Six 💕

I felt cold sweat ran down my spine as we made our  way to the airport, Steph  has been eerily quite, I felt somewhat scared to ask him what the problem was, was the old woman’s words getting to him?.  Her words seemed to have gotten to me and manifested itself into a scary dream I shivered from just  remembering  it. 

I was somewhat relieved when we started descending the stairs of the plane, I forced a smile on my face and held his hand as we walked to the luggage section. No matter how scared I  was I was never going to give up on Steph, never, and nothing was going to  change my mind,  what would an old lady know anyways.  She’s probably one of those bitter old women who were never smart to utilize their youthfulness and beauty  and now  envy young girls who seem to have it all,  I just don’t care there was no way I was ever going to give up Steph or his money, who knows I might even learn to love him. I shook my head at the thought love was not part of the equation it’s nothing but a  disgusting feeling people use to hold each other down,  who needs love when they had money. Love was for teenagers no sensible grown woman needs love,  no,  a woman needs to be pampered and well taken care of enjoying all the luxury of the world without lifting a finger.  She’s suppose to be treated like a queen. 

I squeezed his hand and smiled when he turned his eyes to me, he smiled back and went for our luggage. We didn’t keep long after that there was no bustle at the airport and  had no problem picking our luggage. 

Then we’re cleared to go,  I looked around when we got outside I seemed preoccupied when we were inside so I didn’t ask if he had asked anyone to come pick us I looked around the parking lot ifvi could spot any familiar face but there was none,  “Steph who did you ask to come pick us up?” I asked as I automatically scrunched my face. He was looking down at his phone I couldn’t tell if he had heard me or not. “Steph?” I called again shaking his hand a bit “Could you please be quiet with the whining Casse I’m trying to concentrate here” he snapped  as he typed furiously on his phone “Besides we are taking a taxi” he added he voice rising as he spoke,  I looked around and quite a few people were looking at us I clenched my hand and started counting in my head praying to God not to lose it. He was so dead I hate taking public transport and he was forcing it down on me whiles shouting,  “Cool down Cassie” I started repeating the mantra in my head I looked around at the people around and then at Steph who seemed to be totally oblivious at what was happening maybe he was upset about something, maybe it was just business. 
“Can we please get a rental car I’m getting tired here” I requested as calmly as I could manage without letting him in on how annoyed I was. 

He nodded and led the way to the taxi stop where lots of taxis stationed just adjacent the airport “Steph I don’t like public transports,  they are too degrading let’s take a  rental you can have one of your boys bring it back” he looked back at me with surprise written all over his face and a scowl “This is much easier than a rental Casse” my breath hitched  as my anger escalated I looked at the car disgustingly,  Steph was going to pay for this this was so humiliating did he know how much I’ve gone through to build the Cassie Yawson he has made marry,  he was going to pay so dearly. 

If we were taking a  taxi today next he’ll be asking me to board a trotro (ovan) and who knows what will be next okada or mahama kambu (tricycle). Let’s see how this game will end,  a little ruffle from his past and he’s acting all moody.  I entered the car as graciously as I could covering my eyes with my Gucci sunshades.
The ride home was very quiet,  Steph thinking of whatever was eating him up and I brooding on how disgraceful it will be for our neighbors to see us arriving in a taxi. I practically jumped out of the car when we got home inhaling the fresh air deeply,  there were no nosy although some do pry, I nodded at the security guy who was welcoming me and walked inside the house hurriedly, it was time to strategise how to make Steph pay for embarrassing me. 


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