Happy Independence Day fellow country men and women, we shall forever set the pace for other African countries to follow 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭. Long live Gh🇬🇭💕


I want to say a big shout out to all women across the globe, you are the reason the the world is rotating keep on being the best version of yourself 

And to the greatest team in history, giving us the greatest come back ever and restoring hope in me I  say thank you Barcelona 🔴🔵🔴🔵😭💕💕💞.


I hated that I  couldn’t see Nora,  I drove directly home,  stressing myself about  the implant, could my body at any point resist the implant?  I didn’t know that for sure but I  don’t plan to see it either. 

The help was bent on the dinning table probably arranging the dishes, I tsked and walked away she hurriedly turned around and greeted me, I nodded in reply and stood for a bit when a pang of pain hit through my abdomen “Your supper is ready ma’am” she added politely I hissed a bit then tsked walking to my room. 

I wonder what she thought I was, maybe I looked like a glutton to her,  the foolish girl expected me to eat supper after all the snacks I’d consumed, I’d probably turn into a hippo by next week. 

 I sighed and threw my bag on the floor,  then lied on the bed as slowly as I could. 

It felt like a breeze had blown some of the pain away. Steph was home late that day justifying my actions the more when he didn’t seek me out,  he locked himself up in his study the whole night and I’m a very light sleeper a creak of the door would have awakened me. 

I woke up   in the morning more grumpier than the day before, the house help I could tell was calling me all sought of names in her head cos I’d snarl at the slightest provocation, I knew what I was doing wasn’t right but she had to be a part of my vengeance. 

I called Nora when it was midday and couldn’t hide my joy when I met up with her at the spa,  she looked prettier but seemed to have added on a little weight,  I shrieked in joy and launched myself at her raining kisses on her face. “I really missed you Nora” I uttered repeatedly in between kisses, she pulled herself and looked me over then her squeal exclamations started “Casse do you really see yourself!, you look radiant and are you pregnant? You are glowing” she added making me frown a bit, then roared in a bout of laughter “No I’m not pregnant silly” I replied holding out my bent arm for her to cuff her hands in.  I smiled at her and walked into the spa listening to her chatter about how boring her life had been when I was away and her break up with her on and off boyfriend,  I knew better than to tell her to leave him cos she will go right back to him when he comes back. 
“So how is marriage life?” she asked as we lied face down on the massage bed I huffed and closed my eyes reveling in the relaxing touch of the masseuse,  “Well it’s fun” I replied simply. She was quiet for a bit which had me amazed cos Nora is one to ask subsequent questions and those subsequents could go on forever. “I want to start working,  I mean I don’t want my degree to go to waste” she said hurriedly, I was shocked at her revelation all we’ve ever talked about was traveling the world what happened to that.  “Wow” I encouraged in forced cheeriness, what happened to our voyage to every nook and cranny we could go, I wanted to retort but kept mute. And what did she need the job for she was well off, an only child too so all her parents fortune was going to her did she really need to work?. 

I sighed and shook my head as  if that would clear all those thoughts from my mind,  what was the point of having lots of wealth if you can’t spend it, money is made to be spent and I would not have  left a dime unspent if I were in her position. 
We went shopping after that and I was happy to  know she still enjoyed going shopping she was more of a shoe and bag person, she’d wear an  African print which mostly doesn’t cost over a hundred cedis but the bags had to be expensive,  she’d go all the way for a giuseppe shoe and bag or Louboutin or any of  the designer brands whiles I prefer  going  all the way from my clothes, bags, shoes downright to accessories had to be designer. 

Nora’s mouth was wide agape with some of the choices I made “Don’t you think this is a bit too short I mean it has lots of cut offs the fabric left can barely hold your body together” she complained when I took a YSL cut off dress from the rack “Ama don’t be ridiculous” I complained using her native name “Being married doesn’t mean I don’t get to do as I want or that brings an end to my youthful years ‘No’ it means I should dress up the more so my husband’s eyes won’t wander anywhere” I added lowering my voice when I realized we had caught the attention of some of the shoppers.

We ate a late lunch before going back to my house discussing  everything and nothing,  “I’ll go see mom tomorrow” I announced cringing when she shoved a huge spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.  I wonder when Nora turned into this she was already a bit fat eating all this extra calories was just going to  make her gain more  weight. I shook my head and sipped my green leaf smoothie, “You really have to, she missed you a lot” I rolled my eyes, knowing mom, she was probably too busy with her shop, the old lady had worked enough whiles raising me,  selling everything she could in the scorching sun,  but she never gave up on me, gave me the best of education and when I asked her to stop working she stopped talking to me all together. It was a bit embarrassing when mom did her petty tradings  when I was in school but there was no way she’d take money from me when I was still in school, she said I didn’t work and I somehow think she knew about my lifestyle. I shook my head to ward off the thought. 

All that mattered was mom was now in her huge super market and that kept her occupied and satisfied. We were not poor anymore and we’ll never be. 


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