In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Ever Merciful.

This write-up is a pure work of fiction and the sole property of Meena and Jameela.

None of the characters have anything to do with anyone thereof.



Roses, beautiful with delicate petals.



Who could  look at such plush beautiful petals without wanting to pluck?.
The beautiful color  bewitches  an onlooker, but the mysterious petals that overlap each other also play a role.
No rose can be plucked without being dethorned.

In her world all roses had thorns and were caged, protected them from wandering hands of predators.
A rare petal she was, uncaged, when a caged rose was more dignified and dethorned when a thorned rose was worthier, left in a cold weather her petals were withered.

Allah being The Merciful,  decreeing only what he deems fit for his servants made her cross path with a compassionate samaritan who not only turned her world around and introduced her to a world of riches wrapped with trials, set to test her patience and believe in fate……

Hope built anew,

With petals firmed by faith : she gradually grew her thorns , tucked deep within her.

Who could ever think the attractive  lone rose’s overlapped petals was stacked with thorns that pricked any trespasser.

And what if this trespasser felt intimidated and angered by her mere presence because not only did he deem her a threat but she had the main support of the one person he wants to be praised and supported by.

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