Unconditional love 💕
Loving regardless of a person’s flaws.

By: Meena_Diasso
               MY FIX

                                  BEAST 💕

I watched through hooded eyes as she entered the room. The room seemed to be closing  on me,  I shut my eyes for a few seconds and reopened them,  she looked so pretty it felt unreal her wild curls and make up made her look like a goddess, I couldn’t have stand watching another man look at her,  God she was mine for crying out loud maybe just for the time I’d be here but she still was. 

She held the sash of her robe and ran it between her fingers, then untied  it, gently pulled the robe from her body then dropped it on the floor,  she looked so enchanting in the lingerie the stones on glinting on it made her look the more unreal,  she smiled widely and held the pole then winked at me,  I was amazed but was so intrigued by her look to let on.  

She started swaying to the tune with her eyes closed, I swallowed hard and watched her sway her body to the song bucking her hips to the sides and around the pole, I was so lost in her moves and  how her body synced with the song my eyes followed as she walked her fingers slowly over her body and removed the right strap of her bra,  she looked up giving me an overly wide smile,  then removed both straps of the bra,  she pulled it down a bit leaving it to cover  her nipple,  she went back to the pole and held it climbing up and swirling.  My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest I could hear it thud.  Gone was the innocent girl I had seen the first day I came here, in her place was this enchanting seductress   her moves were  restrained that day maybe she felt off and  didn’t give her all but she was quite the seductress today.  I blinked a bit forcing my gaze away from the girl who’d become my addiction, I dialled  Adam’s number then looked up again, I was amazed when she came down the pole  slowly    and sashayed  slowly towards  me.  She unclasped the bra and threw it in the air when she was close to me, my eyes were almost closed by the time she made it to me. Her smile was  fixed but still beautiful and her eyes glassy  she laughed hysterically when she tripped then strided me circling her two arms around my neck.  I swallowed hard listening to the loud thump of my heart and hers, I couldn’t do what I wanted to I heard the creak of the door and pulled her head down kissing  her passionately I forcefully    pulled away from the kiss and sighed hugging her tightly,   “Marie… ” I heard a voice croak questioningly I couldn’t feel sorry for her, she raised her head but her eyes were drooping, I couldn’t tell if it was from the effect of the kiss “Marie is that you?” oddly I didn’t want him to see her in her present  state, she was mine for the moment no one had to see her in this state but me she raised her head slumply fixing her gaze on  the door,  I looked intently into her eyes as she squinted them and creased her brow,  I followed her gaze when I heard rumbling  at the door as   the boy wrestled to be free from Adam’s grip “Marie that’s not you right you’d never do something like this” he growled out,  she threw her head back and laughed loudly tightening her hold on my shirt,  then burst into hysterical   tears. “You can’t do this after reprimanding  me for seeing godfather” I heard him choke out   brokenly as Adam carried him out of the room. I raised her head with my hand, she looked into my eyes confusingly wandering her eyes  around wildy she squinted them tightly and laid her head on my chest  her breathe hit my shirt as she breathed heavily, I gently eased her on the couch and walked to the stage for her  robe, she was totally out by the time I made it back, she pulled her arm a bit as  I wrapped it around  her body,  then held my  hand, she tightened her hold when I tried pulling it away,  I sighed and plopped back down  on the couch. I didn’t want to leave her,  I’d rather stay  than leave her here,  she acted like a  druggie already, my eyebrows creased as I reminisced her actions she acted like a user, laughing like that when she should have been running after him,  I turned around a bit and watched her sleeping form,  she looked at peace and innocent in her sleep I gently ran my fingers over her lips then   pulled my hand slowly  out of her grip.  I rose  gently from the couch and dialled Adam again.



Love beyond measure 💖

I furrowed my brows and nervously  gnawed on my lips,  “I-I’ve  I don’t feel too well Adam please tell him I’ll see him another day” I said after i had ushered him into the room, he shook his head in disagreement,  I smiled nervously and swallowed hard,  I  hated his stoic look,  he looked away when our eyes met what was happening “Get ready,  I’ll be waiting for you outside” I nodded hesitantly and took my purse,  there was no need to prolong this meeting if he’s so keen to see me,  but everything within me screamed for me not to   go, I was wearing a mid-thigh long sleeved dress shirt with denim jeans,  I didn’t even spare the ladies a look and slowly made my way to the car “I think  business is really booming don’t you think” one of the ladies questioned loudly just as I passed them,  I shook my head lightly and made a beeline to the car and opened the back  door,  I placed my bag gently on the seat and climbed into the car, I slumped the seat back and rested my head on  the headrest closing my eyes,  I saw Adam shake his head then turned the key in the ignition and started driving, I was amazed at the route he was taking cos it was no where near the  one we always took I frowned a bit but didn’t speak,  I was still amazed at how he was behaving then I remembered the last time he came and told me   Assad wanted us our next meeting to be at the club. My nervousness skyrocketed,  what did he have in mind I liked him;  both him and Adam but from the reaction of Adam  I can tell all is not well. 

I shook the thought from my mind and cleared my throat straightening the chair,  “So how’s Assad doing?” I tried smiling “He’s doing good” he gruffed out,  “Adam are you giving me a cold shoulder?, I feel like I’ve done something wrong to have you acting all tight up with me” he shook his head and forced a smile “Did you do anything to have me acting like this?” he threw  back at me,  I hesitantly shook my head and he nodded “Just as I thought” I heard him mumble inwardly. 

I kept quiet the rest of the ride and  focused on the road,  whatever was eating him up I hope I’m not the cause,  I opened the door immediately he parked at the parking lot  of the club,    I stood aside waiting for him to come out,  this building held so much for me,  every single one of my disappointment  started in this building, if it were before I’d have walked in to my station getting ready to work but since Assad laid claim on me I had to wait for Adam,  I didn’t know why I was here maybe I did and refuting it made me feel better, but I pray he changes his mind especially after what happened with me and Shakeel yesterday I acted like his mom reprimanding him for every little  mistake yet I was no saint myself. 
I walked behind as we entered  the building, it was the full swing gentlemen club it was tagged with scantily dressed women walking around serving drinks to the mostly male clientele,  some of the girls gave me weird looks,  I just smiled and waved to those I was familiar with then hurried  on to the join him climb the stairs. I panted as he unlocked the door to the top floor,  a fully furnished apartment,  I never knew Don had something like this here,  cos it was the whole floor,  I worked at the mid floor,  and made it a  must to only meet Don when necessary,  I felt like strangling him everytime we met. 

“You are going to stay here all day till Assad comes he’s caught up in something now so enjoy your day” he rapped out and turned to leave “Adam-” he stood still but had his back to me “What-” “Someone will be here to fix you up,  so don’t bother yourself doing any makeup” he said interrupting me  and walked out of the room I slumped on the floor blinking my eyes rapidly as what just happened  what was going on?

“Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,  Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah (Peace  be unto you)  I proclaimed as I ended my last prayer of the day.

I folded the prayer mat and entered the bathroom scrubbing my body with the sweet scented flower shampoo,  I inhaled the scent deeply and exhaled,  it somehow felt like old times  except  before  I’d not be clueless of what was about to happen scratch that cos no one knows what will happen in the next second,  I might not be in this position ever. 

I wrapped myself in the bathrobe and tied a towel on my head,  this should do.  I sighed and plopped down on the stool in front on the dressing mirror,  then started skimming through the creams on the top of the  drawer attached to  the mirror,  I smiled widely when I spotted my favorite cocoa butter,  I kissed the bottle  and squirted a little then slowly rubbed my palms together and massaged it on my body,  I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my lips,  It felt so good,  and I felt well rested after my forced afternoon nap. 

I opened the door to Adam and a lady with the most infectious smile that had me reciprocating the gesture,  holding a tray  and Adam a trolley I widened the door “Good evening” Adam mumbled out a response and the lady’s smile widened, she hugged me which I don’t know how she managed to cos she was holding a tray. He came in and placed the bag close to the mirror then turned to us “She’s the make up artiste make sure to finish before 10 pm ok”  she rolled her eyes and  shook her head,  “You can leave now since you’ve delivered the beast’s order” she replied saying  the latter part in  an undertone but I still heard her.

Adam gave her a warning look she just shrugged and rolled her eyes.  “Sweetheart you go ahead and eat, I’ll set this up by the time you’re done ok” I nodded and gave her a weak smile.  


I hissed in pain when she combed her hands through my hair, “We need to de-tangle your” she uttered as she applied a cream in my hair,  “So will you tell me  how met Be- uh I mean Assad” “We met here” I replied shortly  looking intently at my reflection,  she opened her mouth but clamped it shut then concentrated on doing my hair,  I looked at how she worked expertly on my hair in the mirror,  she rolled my hair with foam curlers then turned me away from the mirror and started doing my make up,  I closed my eyes right after she did my eyelashes  and left her to do her magic. 

I heard a clap and opened my eyes,  she fanned her eyes blinking them rapidly,  I frowned a bit “Why did hurt yourself?” I asked worriedly she shook her head and  pursed her lips “You are very beautiful Marie, you  look like something out of  a fairy tale” I rolled my eyes and shook my head,  she pulled a box from the suitcase and handed it to me,  “You’ll know how to use this more than me” I frowned at the package “You’ll have to  use the bathroom with this one” I smiled then stopped when I heard  her shriek “You’ll have to promise not to look at  the mirror” I shrugged and went in then quickly unwrapped the box,  a shimmering VS was written on  the box then smaller multicolored   VS all over it. 

My eyes almost fell out of its socket when I saw the lingerie,  the bra was adorned with glistening jewels I swallowed hard and removed it from the box, a note was tucked at the side I removed it with trembling fingers “Wear it,  Assad” the guy is truly crazy, the lingerie is definitely everywomans dream underwear but there’d been a small  part of me that  had been hoping for Assad to free me from Don’s prison but it seems he truly meant business. 

I wore it hurriedly,  the bra had a front clasp so I was done in a few second,  it felt good on me but I felt disgusted with myself. I wrapped the bathrobe on it,  and went out “Ah that was fast” I clenched my jaw tightly and plopped heavily on the  stool,  I was not even fazed by how different I looked,  she slowly started removing  the curlers,  my hair looked more voluptuous I looked pretty but I couldn’t hide my hurt, I walked back to the bathroom and removed the towel bathrobe for a pink silk one. 
It felt good on me but I detest every second of what is to come,  I sighed and tied the sash then turned back to my bubbly makeup artiste  and smiled sadly “Take care Marie,  he’s a good person but -” she shook her head and bit the side of her lips “Just be careful” she added handing me a silver strappy  leather  high heels with stones encrusted on. 
She went out I suddenly felt nervous, I heard the door creak but didn’t  turn to see who it was.

“Hey Marie” I turned around and smiled a when I saw Zak “Hey Zak long time” I replied hurriedly,  I felt so embarrassed,  “I heard you were not feeling well so I brought you this” I eyed the paper cup skeptically  then looked at him, “It’s hot chocolate” my eye must have lightened up a smiled he  shoved the cup into my hands,  I took  a sip and rolled it around my tongue relishing the taste. 


This is not my  best I don’t really feel this chap,   the next one will be ASSAD’S (BEAST)  Pov I know he has not played a major role but u r gonna like him.

Peace out ✌ 




By Meena_Diasso 

I heaved a  tired sigh when I was finally done with the last dress, my eyes felt like they were stuck  on a drooping mode,  I couldn’t  open them widely  I felt more like someone who was high I wonder if that’s  how they really feel. I stuffed my things in my bag and  rose up my legs felt like jelly I plopped heavily  on the seat and blinked fighting off the sudden dizziness, Mansa shook her head  in sympathy and held my arm “Go home take some pain killers and rest,  cos you really need it” she scoffed out,  I felt like strangling her but she was right, I really needed to  rest, I waved at them and stood a cab outside,  I couldn’t walk to the bus stop,  that’d probably push me to an early grave, I gave him the name of my area and leaned my head on the headrest “Maame we’re here which route should I  take……..hey ” I heard loudly startling me awake,  I blinked my eyes numerously trying to adjust it to the sudden brightness,  “I was asking you the route I was going to take you’re delaying me” he huffed out tsking  I swallowed hard and looked around me “Take the slope to the left after the next three lanes” I uttered in my sleepy voice, he started mumbling I zoned him out and looked ahead. I liked around me it was still morning and the area was very quiet,  after dawn prayers most people go back to sleep,  the junkies among them mostly go for their fix around this time,  I hate this area so much I held my head in my left hand and started massaging it slowly,  I felt like I was coming down with something “please alight me at the fifth house, the fenceless one” I said rummaging through my bag to pay the fare,  I handed him a 10 cedis note and held the door handle to get out,  “Do you think this is enough for picking you from that area to this place” I heard him  say making me release the handle,  “that’s the normal fare for  dropping” I retorted,  “Then add  5 cedis to it,  cos  I can’t drive that distance this early morning for just 10 cedis” I sunk my hand into the bag but  thought otherwise “I’m sorry but that’s all I have” I  pleaded “Obaa fo,  tutuuni (useless lady,  prostitute) do you think I’m working for your father” I breathed in deeply and got out of the car,  the noise he was making had gathered us quite a number of audience,  I  held my bag tightly  and held my head up,  I left him and walked majestically toward the  house,  for each step I took I wished the earth would just open and swallow me up. 


I closed my eyes and leaned my head on the door,  what did I ever do to deserve this,  how will I ever get out there to go bathe when I’ve given this women the opportunity to insult me,  cos I’ve clearly validated their claims.  I looked around my single room and the kichennette at the side of the door and shook my head,  I dropped my bag at the door and hurriedly went to the kichennette and prepared  a little maize porridge,  my eyes were drooping by the time I was done,  I  dropped on the bed after I was done. 


Days rest  turned into a week and some days,  I’ve not gone to work and I’ve still not heard from Adam and Assad, I looked at my reflection in the  mirror content at how long my natural hair had grown,  I tied it in two Afro puffs  and smiled, that was how mom used to do my hair when I was a kid,  I started relaxing it in high school,  then shaved it after senior high and now look at how grown it is. I frowned  at the rapid knock on the door then tied my head with a scarf,  I frowned when I didn’t see anyone then I fell down when a figure jumped in front of me startling me, I raised my head when I heard the light chuckle,  ‘Shakeel’ I clenched my jaw and squinted my eye, then forced a smile on my face,  “Come pull me  up” I said with a smile raising  my hand up,  “Don’t try anything Marie I didn’t mean for you to fall like that” he pleaded entering  the room hesitantly,  “Hurry I think I fractured my hip bone” I blurted closing my eyes tightly in feigned hurt he reached his hands out to me  I groaned and stretched out my hand pulling him down I straddled him and started hitting him with a rolled paper I took on the floor,  “Don’t you ever scare me like that again” I warned as I hit him “Sorry” he apologised repeatedly covering his face. I sighed and stood up then pulled him up and hugged him “I really missed you” I said my voice tearing up a bit “I missed you too that’s why I came to  see you” my smile widened and my eyes probably as huge as saucers I squealed in delight and seated him on a small stool let me wear something so we can go out I looked   down at the ankle length halter neck dress I was wearing “I think this will do I pulled a boyfriend jacket from my bag and wore it over my dress and took my purse and headed to the door,  “Let’s go somewhere special” I said smiling  at the choice of  place I had in mind. 


“Come back here Shakeel I just want a little scoop please” I whined as I ran after him,  “Please” I was panting but I still chased after I him,  I stood trying  to catch my breath,  why was I even chasing  after him when I know he’s an athlete but I really love chocolate ice cream  and mine was  finish,  he turned back and held the cup of ice cream up,  then scooped a spoonful and swallowed, I rolled my eyes and turned around I smiled when I heard the thud of his feet,  slowly turned around and snatched the bowl from his hands,  he shook his head and pulled me into a  hug,  “I miss this, I miss mom and dad,  I miss all that we used to be” I blinked my eyes willing the tears that had welled in them away,  I felt a lone tear trickle down and pursed my lips tightly “We have each other now and I know they will be very proud of us and how far we’ve come”  you have come  I  wanted to say cos I know they’ll be very disappointed in me . The park wasn’t crowded today but we still had a few prying eyes giving us awkward looks.  We prayed Zuhr and Asr there,  “So why are you home” I asked in a sober voice suddenly sobering from all the excitement, I watched his adam apple bob,  I squinted my eyes a bit, giving him a mean look,  “Uhm we were giving some days off after winning the inter-schools super-zonal games” he blurted hurriedly giving me his megawatt smile. I didn’t totally believe him but I nodded and intertwined our fingers,  let’s go home or we’ll miss the bus,  “Marie I’m not going home with you I have to go for my notes from my friend we were only asked to stay home a day,  so I’ll go for it if you don’t see me I’ll be already in school,  but I’ll give  you  a call when I get to school” I stopped abruptly making him collide into my back I turned slowly looking at him intently ,  “Shakeel you’re making  me suspicious tell me what you’re up to or so help me God if I find… ” “God Marie you’re really getting  on my nerves acting like my mom when you’re nothing but my sister and only a few years older than me” my eyes widened when I saw him hold his cheek “Shakeel I’m sorr-” “Save it Marie I’m not  ready for your tantrums and you know what forget about the call” he roared out and left, I shook my head in disbelief what was happening I was too stunned to believe what happened,  I held all my emotions in and walked to the shed at the  bus stop, I slowly eased into the seats and blinked back the tears that was stinging my eyes. 
I slowly entered the bus and leaned my head on  the glass making the tears fall freely, I wiped my face when I got to my stop and took the long route home,  the ladies started speaking in hushed tones when they saw me,  I brushed them off and slowly walked to my room. 
The day  was going  painfully slow today, and the night much slower,  my head throbbed a bit from crying all night,  I woke up late in the morning and  did my prayers then went back to sleep,  I tried the number Shakeel contacted  me with but it wasn’t going through, I held the phone to my ear and ran  to the door when I heard a knock. I had a hopeful smile on  my face which dropped when I saw Adam at the door.