Four 💕


Steve moved in synch with me, the guy was an amazing dancer,  I was so lost in the music I didn’t realize he was not the one I was dancing  with, “I’m so sorry Casse, I promise to make it up to you” I nodded and held his hand walking away from the dance floor.  I sat on his lap  when we made it to our seats. 

As annoying as he was as he always made me feel better and the only thing I  could do was let bygones be bygones and cherish whatever we have before it goes down the hill,  maybe we might be in for longer than I bargained,  I placed my head on his chest listening to the loud thump of his heart as he combed through  my hair with his long fingers. 

Steph really meant business when he said he was making it up to me, we left the club earlier than Steve, we couldn’t even get to say goodbye cos he was playing his normal antics charming the pants off any woman who was game to let it down. 

I groaned in pain as I removed my shoe seating myself on the huge one seater  couch that was near the window,  “I’ll be right back” he whispered planting a kiss on my forehead and walking away. 

I couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol that had my eyes drooping I couldn’t keep them open I felt my body being lifted and wrapped my hands around his neck.  Then groaned when I felt the warm water envelope my tired body,  the scent that wafted through my nostril seem to be awakening my senses.
I relaxed as Steph massaged and bathed me, then later slathered my body with my sweet scented vanilla body lotion and dressed me up. 

I could barely keep my eyes open after I  was dressed.
The next morning was a repeat of last night’s event,  I was awakened by the aroma of the sweet South African cuisine he had placed on a table at the foot of the bed and showered my face with kisses before carrying me to the bathroom.  “Steph you are spoiling me you know if I get used to this you are going to make it dif……   to find a hard time getting  rid of me” I quickly corrected my words. I could feel his breath on my neck as he wrapped his arm around my body “I’m i forgiven?” he asked in a sad voice I couldn’t even think of  how he did it.  “yes” I replied.  “Thank you so much my love” he uttered huffing as he showered kisses on my neck and the side of my face. 

“Stop it Steph” I squealed as I tried to escape from his hold.  “You have to stop this you know, you’ll seldom do it when we return home” that only seemed to fuel his advances so I surrendered as he yet again unclothed me for another bath. 
My morning bath was much shorter than last night maybe because I  was wide awake and somehow shy,  but it made me feel some kind of closure with him,  even if he couldn’t have my love the closure was enough. 
I watched his eyes dance with emotions as he fed me the mouthwatering dishes.
“Thanks so much for forgiving me I just never knew you were into parties I can barely think when you are angry with me” he muttered as he wiped the side of my lips,  I think he might have sensed the sudden change in my demeanor after I had dressed in yet again another flowy ankle length dress for whatever we were going to be doing today. I gave him a tight lipped smile as I eased my feet in my flip flops.

“I love you honey” I gave him another nod my smile widening this time around. If only I could return those words. 



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