Tais  Araujo as Marie

I looked sideways but I still couldn’t make out where we were going “Uhm Zak would you please tell me where we are going?” I asked hating the little waver in my voice,  he kept mute and drove on to God knows where,  ‘What if Don has finally tire of me and is going to sell me off or better yet kill me’ my heartbeat quickened,  as we drove down the quite road filled with trees. 
“Hey wake up” I heard a distant voice call and my hands being shook,  I fluttered  my eye slowly adjusting it to the light “Hey Marie wake up already we are running late” I became fully awake when he said that,  I didn’t even know I had fallen asleep I turned my wrist studying the time,  I swallowed hard and blinked back the tears that had gathered in my eyes.

The place looked so surreal the greenery of the grass,  and the fountain we had to circle before driving to the parking lot, I looked up the avenue we drove by then turned to Zak “Zak if anything ever happens to me,  promise me Shakeel will be well taken care of” I uttered in a desperate voice,  I’ve never been good friends with him but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was about to me and he might have a good side,  everyone is suppose to,   my life was altering I could feel it in my blood and if there’s anything I’ve learnt to trust it’s this particular feeling, it happened before the most tragic moments of my life. He smirked and shook his head “Get your mind out of the gutters ok” he chided giving me a skeptical look “Nothing bad is going to happen” he added in a soothing voice maybe after seeing how shaken I was.
I looked down the avenue when  I alighted,  the scenery looked like something out of a magazine birds chirping from the trees,  the place looked serene  and lovely but these are the kind of places that crimes go unnoticed,  I could be killed and dumped without anyone noticing,  the place  looked deserted enough for that to happen,  “So where are we?” I finally mustered the courage to ask “Just chill” I nodded and walked on wobbly legs to the large door.

He quirked his brow questioningly as he held the door knocker “Are you ready?” he asked as he knocked on the door rhythmically,  I swallowed  hard and looked at the rich wooden door intently like it could answer the questions whirling in my mind.

A stoutly built man opened the door,  and nodded like he was having a secret  conversation with Zak,  he widened the door and motioned for us to walk in,  my movements jerked as I walked into the building,  I moved my eyeballs slowly studying the place the best I could,  the hallway had long vases filled with flowers, it seemed like we had been walking to God knows where for eons of hours,  I looked up the two flights of stairs facing each other,  then at the man leading “Will we be taking any of these stairs?” I asked looking terrifyingly at the stairs “No ma’am we’re going this way” he replied in a thick british accent pointing to a metal door I nodded in relief.  He pressed a button and the elevator door pinged open,  ‘Where the f*ck did Don bring me’ I shouted in my head.
I cleared my throat when we all entered,  my lips were itching to ask what we were going to do “Uhm,  sir what exactly are we doing here?” I asked meekly,  he turned to Zak,  we had him in the middle,  then turned to me and shrugged “I do not know ma’am” he replied,  I wiped my hand on my dress and gnawed on my lip,  “We’re here ma’am” he called out snapping me from my trance,  I nodded and got off the elevator,  Zak gave me a murderous look when our eyes met “No questions” he mouthed,  I nodded ignoring the tears that brimmed my eye and was threatening to fall,  ‘You have to be brave Marie’ I chided myself but I was falling apart within. 

I looked up  at the opulent door we stood by which had a tulip engraved on,  the man pushed it then stood back for us to enter,  I walked in like a cattle brought to a slaughter house,  ready to face my fate,  I could feel in my gut that my life was going to change the headache I had this morning suddenly came back in full force my head throbbed so loud I could hear it pound in my ear,  “Lord have mercy on me,  forgive me for my past sins for I know nought and was forced to do them,  I seek repentance for the ones I did intentionally,Ya Allah, forgive all our departed souls who’ve preceded us in the after life and make ours a soothing journey when it’s our time, dear Lord  please have my brother well taken care of, aameen” “Aameen” I heard a hoarse baritone voice reply to a prayer I didn’t even know I’ve said out loud,  I raised my head up frighteningly but all I saw was a large chest I looked further up looking at the beauty in front of me,  he exuded masculinity and beauty I wonder if the two words can even pair in a sentence,  

I swallowed hard and blinked a few times,  he had the most beautiful eyes ever,  green eyes with a speck of gold,  “Close your mouth” I clamped my mouth shut,  at his words.  “Take a seat” he said motioning to the chair in front of me.  “Marie”  I sat on the chair without a fuss, “I’m intrigued by your dance  so I’ve hired you for the rest of the time I’ll be here” he spoke out softly like he was talking to a child,  I nodded before realizing I told Don I’d never give a private dance even when it elongated my indefinite sentence in his hellhole of a club.  “I…. ” my argument died down when our eyes met

“Did you want to ask anything Marie?” I shook my head gingerly,  irking the headache I  clasped my head as a sudden pain hit me  blurring my vision ,  I blinked trying to fight the darkness that was enveloping me “Marie… ” I heard a distant voice  call out but I couldn’t fight the darkness,  then everything was pitch black. 

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