Is This Love? 

Flash Fiction 

I closed my eyes and pulled the covers over my head trying to  turn off the  alien feeling I felt,  what was wrong with me,  what was I thinking, my insides felt like a hurricane had erupted everything.  I heaved a sigh trying to will back the tear that was lurking behind my lids.

I pushed the covers and picked my phone from the night stand checking his last seen on whatsapp again,  it still dated back to a week ago,  facebook was the same telltale and when I  try calling his number directly “this number is unavailable” was the only feedback I had. 

I threw the phone away and turned screaming into my pillow,  was he ok ? , was he angry with me?.  I couldn’t stop my tears from falling this time around. 

Never in a million years would I have ever thought of myself in this situation,  I’m Mina for crying out loud,  I don’t do relationships I despise the name thereof but he caught me so unawares.  
I threw the pillow away and rushed to the bathroom,  maybe Ammar could help me they were friends anyway.  

I washed my face and held the sink watching my reflection on the mirror,  my eyes looked sunken and I  seem to have lost a bit of weight my collarbone looked more pronounced than ever.  

I touched it wondering why anyone had not hinted at it maybe it’s because I  was already slim,  adding on weight is the the only thing people will easily notice. 

I wiped the water off my face and made way to the door when I heard my phone ring I tsked contemplating on whether to ignore it, I released the knob and followed the tune to where I  threw it.  I huffed as I took it from the ground,  the name I saw on it had me glowing from  inside  out.  I felt every broken piece within me mend.  I touched the answering pad and held it to my ear. 

“Asalamu alaikum” I closed my eyes as his voice resonated through my body “hello” I heard him say again,  “Wa alaika salam” I answered. 

Is this love?  I questioned myself, and when did I  fall into this nest of confusion?… 

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