HE PACED THE HALL FOR WHAT SEEM LIKE HOURS,  how could he lose her when he just had her,  for the last months he’d prayed fervently for her return he was quite disappointed with  her cold shoulder treatment, but he still loved her, her eyes seemed haunted when she returned but he didn’t want her to feel coerced to tell him what was wrong with her,  he just prayed it wasn’t something serious.

He wondered if it was about her spendings, he would gladly give her more she was extravagant by nature.

For all he cared she could spend whatever she wanted besides  he couldn’t spend all the money he made alone, that was why they were partners they are meant to help each.

He smashed his fist to the wall hissing in pain afterwards.  “Stop that Steph I understand you are impatient  but self harm will only delay our stay here,  let’s just pray for her” Mrs Yawson chastised..
He took short deep breaths  to relax himself then looked skyward closing his eyes.  

He wasn’t a church enthusiast but he was a firm believer of  miracles of the Lord,  He’d saved him in more ways than he could count and although he seldom prayed he wished with all his heart that Cassie will be saved. 

After patrolling almost every part of the  hallway he finally sat close to Mrs Yawson and held her hand tightly,  she looked at his fear stricken face and nodded.  She was scared herself,  Cassie was all she had she might have been angry when she left her husband for months but at the end of the day she was her little girl. 

They both bolted from their seats when the Doctor came out “Doctor what’s happening hope she’s okay” Steph asked hurriedly, the doctor looked over at where Mrs Yawson  was,  “She’s my daughter” she hurriedly  answered the unasked question,  “Well your wife had a miscarriage but it was a complicated one,  the foetus couldn’t settle in the uterus because of the IUD she had” Steph blinked in confusion how could she have an IUD when they have  never discussed family planning infact he’s been enthusiastic about having kids since the day they tied the knot. 

“She was lucky the foetus was only 8 weeks old or the split in her fallopian tube would have been worse” Steph slumped heavily on the chair from the sudden dizziness that hit him,  he felt like his brain was on fire, he was in a whole different world, how could she be 2 months pregnant when the last time they had intercourse was barely 4 months.

Mrs Yawson furrowed her brows in deep thought,  Cassie had not been in the country for over two months how could she be pregnant for her husband or did he meet up with Cassie somewhere.

He took in  deep breaths to slow his rapid heart beat.  Cassie couldn’t do that to him,  it was a mistake,  she was not two months pregnant, or could the semen stay in the womb for some time before fertilisation?.


She couldn’t look him in the eyes when he entered the room,  she’d feigned to be asleep the whole for the past 6 hrs,  whatever anesthesia she’d been injected with was suppose to wear off since morning. 

He sat on the stool at the head of the bed looking at her frail frame, she’d lost weight in the past 48 hours.  
She finally turned her face to him,  tears already running down her cheeks,  he finally knew her secret.
He shook his head when she opened her mouth,  “I’m not going to tell your mom” she was a bit relieved but couldn’t sigh,  the woman would have been disappointed, she knew she was a disappointment to her mom and herself,  she could never hold a candle to the woman who birthed her. 
Her dad left them when she was young but that didn’t deter the woman in any way.  She worked her back to give the best to her daughter. 

She tried to smile but burst into tears,  he marveled at his bravado he was boiling inside, but still pitied her,  her tears tore and soothed him at the same time,  he wished to just wake up and realize it was all a bad dream.
               «»   «»   «»  «»


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