Unconditional love 💕
Loving regardless of a person’s flaws.

By: Meena_Diasso
               MY FIX

                                  BEAST 💕

I watched through hooded eyes as she entered the room. The room seemed to be closing  on me,  I shut my eyes for a few seconds and reopened them,  she looked so pretty it felt unreal her wild curls and make up made her look like a goddess, I couldn’t have stand watching another man look at her,  God she was mine for crying out loud maybe just for the time I’d be here but she still was. 

She held the sash of her robe and ran it between her fingers, then untied  it, gently pulled the robe from her body then dropped it on the floor,  she looked so enchanting in the lingerie the stones on glinting on it made her look the more unreal,  she smiled widely and held the pole then winked at me,  I was amazed but was so intrigued by her look to let on.  

She started swaying to the tune with her eyes closed, I swallowed hard and watched her sway her body to the song bucking her hips to the sides and around the pole, I was so lost in her moves and  how her body synced with the song my eyes followed as she walked her fingers slowly over her body and removed the right strap of her bra,  she looked up giving me an overly wide smile,  then removed both straps of the bra,  she pulled it down a bit leaving it to cover  her nipple,  she went back to the pole and held it climbing up and swirling.  My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest I could hear it thud.  Gone was the innocent girl I had seen the first day I came here, in her place was this enchanting seductress   her moves were  restrained that day maybe she felt off and  didn’t give her all but she was quite the seductress today.  I blinked a bit forcing my gaze away from the girl who’d become my addiction, I dialled  Adam’s number then looked up again, I was amazed when she came down the pole  slowly    and sashayed  slowly towards  me.  She unclasped the bra and threw it in the air when she was close to me, my eyes were almost closed by the time she made it to me. Her smile was  fixed but still beautiful and her eyes glassy  she laughed hysterically when she tripped then strided me circling her two arms around my neck.  I swallowed hard listening to the loud thump of my heart and hers, I couldn’t do what I wanted to I heard the creak of the door and pulled her head down kissing  her passionately I forcefully    pulled away from the kiss and sighed hugging her tightly,   “Marie… ” I heard a voice croak questioningly I couldn’t feel sorry for her, she raised her head but her eyes were drooping, I couldn’t tell if it was from the effect of the kiss “Marie is that you?” oddly I didn’t want him to see her in her present  state, she was mine for the moment no one had to see her in this state but me she raised her head slumply fixing her gaze on  the door,  I looked intently into her eyes as she squinted them and creased her brow,  I followed her gaze when I heard rumbling  at the door as   the boy wrestled to be free from Adam’s grip “Marie that’s not you right you’d never do something like this” he growled out,  she threw her head back and laughed loudly tightening her hold on my shirt,  then burst into hysterical   tears. “You can’t do this after reprimanding  me for seeing godfather” I heard him choke out   brokenly as Adam carried him out of the room. I raised her head with my hand, she looked into my eyes confusingly wandering her eyes  around wildy she squinted them tightly and laid her head on my chest  her breathe hit my shirt as she breathed heavily, I gently eased her on the couch and walked to the stage for her  robe, she was totally out by the time I made it back, she pulled her arm a bit as  I wrapped it around  her body,  then held my  hand, she tightened her hold when I tried pulling it away,  I sighed and plopped back down  on the couch. I didn’t want to leave her,  I’d rather stay  than leave her here,  she acted like a  druggie already, my eyebrows creased as I reminisced her actions she acted like a user, laughing like that when she should have been running after him,  I turned around a bit and watched her sleeping form,  she looked at peace and innocent in her sleep I gently ran my fingers over her lips then   pulled my hand slowly  out of her grip.  I rose  gently from the couch and dialled Adam again.


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