By Meena_Diasso 
DISCLAIMER ® This is a fictional story and is coincidental if it has any semblance with anyone’s life.
“What can you do  to settle your mom’s debt?” the man with the patch across his eye asked her running his fingers  across her cheek, she cringed and pulled away “You know I have nothing to give you” she smiled sadly and looked into his eyes “and my parents left my brother and I in your care” he laughed loudly,  his laughter coming off more like a roar. “I have a new club and you’ll be working there” he  said in a sudden sober voice, he shook his head when she widened her eyes tsking “Don’t give me  that look baby girl I’ve seen you and I know how much of a party animal you are this shouldn’t be hard for you”. She blinked sharply and shook her head “That was a mistake godfather please don’t make me do this” he huffed in pretend tiredness  “Then this will also be a mistake”. He walked to the door then abruptly stopped “And as of today I’m Don Omar to you , lucky enough for you I’ll take care of your brother as a bonus package”,”We don’t need your help Don I can do that myself” he chuckled and righted his patch “Don’t forget you start tonight I’ll send a driver to come pick you up, and you  can take care of your brother if you want I was just doing you a favor”She eased herself on the sofa when he slammed the door behind him and continued sobbing, she looked upwards “My life just keeps getting better everyday” she muttered  her voice dripping with sarcasm. 


                          Marie 💔
I clenched and unclenched my fist as I waited for my turn, I felt scared and nervous everything in me was screaming for me to run to the other direction even after years of doing the same thing,  I licked my suddenly dry lips and practiced my breathing exercise ‘It’s going to be a long night’ I thought as I was pulled to the platform I shook my hands fighting off the clamminess and wiped the sweat on the skimpy robe I had tied around my body,  I moved my head sideways slowly as the song flooded the room intoxicating my senses, that’s my only weakness dancing and music,  I moved my body to the tune and held the sash of my robe playing with it as I untied the loose knot  I looked down through hooded eyes at the skimpy lingerie cladding my body, with my slim figure I’d be more fit for a VS model, that’s how almost every girl working here looks, I raised my head slowly looking at no one in particular as I sashayed to the pole each step like a poison to my soul. I stood by the pole at the song started playing. 
I closed my and held my hand back on the pole moving my body to the rhythm 
Baby, let’s cut down the lights

I just really wanna let this fire burn bright

I’m just telling you to have an open mind

Just imagine us

You’re taking me there, you’re taking me there

Our lips are barely touching

So do it again, so do it again

We could be on to something 

Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me

I dragged my fingers slowly on my body as I twirled around the pole

Heyo, heyo, if you want it then you got it, hold me
I bucked my hips a bit  zoning out the cheers and loud scream from some of the men,  I opened my eyes slowly and saw the money being thrown on the stage. 
No more, no more wasting time

We can, we can go all night

Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me


Body on me


Body on me
I slowly eased myself on the stage and looked through the crowd with my tear glistened eyes,  “I can’t continue living this life” I whispered as the stage light dimmed, my eyes settled on a guy sitting at the far corner of the room, he he was wearing dark glasses but I could still feel his gaze on  me, I swallowed hard bending slowly in an upright position for my robe.

I gave a strained smile to the other girls, as I walked to the dressing room I was the only one who went on stage with a robe, even after doing this for almost six years, my nightmare years which I’m still living due to the fact that I still work for Don(my Satan). Tonight I only get to do one dance which I was so happy to comply I don’t think I’d be able to handle it if it was an all night affair. 
I heaved a sigh as I got ready to leave,  this was the only way Don agreed I repay my parents debt after he saw me in that club with my friend a day I continue to regret “Well well well look who we have here if not my precious gem” he said in his eerie annoying voice, “I believe my work here has already been done” I retorted throwing daggers at his disgusting figure through the mirror           “Now what did I tell you about that smart mouth of yours” he asked pulling me from the stool my arm felt like it was being pulled from its socket but I kept my bravado “Won’t you answer me little girl?” he added in a cold voice “OK I hear you” I answered hating the meekness in my voice,  he didn’t deserve any respect or the right to live, he released my hand like I had caught the plague making me stumble a bit, I slowly shook my head as I watched him hating him with every fiber of my being. “Do you understand little girl?” I heard him ask as he hitted his cane loudly on the dressing mirror I jumped a bit and nodded “Zak will escort you tomorrow” he stated and prodded my cheek with his cane he turned and walked to the door then turned his head slowly and looked me over “How’s that bastard you’re catering for coming off?” my nose flared as I breathed out trying to  curb my anger,  he smirked and left.      I turned to the mirror looking intently at the girl I saw, she looked a bit shaken ‘Why does it always have to be you,  what sin did you ever commit to deserve this,  does not having any relatives have to be like this’, it has always been mom,  dad,  Shakeel and me with that bastard I used to call my godfather who was nothing but a devil my parents never knew about.


I took the book and looked down at the words I feel a bit woozy maybe from staying up at night “Are you feeling alright?” the lady sitting beside me asked I nodded and gave her a strained smile my head felt light, I looked at the teacher standing by the board and jotted down what he had written “And you all remember the hadith that states that actions are judged by intentions” I nodded at his words, I’ve heard about the health in sermons I’ve listened to “So does it mean when I’m forced to do something that goes against the rules of Islam I’d be forgiven?” I heard myself asking    “Well do you think you’ll be forgiven?” he asked looking into my eyes I nodded my head lightly but didn’t utter a word, “I know so” I whispered to myself. 
My head was now throbbing and I still had to go to work then head to the club later on tonight, it’s really going to be a long night. 

So this is the first chapter what do you think the next chapter will be more insightful I’m looking forward to your votes and comments. 

Peace out ✌ 


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