemistry between them?

Let me know your take on the story is.


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