He looked  distraught staring at  yet another contract blankly,  he couldn’t focus on what was written on the paper whiles his mind was faraway,  what could be happening to her?, where was she?, these questions kept prodding his mind,  Nora told him she was in Dubai but the call he just had said no one with her name had been in the country,  should he file her missing already,  what would he tell her mom?

 And to top it off he had a mole in his company ,  some of the ideas he and his team had come up with when meeting with his potential partners was already been implemented  by his main  competitor .

He paid employees  fairly well, way much than most employers in his circle of work do so who was the sell out.

  He sighed rubbing his thumb  and forefingers on his temple,  could it be Nora? Steph? Jude? He growled in frustration and threw his neatly arranged files off his table breathing heavily like he’d  ran a marathon,  he hated being stuck, cheated on and the worst of them all POVERTY.

 Pushed by avarice he’d done a good deal of work to never get there, and his networth was proof, marrying Cassie was his way of showing the world just how great he was,  he had no family all he could remember from his childhood was the hard labour he was forced to do,  going to sea as a kid to fish with older men and forced to swim down the deep water for nets that got stuck. 
He deemed himself lucky to have been saved by the NGO,  he’d lost 6 of his friends to the cause,  two of which died from snake bites. 

He wiped the sweat that had beaded his forehead due to the sudden memory crash.

He hated remembering the past, he’s done his best to  bury that part of his life but it was a part of him, he couldn’t just wish it away he was stuck with those thoughts for life. 
He found his redemption in school, strived and made it among the best, he seemed to possess the   Midas touch everything he touch turned to gold after school. 


He slumped on his swerving chair breathing heavily as he tried to calm himself. Where was Cassie?  He could never be calm if she wasn’t found. 

Then the words of the old lady started racing through his mind,  she’d prophesied he’d go through pain,  he just hope it had nothing to do with losing Cassie cos truth be told he was helpless without her, they might not have the most ideal relationship,  there was practically nothing worth emulating from  their relationship but she kept him sane,  he loved her for crying out loud. 

And her mom treated him like her own, they were the family he’d never had.
He has always been lonely, lived the most part of his life alone,  and he wasn’t a huge fan of making friends,  she and Nora were two out of the three friends he made when he went to tertiary. He couldn’t tell neither Nora nor Jude about the mole issue.

He left the office thinking of a way to tell Mrs Yawson about Cassia’s absence. 


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