I switched off the radio and walked to where his car was he motioned for me to join him, the guard  opened the car “hop in” he said when he noticed my hesitance I sat beside him and  smiled “Good morning sir” I said giving him my hand he shook it and returned the smile “Drive around Adam” he ordered, it seems Adam was his favorite guard . He cleared his throat and began “So young man what do you want from my daughter ,yea I know about every step my daughter takes” he said when he saw the surprise look on my face. The man looked too good for his age I now knew were my princess had her height from and if I didn’t know any better I would have liked him there is this cool nature about him that makes you want to give him the utmost respect ,sad I already know the kind of monster he is “so? ” he probed when I was quite “first let me introduce myself I am Jamal Bossman son of the late Abdul Malik Parry Bossman” I kept quiet to see how he would react to my name he seemed deep in thought “Parry Bossman??  Parry you mean the Attorney General who was killed with his family sometime ago?” “The one and only” “I’m so sorry for what you went through ,we were best friends when we were young, we schooled together that was in senior high but we parted ways when I joined the military and he went to the states ,the last time I heard from him was a few months before his death on a case he was judging  but I think he never got to prosecute the perpetrator” he looked very emotional when he was saying it  “I’m so happy I finally get to meet his son, welcome my boy” he said giving me a hug, I really had to check my anger then ,I was so angry I could have strangled him but one thing that has brought me this far is patience. “Thank you sir” I said in a thick voice. “Adam let’s drive back home I just found my son” he said happily ,the hypocrisy of this man never seizes to amaze me but I was a patient man and a beggar since I was interested in his daughter.



I was up  early dawn and and prayed through to the morning I did my fajr before drifting off for some time . I was so content when I woke up feeling giddy , all these happiness, I don’t remember if I’ve ever been this happy I mean since my mom’s death I sighed as I bathe scrubbing my lightly as I lied in the bathtub I rinsed my body when I realized I was running late. I chose a maxi skirt and wore it with a blue elbow length blouse.

I wanted to make him proud of me today  I chose not to apply any make up and just wet my lips with a lip gloss, I felt like doing something new today I want to tell him how much I love him too then tell my dad,  I didn’t join dad for breakfast today I seriously didn’t want to see that viper who called herself a mom to dampen my mood I smacked my lips together and looked at my reflection I felt more beautiful than I’ve ever been but there was still something missing I touched my nose which was healing from the piercing I had , A-ha I tied my headscarf like I saw them do in a video and I can tell I look different and more beautiful than ever.


The house was quiet when I came down but I could hear my dad talking to someone in his study I didn’t hear the person’s voice but I could tell he was happy from the joy in his voice “Da-ad you’re not at the office yet?” I asked as I walked to the study I walked in and nearly fainted when I saw dad talking to Jamal like they were old buddies “Ah Liyah come meet my son Jamal” the only word I heard was son my eyes welled immediately I couldn’t believe my ears it became very difficult to breathe like all the air just stopped circulating I didn’t know what happened I was hugged and later heard a familiar voice  talking  to me softly I didn’t want him to stop talking his voice was all I needed  then the tears started running down my cheek when I remembered what had happened  I looked up and met his eye he was holding me very tightly but my dad wasn’t in the room I wanted to push him away but I felt too weak “Please leave me alone didn’t you hear what he said you are my brother ” I finished bursting into tears I felt like slapping off the smirk on his face the bastard he knew all along “You and my dad are the worst people  right now you knew all along and still pursued me” I looked away and tempted to stand up but still felt dizzy he held me up and seated me on the  sofa at the far end of the room my dad rushed in with a bottle of water I tried to remove my hand  from Jamal’s tight grasp but he held it tighter I took a sip and gave the bottle back to him he had a very concerned look on his face “What just happened Liyah, you were fine when you walked in” “I think it’s because I’ve not yet eaten?” my phone rang just then “Excuse me” I mumbled as I touched the answer pad  “Hello Sumy how are you,  I don’t think I can make it today, I’m not feeling well” she was going to complain about how I stood her up yesterday and was trying to do same today so I asked her to come over. A table was filled with fruits and food when I was done I rolled when I saw the look Jamal was giving me,”thanks dad but I feel like fasting today”. “You are going crazy right? how can you fast when you’ve not intended to do so” he forced me to start eating   I rolled my eyes whenever I  caught Jamal’s eye I wonder who his mom is ,was she with dad when mom was still alive??  These are questions that need to be answered by dad himself. They continued discussing God knows what while I ate, I  just shoved the food down but tasted nothing even the grape was tasteless . I stood to walk away when dad called me back “Liyah you didn’t get to be introduced to Jamal” “We already know each other dad” I said disinterestingly as I walked away. “Aaliyah come back here” ugh I wish I could just yell all my frustrations out this thing was really getting annoying I was too old to throw a tantrum so I just did what every good girl will do and went back.