I dedicate this page to ma dear friend Elijah happy belated birthday, we’re gonna make it. Thanks for giving me so much hope, opportunities and for just being you,  may the good Lord  throw bountiful blessings your way throughout the super  long years you have ahead.

Much love 

Meena 🌹👸🇬🇭

Seven 💕


It seems the fog I’ve forcefully plunged my mind in was clearing up,  and it was doing so really fast.  Memories I’ve locked in the darkest part of my mind slowly unleashed creeping into my thoughts and I could not control myself. 

    I’m no longer the scared kid but it seems I’ve been scarred for life. I looked at Cassie’s  turned back then looked away. 

    The old lady’s words whispered in my ear,  it could never be, no torture or pain could surpass the one I’ve been through as a kid. I closed my eyes and pulled Cassie into a tight embrace warding off all thoughts of my past. 


    Marriage, the life long prison I’ve detested since I was a teen, as I grew older my perspective on marriage never change but altered. 

     I promised myself a fun marriage life, my spouse had to be wealthy or wealthy  and had the potential to be richer. Even though I’ve never dated an age mate,  I always engaged in relationships with rich older men the only disadvantage was I couldn’t marry one,  even when I had such men at my beck and call who’d have readily walked down the aisle without batting an eye, I couldn’t deny the fact that  they were all tied up in a way, some had other mistresses, others   had wives while some  had kids who’d only be a nuisance to me. The men would have  probably     died too early into the marriage.  So Steph became my only option,  he was young, intelligent and handsome. 

    I didn’t love him but he was a better option and an upgrade to  the older men and even some young men who showed interest in me, we all foresaw a brighter future for him,  he had companies chasing him even when we were in school that only heightened my interest in him,  and he had no one. No ties to any family that also  meant I would be the only one who’d enjoy the fruits of his hardwork and above all mom liked him. 

       She knew how much I detested marriage so bringing  Steph to the house was a surprise to her. She couldn’t hide her joy she  called  him asew (in-law)  before he even proposed, how could I deny the wishes  of a woman who has sacrificed so much for me. 

    Steph was not home when I woke up, today marked the rebirth of Cassie Yawson. I went through my morning routine as slow as I could gathering my thoughts to the big plan.  Nora was probably at work now,  I took my phone hovering my thumb  over her number as I contemplated if calling her was the best idea.  With what  I had in mind calling her would be a huge mistake.  I tapped the exit pad and placed the phone down. 

     Gently slathering my body with my body lotion, I would be seeing a doctor today, go shopping and probably call Nora to catch up. 
    I was surprised when I heard movement in the kitchen for all I knew we lived alone.  My breath became shallow as I tiptoed to the kitchen I peeked inside the kitchen hiding my body behind the wall. I sighed when I saw a lady in a uniform with an apron over it.  I entered the kitchen clearing my throat as I made way to the dinning area.  I preferred using the dinning area to the dinning room, it looked more casual. 

    She turned around a bit shocked but smiled when her eyes met mine “Good morning madam,  welcome” I nodded stretching my lips in return. “What’s your name?” I asked curtly her smile faltered, I almost rolled my eyes when she swallowed “Awura Abena maa” I rolled my eyes a bit and walked to the table.  She brought all my favorite fruits the very moment I  took my seat and placed them gently on the table, I ate a bit of  every fruit before drinking the cup of creamy tea she had made for me. 

    It seemed Steph had already briefed her about all my likes before leaving. My lip quirked a bit when I remember what happened yesterday. I heaved a sigh and rose from the table,  today was going to be long day. 
    I went back to the bedroom for my bag and phone, I opened one of the drawers and took one of his car keys,  I tapped on my phone to see if I had any missed calls but there was none.  

    I drove straight to the hospital,  I didn’t have to wait in a  long queue since it was a private hospital.  I heaved a sigh when I finally made it to  the doctor’s office. 

    “Good afternoon” I greeted as I took my seat opposite her. “Good afternoon welcome” she looked down on my file and looked back up at me “Mrs Botchway I can see you want to have an IUD” I nodded in response,  “Are you sure about this?” she asked worriedly  eyeing my ring “We normally do this kind of things in the presence of your partner” “No  it’s okay” I quickly uttered before she could bombard me with another question. 
    “We will have to ran some test on you and  then take you through the types of IUDs we have” I nodded in response, as she rang in the nurse, the nurse came in with a pregnancy  kit  went through the process to use it with me and ushered me to the bathroom, my hands were shaky as I held it,  I was sure I couldn’t be pregnant but anything could happen many pregnancies happened even when the ladies were on contraceptives. 

    I closed my eyes after urinating praying to all I held dear to make the results negative, I came out of the bathroom and reclaimed  my seat, the next minutes went by agonizingly slow   I heaved a sigh when the  nurse finally came out with the test but I  was still nervous.  The doctor nodded and turned the negative test sign to me.  
    “Do you have a regular menstrual cycle?” Dr Jefferson asked after the nurse left.  “No it’s irregular” she nodded and wrote something on the file “what of your flow is it normal or heavy?” I  rolled my eyes a bit “it’s mostly heavy although I  do have normal flows sometimes” she nodded again scribbling on the file  then looked up, “Well we do two  types of IUDs here  The mirena intrauterine device and the palagard copper IUD, the mirena IUD is for five years and  mostly deals  with hormones whiles the palagard is  for a longer period ten years to be  exact,   but with your situation I recommend the Mirena,  it regulates your cycle and also lessen  the cramp”,

     I nodded  contemplating on which one  to choose, “which one is more effective” I asked nervously chewing on my lips, “they are all effective we are 99% percent sure you won’t  be pregnant with either one you choose” I  sighed and nodded.  “I want the mirena” I uttered,  she smiled and nodded then called the nurse in again,  I was given the loose hospital gown to change into,  the nurse helped me on the bed the pulled my gown up “this is going to be a bit cold” the doctor warned before applying a gel on my tummy, she then placed a wand on my stomach and started moving it around, “Well that’s your uterus she said pointing to the screen. 

    “I wanted to be sure if you had a big uterus cos IUDs tend to come off but everything looks good in here” I nodded and closed my eyes as they inserted the T shaped object inside me. 
    “You’ll feel a bit uneasy cos it’s a bit foreign to you but it shouldn’t hurt and we’re 99%  percent sure you won’t fall pregnant  with this kind of IUD, it has its hormonal effects but you can come over if you feel any unusual feeling”

    I left the doctor’s feeling a whole lot better, I won’t be tied down in anyway the next five years and  I’m living my life to the fullest. 


    Sorry for the late post but I really need your prayers my mom will be undergoing surgery tomorrow.  Hope it will be successful.  



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