BROKEN by Meena Diasso 


I held the girl in my hand tightly she was practically naked but I couldn’t do anything when I can only picture myself with only one girl  I pulled away from the girl, she looked into my eyes with a hurt look, I can now say I’m mersmerised and infatuation with her  but I’ve never been intimate with this girl, I wonder why I even I asked to do the interview when I could have others do it, I had a damn Empire to run, but I had to tell them I’d  do that interview and now look where that got me. 

I removed her hand from my body when I felt her running her hands over my body, “Vida you’ve got to stop I told you before this started that you were just a fling just like your friend and I think you are getting too attached to me so this thing is over” I said as I rose from the bed and picked my wrist watch and wallet from the nightstand I watched her fuming from the corner of my eyes but she could do nothing I’ve already found me a wife and I’m damn gonna marry her. “I’ll have my chauffeur bring you a heafy compensation”. I almost got to the door when I heard her call my name “Ahmad” I stood still waiting for her to say whatever she had in mind “You are such a bastard you know, you are a heartless bastard just as Jess said but I chose not to believe her, I was over the moon when you left her for me, but let me tell you  this you’ve messed with the wrong person and you’re gonna pay for this” I smiled at her words she knew I would never marry her she was just another f**k  yet she was acting like we were something more I held the knob and turned it “And whoever this new girl is I swear she’s going to pay for this with her life if necessary” I went back and strangled her. “I was quiet as you ranted because I know women will always be women but if you so far as come as close as 200 feet within the confines of any place and I repeat any place I am you’ll face the consequences and you wouldn’t want to look at yourself when I’m done with you” her eyes were filled with fear, but what I said was necessary I didn’t want any deranged lover going after Fatima, I hate being possessive but I can’t help myself when it comes to  her.

I left her and drove angrily out of the house, I guess that’s another I’ll have to give up, but in the mean time I had to go home and tell my  parents the good news they were finally going to have a daughter in_law, I answered my phone immediately it chimed and didn’t even check the ID “Ahmad you know I love you, my sister has made me press rape charge against you but I’ll drop it I love you Med pls just come back to me even if you don’t love me I’ll even revert to Islam if you want”. I rolled my eyes I don’t even know why I was still on the phone but I had to talk some sense into the girl “Jessica you don’t have to do anything ok, just forget anything that ever happened between us, take it as a nightmare  you just woke from ok” “But I l-” I ended the call before she could even continue I wonder why I even gave in to her advances and look where that got me.

My dad was mad to see me as usual, he doesn’t understand why I’m still single whiles my siblings and friends were getting married and judging from how furious he is I think mom told him I was planning to leave the house. 

I greeted him and stood to leave but he called me back “Is what I’ve heard true?” he asked in an impatient voice “What do you mean dad is it about the company?” I asked feigning ignorance “You know what I’m asking Ahmad don’t make me repeat myself”, I remembered my childhood when daddy will punish us if we did something wrong, my older sister (Zainab)  received less punishment and was the only one who could speak before dad mom spoilt us rotten though especially when dad was on his business trips,  my younger siblings were twins a boy and a girl Maruf and Maria. 

“Well since you seem not to be ready to speak you are not moving out of this house till you’re married and I’ll be calling your uncle to get one of the girls from our extended family for you to marry” I jerked my head up when he said that “I’m sorry dad but please let me choose my wife” I pleaded in a strained voice he shook his head and looked ahead to where my mom was coming from I heard the click of her shoes mom still acted like a young girl even after over 30 years of marriage and expressed her love for dad even infront of us, she kissed my forehead and sat next to  dad on the sofa he occupied opposite mine, she noticed the tensed atmosphere and looked from dad to me “What are you not telling me is this about you moving out?”.

I nodded and looked at dad “But honey I thought I told you that wasn’t happening no one is leaving this house until he is married just like your sisters did and even with that there are conditions so it’s never going to happen Ahmad” she said in a stern voice “It’s not about that mom dad wants me to marry a girl from the village but I’m interested in another girl” my mom eyes widened and shimmered with excitement I’ve never talked to them about any girl a smile broke on her face and she joined me on the one seater I occupied “Did you hear that Alhaji my baby boy finally sets his eyes on a girl we can’t deny him this Alhaji” my dad seemed to have cooled off after mom spoke “OK but I want to know about the girl and what house she’s from” I nodded and smiled at mom, she winked at me as I left. 

That was so close now I have to pursue Miss Fatima Alkali my soon to be wife, she’s quite uptight but I’ll dissolve all the strings she has tangled herself with she’ll be a hard nut to crack though. 

Dedicated to Fatima Kaka


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