I WAS A DAMN FATHER AND I WONDERED WHEN SHE PLANNED TO COME BACK HOME, SHE IS MUCH FULLER THAN SHE USED TO BE BUT IT NEVER CROSSED MY MIND THAT IT COULD BE CHILDBIRTH BUT GOODNESS GRACIOUS I HAD A KID AND HE IS A REPLICA OF ME I PLACED HIM ON THE NOOK OF MY NECK and watched as he tried to raise his head “So what’s his name?” I asked Liyah who seemed a little upset as she whispered something into the ear of Elena “Abdul Maleek” she answered fidgeting with her bag handle. I smiled and nodded she named him after my dad “Hey little man, I am your daddy” I uttered pulling my hand away he giggled like he could understand a thing I said. “We’ll take our leave now” Liyah muttered stretching out her hand for him, I shook my head and held him tighter leaning towards her “I told you I won’t take a step without you princess, and I mean it” I whispered quietly into her ears she looked up and Elena and Clayton were looking at us, Elena smiled at her and she smiled back nervously “Alright, if you say so but I’ll not have a thing to do with you it’s only you and ou-my son and I’m going to ¬†take him away, so you don’t have to grow attached to him” she whispered back turning to move away I pulled her back and kissed her hard on the lip I softened it a little when she melted into me I really missed her, I pulled away a little and looked into her eyes she looked so dazed she might have fell if I had not held her arm “We’ll talk about this immediately after we get to your friend’s house” I whispered in her ear nuzzling my nose to her ear.

I had to find a way to convince her to go back home with me, there was no way I was going to leave them here, it’s either I join her or we leave together, that’s the only condition I have and I will not give in to any of her condition or whatever provision she has. We went back to Elena’s house which was located at Westminster Abbey, “You have quite a lovely house” I said as I looked around, it was not enormous a semi detached house it was evident they are a high middle income family “Thank you, welcome to our humble house and you can stay for as long as you like” she answered turning to Liyah who was surely giving her the evil eye. “I’ll take my godson now so you can get to settle your issues” I stole a glance at Liyah as a silent growl left her throat. Elena whispered something into Liyah’s ear, Liyah had a frown on her face as her friend left us in the living room “Good luck” she mouthed to me and hurriedly left the room. We were quiet for sometime Liyah busily playing ¬†with her fingers as I watched, where should I start from “Liyah-” I called out softly she raised her head and it was like seeing her for the first time all over again, so innocent “I don’t know how to make you understand me but I want you to know that you are the most amazing thing to ever happen in my life, and I swear I never intended to hurt you or use you to avenge your dad, But I don’t regret seeking vengeance on him or I might never have met you” I said softly, I know I might be rushing things like I did our relationship but I couldn’t delay this anymore I have missed her enough, I want my baby boy to grow with me by his side. She bowed her head down but didn’t utter a word “Liyah -” she was still quiet “Say something please your silence is killing me”.

She raised her head and her eyes were bloodshot red, I shook my head as she tried to speak and joined her on the single sofa she occupied, “I hate seeing your tears princess, my heart hurts whenever I see them” my words seem to have ¬†fueled her tears cos ¬†she cried much louder with hiccups, I closed my eyes it was going to hurt but it seems that’s the only way she could find joy, I rose to leave but she held my hand, I scooped her from her seat and lied on the long sofa lying her body on mine and ¬†her head on my chest my shirt drained her tears as she cried on, a bit quietly this time, I patted her back lightly as she cried.

“I didn’t want you to hate me and the children we were going to bore that was why I left” she muttered in a feint voice, I grew a bit rigid, I mean why would she ever think that?, I ¬†still patted her back lightly. “But I swear I regretted leaving I didn’t know how I survived all those months without you but I swear everyday was very difficult for me with the next day more difficult than the last, the only thing that consoled me and kept me going ¬†was the knowledge that I was going to have Abdul he was the only joy I looked forward to, and when I had him” she closed her eyes slightly ¬†“God Jamal I wished you were around to see the miracle we made together, he looked so much ¬†like you ¬†that looking at him sometimes hurt” she finished raising her eyes to meet mine.

She smiled sadly and aligned her body with mine, and looked deeply into my eyes “Jamal forgive me for leaving you like that, I should have at least stayed but when I overheard dad tell you to come over I made my emotions have the best of me, but I was hurt then”. She closed her eyes and kissed my lip softly. I was amazed by her act, the heavens have clearly answered my prayers, I pulled her into me when she began to pull back and kissed her deeply God I missed these moments.

“Promise that there will be no running away this time around” she nodded and runned her fingers on my chest “No babe I want the words, give them to me” “I -promise -I won’t ever leave you- no matter what” she softly said and kissed my chest. “I want to talk to my dad Jamal I really miss him”.

“I’ll tell him but for now I want you to officially introduce me to my son, then we’ll leave for Ghana the day after tomorrow” I nodded when she widened her eyes.

We had dinner with Elena and her family, a very hospitable family I liked how they took me in even when they didn’t know a lot about me, junior was sleeping so he was left ¬†upstairs but his baby monitor was with Elena.



I COULDN’T HOLD BACK ANY LONGER, I TRIED BEING DIFFICULT BUT I COULDN’T ANY LONGER I LOVED HIM TOO MUCH TO MAKE US SUFFER LIKE THIS I was virtually helpless without him, I looked across the room to where he was praying, I looked into the cradle and Abdul was sound asleep we are a real family now I sighed and walked to the bathroom to freshen up I joined him and did my nafil, then he led us in fajr when it was time.

He motioned form me to join him immediately I was done with my azkar, I pushed my body into him and laid my head on his chest “We shall be leaving tomorrow morning” he said gently and pulled my back more into him I nodded and laid my head at the nook of his neck.



“I can’t believe you are actually leaving” Elena uttered in a teary voice “Ah Elena I only want to sort things out with dad and build my relationship with Jamal and Abdul but I’ll be back before you know it, it’s just for two weeks and I’ll be coming back very soon” I muttered ¬†blinking ¬†back the tears that had gathered in my eyes I ¬†hugged her tightly and hugged her mom too. “I will really miss you guys” I told the guys when I got to them Clayton nodded and handed Abdul to me. “Thank you for all you’ve done for Liyah and my son -” Jamal thanked them ¬†“Hey buddy, take care of her, I’ve not known her for long but she’s like a sister to me” Jamal nodded and shook hands with them.


**  ***  **** *** *** * ***  *  * * *

I breathed in deeply and stretched ¬†my two hands out I “Home sweet home” “Are you happy to be home?” he asked behind my ear, I smiled goofly and pulled the trolley out “Aaliyah” I heard Yanick shriek happily “Yanick!” I hugged her then Donald “I’ve really missed you guys” I said when I pulled away from Yanick’s long hug “I missed you too my girl” ¬†I knew what she saw when she widened her eyes “O-M-G ¬†D-onald this is Jamal’s childhood come to life, I have a great-grandson” she ¬†stated in bewilderment.

We took another ¬†flight to Ksi after we had gone to JAMAL’s house and freshened up , Jamal had called ¬†dad yesterday and told him he was making progress but he didn’t know I had been found I want to surprise him, I held Jamal’s hand tightly when the gate was opened I didn’t know how to face dad Abdul was with Yanick and Donald ¬†who were fussing over him in the other car, ¬†I nervously wiped my hand on my dress will dad be angry with me?, Jamal squeezed my hand and nodded when I raised my head.


**    ****   ** ***   * * *    * *   **

“Ah Liyah I can’t explain to you the joy I feel” he uttered wiping unshed tears it really breaks my heart that I’ve broken such a great man “Forgive me ¬†dad” I cried out holding both of his hands with mine. “I’ve long forgiven you Liyah I was scared, I ¬†know you had your reasons but don’t ever repeat such a thing”. “This is the last time such a thing will ever happen dad, ¬†I promise”. ¬†“Do I get to see my grandson now” he asked looking over at Jamal ¬†and his grandparents who had tired Junior Abdul at the furthest end of the study.

I met up with my girls the following day they were amazed when they saw junior and me,  Jamal has been with us every single second, it was somehow irritating but I loved it this shows how serious he was about us.

After two weeks…..

It was so sad when I had to leave quite early cos school was reopening this week, “I’m really going to miss you dad” he smiled and hugged me “Me too Liyah”, he turned to Jamal and Abdul “You too my boy take very good care of my daughter and grandson, and take good care of yourself”. “Yes Sir” my dad shook his head whennour flight was being called “We’ll miss you dad, take care”. We took a flight to Glasgow.

*     *      *      *     *   *     *    *

Jamal has rented an apartment in Glasgow so I was mostly on the road, Glasgow was not very far from Aberdeen, and Jamal was very supportive, he always has a way of making you feel comfortable, schooling was now more fun, I liked my studies and Abdul wasn’t a bother to me.

He always had between his dad and godmother to spoil him, he is now seven months old but looks like a year old boy. My baby boy grows more like his dad each day and they are my favorite men in the world.


“I want to experience this one with you, I don’t want to miss out like I did with Junior (Abdul ¬†Malik )” he said in a seductive voice enveloping her with his hands. She struggled to leave his hold but ¬†he held her tighter “You did it on purpose” she complained bursting into tears “He-y” he turned her around to face him “You know I love you right and only God knows how happy I am that you are the mother of my babies, you have nothing to fear” “But I’m just nineteen, and junior is only eight months Jamal, I’ll grow older than my agemates, I already look older than most of them and what hurts more is you always look younger and have girls throwing ¬†themselves at you” he bit back the laughter that was threatening to erupt he knew his problem will be worst when he laughs but he found her damn funny she thought he could leave her for just another girl.

They were back in Ghana for a short holiday, which would end in three weeks, and Jamal had gone to ¬†work he said he had pressing issues to attend to and spent most of his time at the office, she didn’t like it one bit.

**     ***       *      *     **   ***   ***

She hated the new P.A ¬†he had she was very pretty and Jamal praised her non-stop Liyah felt threatened but she ¬†never showed him a sign, she just smiled and nodded whenever he said something good about ¬†his P.A “Mercedes”. She went to his office to give him a surprise visit and felt nauseous and dizzy when she saw the P.A he always praised a pretty fair colored lady of average height. Jamal insisted on taking her to the hospital when he saw ¬†how sick she looked and heard the happiest news he has been praying to hear from her. But here she was claiming she was not ready.

He took Abdul who has grown like a year old from his cradle, “Hey big boy you are going to be a big brother help me convince your mom ok”. He called Mercedes and gave her orders on the kind of ¬†preparations he wanted her to make.


“I’m sorry ma’am ¬†but those were the orders of the boss”. She rolled her eyes and just followed the PA, they walked on a long walkway which had ¬†large scented candles ¬†at the sides and rose petals directing the path, “I’ll leave you here ma’am” she said and walked away.


I followed the petal arrows to a dim  room I   took my phone from my purse and switched on The Flash light, BOSSCHICK  was boldly encraved on the wall with a big painting of me under the words I blinked my eyes sharply.

I walked closer to see the smaller drawings clearly, my midriff was held gently and he spread his palms on my tummy, “I really don’t know how to make you understand my feelings for you Liyah, I ¬†love you like I’ve never love a breathing being, you come first in everything” he sighed and turned me around “I felt dead when you left me, life was meaningless, when I didn’t know what had happened to you, the only thing that kept me going was the fact that you might be alive, I can’t bear to be away from you, that’s why I followed you to Scotland before the fall break, and it’s very hard for me to leave you and junior at home for work, I am only consoled because I have hidden cameras at almost every corner of the house so I am updated on your every move” he wiped the lone tear that had streaked down “You come first in everything, princess, and having my babies -” he knelt one knee and held my hands “That’s the most precious gift I’ve ever been given, don’t ever feel threatened princess, you are the only one here” he ¬†uttered prodding to his chest.

**   ***    **  *      *     *  ***   **  *  **  *

“I love this place, Aaliyah you’ve given me and my family a reason to always visit this place” Elena said excitedly looking around ¬†the beautiful Aburi garden. My baby bump which was a bit showing. Jamal was with dad, Elena’s dad and her brothers ¬†and had Abdul Maleek with him, he winked at me when I looked their way and handed Abdul to Clayton and joined us.

Sumy shook her head “I really like how you guys seem not to be having enough of each other” she commented looking over at Elena, she nodded in agreement I hate that Lisa didn’t get to join us maybe she will tomorrow.

Jamal invited everyone over I ¬†wanted to spend this vacation with all my friends and loved ones and he made it happen without my knowledge, and he chose the region I love the most, the Eastern region we’ve been to the Akosombo dam and Boti falls and will be visiting the Holy Trinity Spa tomorrow. ¬†We didn’t go to La Lumiere this time we lodged into a different hotel.


*                                                                          *     *


I stretched out my hand and breathed in deeply I liked how the wind blew my white flowy dress, Alhamdulillah for everything I have my family just as I’ve always dreamed of, Jamal joined me and runned his hand over my tummy “So when do we get to tell everyone of the new addition we’ll be having in the family” “Ah honey you really know how to dampen my mood, how can I when Abdul is not even a year old, they’ll know when it’s evident and I can’t hide it anymore” I said turning to look at everyone else. ¬†They looked very happy we were at ¬†the beach of Holy Trinity. “I want to always be this happy I’m so happy baby” ¬†he nodded and kissed my neck.


I watched as dad and Jamal’s grandparents fuss over Abdul Maleek, Elena was speaking animatedly with her brothers and my friends who were laughing heartedly, there is never a dull moment with these people around me. ¬†I stood on my toes and kissed his lips.

“Thank you so much Mr Bossman for making me the happiest woman ever” “Mmph you are welcome-” ¬†he looked up like he wanted to remember something “Boss-chick”. I nodded and repeatedly more gently “Yea BOSSCHICK”












I HAD A P.I. COME IN FROM THE STATES TO JOIN THE ONE HERE WE’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR HER FOR ALMOST THREE MONTHS AND EVERY EVIDENCE WE HAD LED us to a dead end I closed my eyes and cracked my knuckles thinking of the next place to start looking from we had posters of her at almost every corner of the country with a whooping prize for whoever was able to find her but all the calls we had were either pranks or wrong identification, if she had been kidnapped her abductors would have contacted us already and if she’s in hiding what scared her?, was someone threatening her.I pulled out my phone from my side pocket as soon as I felt it vibrate and answered without looking at the screen “Hello” there was silence at the other end so I removed it from my ear and studied the number carefully it looked different I wonder which country it is? It could be fraudsters or Liyah’s abductors. “Hello……,who I’m I speaking to please”. The call was ended abruptly. My phone rang again just after the call ended.




“WE HAVE A LEAD JAMAL” DR. AMIN SAID HURRIEDLY, I LEFT THE OFFICE AS QUICKLY AS I COULD AND CALLED JEFF THE P.I ¬†I CALLED IN TO JOIN ME AT THE HOUSE. I studied the sheet Dr Amin gave me and marvelled at the exorbitant amount that was withdrawn from the account I shook my head trying very hard to shake off the anger that was building inside me, why didn’t I think of this. “So when was this done the amount left is chicken change” I said annoyed at how a prominent bank could allow such a transaction to be made without the consent of the kin of the person. “Calm down Jamal, I know everything will come to an end pretty soon”.

“I wonder why the manager never contacted me before giving out such an amount, it’s the money she had from her mum’s inheritance, and I should never have given her total control of that account we had an agreement she would not misuse that money” he said looking through the papers again. He called the manager but he said she had full control on the money so he couldn’t convince her although he tried doing so.

“Now we need to get the CCTV footage of that date we want to study her body language it can tell a lot or if she was with someone” Jeff said as Dr Amin spoke with the manager. “I had a call from a strange number I don’t know if it’s worth looking into, but I think we should give it a try” I said shoving the phone into Jeff’s hand.




***** ******* ******* ******

I met with Dr Amin and Jeff with the other P.I whose name I still don’t recall.


“So I checked the number but I can’t trace it I’m still trying to break through, whoever did this is a computer genius” I shook my head and started walking to the door “But we tried the major airports and spotted her at the KIA (KOTOKA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) that was three days after she went missing we checked the flights that left the country that day since we couldn’t make out the exact flight she took, the officials are tight lipped about it. Here are the list of flights


LONDON _12am.









“Which schools did she apply to?” Jeff asked looking at me “I only know of Yale, and Cambridge I think I’m not certain but it seems she applied to one of those British schools, and the Ghanaian schools too, but judging from how futile search seems ¬†I don’t think she’s in any of the schools over here”.


Jeff nodded and jotted ¬†something down, “So the best ¬†bet is which of the schools ¬†she went to and if she has indeed been scared away she’ll go for a low-key school so she won’t bring attention to herself, I think we’ll have to hack into her email and social media accounts so we can see if she had anyone threatening her, then we can decide which of the countries she fled to”. I nodded as a plan started forming in my head.

I DIDN’T WANT TO DELAY EVEN A SECOND LONG WHEN I HAVE PROVE SHE’S OUT THERE SOMEWHERE, MY BEST BET IS SHE MIGHT BE IN LONDON OR SYDNEY, I’M SO CONFUSED, I KNOW SHE’s bilingual and could be in any of these countries I just had to try my luck and I pray it’s where she is I don’t have any intention of giving up on her anytime soon.


I started making arrangements to leave the country I told Dr Amin I had a very important meeting to attend to, we couldn’t really rely on what we’ve been given so this was the only choice we had plus I couldn’t even tell where to start searching from, my only luck will be all the countries I targeted are advanced so I could find her easily which I pray I do cos I couldn’t keep on living like this she had my whole life in a mess and it could only be righted by her “Princess, I really need you I could have beared with you being far from me but the thought that I could see you even if it was from a distance always soothed me, but not knowing where you are at all freaks me out, Ya Allah please help me find her, I’ve learnt my lessons”.

I travel a lot mostly for business trips and I was usually content with the results I had but this particular trip scares me I’m afraid of the results “will I find her, how would she react when she sees me, will she be happy someone finally found her?” I huffed and leaned my head on the small plane that was flying me to Melbourne, I’ve been in Sydney for the past two days and all search proved futile, I chose Melbourne cos there might be a chance she went there and it was a large city.”We’re sorry Sir but no one by this name came into this country on that date or all the days that followed but I do pray you find her” she said softly when she saw how distressed I was “But it can only be possible if she came in illegally or by another name, we can leave her picture with the police in case they find someone who looks like her” I smiled sadly and rose gently from the chair.

**          *      ***      ****    **  **  *  *

I drummed my thumb and middle finger on the desk as I waited for her to give me an answer it’s always frightening when you wait to be given a life changing answer, her answer could wreck and unwreck me, she squinted her eyes and bit her forefinger. “No one by that name came in from Ghana or any African country” I swallowed hard and huffed closing my eye tightly “then what of European countries she could have made a transit” she shook her head in disapproval “I can’t do that for you sir I’ve already broken too many rules but I pray you do find your wife” “I understand, thanks for the help” I said sharply and left the office. I was tiring of all these answers but I’m grateful to the immigration officers they all had their jobs on the line but still ¬†chose to ¬†help me .


I drove around when I left the office where should I go next, it’s been almost 14 hours since I stepped from the Lufthansa airplane at Heathrow airport I just had a few hours of soundless sleep and I’ve now began my hunt again ¬†which seems to be fruitless so far.

I drove to the ¬†London Eye I didn’t even notice how far I had ¬†driven to, I stopped ¬†and watched as the Ferris wheel spun and how the people seemed excited my body tinged and I looked back but didn’t see anyone if there’s one thing I’ve learnt to ¬†trust it’s my instincts I looked around again and saw a lady in a black and white stripe maxi dress, I couldn’t see her face but found myself following her, I hurried to join her climb the Ferris wheel but I was a bit late and I got to see her profile it was Liyah, I wanted to join her but I didn’t want to freak her out so I just waited for her to come out no need to rush things although I felt like carrying her home.

I waited for her at the exit and pulled her away when it was her turn to come out, she was startled at first but didn’t make a fuss when she saw my face she just looked at me and followed behind, I opened the side door and shoved her in then hurriedly entered the car and drove away “Stop the car Jamal” she said coldly as I drove on. I drove to the apartment I lived and parked at the garage, I turned to her and she looked more beautiful than ever I looked away and went out opening the door for her, “Follow me upstairs Liyah and please stop nagging I want us to resolve everything now”. She blinked sharply and nodded.

“There’s no need to go inside Jamal let’s talk here” she said pulling the front of her dress, ¬†my eyes were drawn there and I looked her over she looked much prettier and matured I looked around and there was no one around, I tried hugging her but she pushed me away shaking her head. “Liyah you’ve put me through enough, not only me even your dad Liyah we thought something bad happened to you and look” I said pointing at her “You look more ok than ever” She looked away and wiped her face “Liyah” I said softly “please come ¬†with me let’s go home your dad is worried sick about you” she shook her head and shutted ¬†her eyes tightly “Jamal I just wanted time away from everything but don’t use your guilt tactics on me, I just wanted to free my mind and find a way to get over you and thank God I finally did so” she said quickly looking away.

“Liyah I want you to look into my eyes and repeat those words you just uttered”. “You know what, I really need to go now I’m wasting time I’m really needed I’ve already wasted ¬†enough time”. She said turning and walking away I hurried and caught ¬†up with her “Liyah I don’t know what you mean by getting over me cos I don’t care whoever you are with you are mine and I’m not making you move an inch without me” she rolled her eyes and shook her head walking out of the garage. I followed behind as she stood a taxi and quickly joined her right after she entered.

“So ¬†you mean to tell me you’ve found someone else ?” she just nodded and told the driver to drive to the London Eye.




I blinked back the tears that had welled in my eyes “I wish Jamal was here to see the wonderful gift we’ve created together”. There was a knock on the door. She opened the door and slightly peeked in “Can we come in Mama” I smiled and nodded for her to join me. Elena came in with her parents and Clayton, with flowers and balloons in the hands of each of them. ¬† ¬† ¬†I was very happy they really made me feel loved, Jordan couldn’t make it but this was all that I needed.

We were discharged and went home the day after. And the most amazing thing of all is baby Abdul and I never wanted for anything he had everyone wrapped around his little fingers the little sound he makes has everyone fussing especially Elena like a mother hen.

3 MONTHS Later…..

“You can’t just come to London and always be at home we need to go out right?” she asked baby Abdul who gooed ¬†in agreement “I told you even the little man agrees” the kid was ¬†growing older each day. I smiled at how she held him everyone was now a baby expert in the house I ¬†used to be scared whenever she held him I wasn’t better at holding him myself but I was way better than her, she took the baby strap and walked to the door “We’ll be waiting for you in the sitting room” . I chose a black and white stripe maxi dress which was a bit tight at the bust and loose from the waist down and tied my headscarf. I looked at my reflection and smiled having Abdul had made me a bit fuller my bust region was full and I was breastfeeding him. I took a handbag and went out to join them. “Look at mom Abdul is she not beautiful?” I ¬†rolled my eyes and shook my head there was no one at home so we went out. Elena showed me most parts of central London we visited shops at Soho and the Buckingham Palace. And I saw the Big Ben I saw more of London than I’ve ever had. We made our final stop at the London Eye and I watched the Ferris wheel spin them around.

“Aaliyah I’ll be at the restaurant over there I’m scared of heights” she said walking to the restaurant. I climbed in and had much fun than I’ve ever had I took pictures with the little camera I had seeing London from up there was so amazing how all the skyscrapers looked small from the top. I couldn’t keep the smile from my face I was pulled away immediately ¬†I came down I was startled a bit but got over it when I saw Jamal how did he know I was here I just followed him like I always do. I only found back my words when he drove us away. “Stop the car Jamal” I knew he won’t comply but I was scared ¬†he might find Abdul I wanted to confront him and dad myself when I was ready but it seems nature had it’s own plans for us. He parked the car at the garage of the building, I hated being alone with him he could break all the fences I’ve built up with just a look, he was already weakening my resolve, I sometimes feel stupid when I remember why I left him but I couldn’t just forget the kind of crime he had tagged on dad.

I told him I was going home when he was done with his long speeches of how I made him and dad worried sick, my poor dad I ¬†felt so sorry for him, I asked the driver for his phone to make a call but Jamal stopped him and passed his to me. ¬†I’m lucky I had memorised Elena’s number she answered on the second ring “Hello ” she started bombarding me with questions when she heard my voice “Take a chill pill how’s my man doing?” I heard a little growl from Jamal but looked away I could hear his gooey sounds the kid was such an angel ¬†“Are you still at the restaurant?” “Yea”

“OK Tell him mo-” I clamped my mouth shut and began again “Tell him ¬†I really love him” “Tell him yourself” I think she held the phone to his ear cos his baby sounds were more audible “Yeah babe I love you”. The phone was pulled away I just smiled and shrugged “God Liyah I could only take that much does he ¬†know you’re married?” he said in a voice a little higher than a whisper “Please Jamal let’s not do this” I ¬†replied in a whisper.

We were at the restaurant in less than 15 minutes Elena sat on a table with a guy I ¬†only saw his back but I presumed it was Clayton she still had Abdul strapped to her but more loose her eyes widened when she spotted me with him, I smiled back nervously and walked to the table with him, I cleared my throat and smiled at Clayton “Hey Clayton” “Aaliyah” he said surprisingly looking from me to Jamal, he nodded and looked to Elena I introduced them to Jamal “Elena, Clayton meet Jamal” but the funny part is how I’ll introduce Jamal to them I couldn’t lie cos Abdul was a replica of him “Elena, Clayton meet my uh” “Husband” Jamal added coolly smiling at them ¬†and giving Clayton his hand to shake Abdul gave out a loud shriek just then good heavens the child wants to be introduced too.

I looked from Elena to Clayton as Elena unstrapped him and handed him to me. “Holy crap” Jamal muttered a bit loudly when he saw Abdul I sucked my mouth in as I took Abdul. I was very nervous Jamal walked the little distance and stretched his hands to take him I shook my head but he was persistent, I ¬†looked at Elena as the child continued to cry, resisting my hold even as I tried to hush him up. ¬†I gave him to Jamal cos I was drawing people’s attention to us and he hushed up like he had not been crying just a few seconds ago.










I LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY WHEN HE UTTERED THOSE WORDS “Please come again I don’t believe I heard you right” “I said you are 12 weeks pregnant, that’s what the results say” I instinctively touched my tummy and whispered Jamal’s name silently “Aye, so you should make an appointment with your doctor or should I recommend one for you”.

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I left the doctor’s office I’ve met with the gynaecologist who would now take over from the doctor and I was very happy when she turned out to be female, I sighed as I stopped a cab to take me back to the hostel, I don’t know how Elena is going to react when she finds out, the doctor she called the other day couldn’t make it and I felt better so I didn’t see any need to go see a doctor again, But I’d been noticing the weird changes in body lately like the late arrival of my menses, my menses never delayed not even for a day, so it was weird at first, and then the eating problem I ate too much, I could eat a whole chicken and not be full, I first blamed it on the weather maybe it’s all a change of weather, but I started freaking out on the second month but never mustered the courage to see a doctor, I was afraid this would be the results and now look, what I suspected finally turned out to be true.

I am three months pregnant, I had a life growing inside me the fruit of my love with Jamal “Oh Jamal” I whispered into the air touching my tummy again I groaned when my back ached and pushed myself into the chair “Are you ok ma’am” the cabbie asked in his thick Scottish accent crooking the rearview mirror to see me well “I’m alright sir thank you”. I alighted at the hostel when we got to ¬†campus, I had two options now, hold on with my schooling for now and resume after I have given birth or school whiles I’m pregnant, I couldn’t just stop schooling no way so I had to school while I was pregnant.

Elena was not yet back from her expedition or whatever it was she said she was going to I wondered if I should tell her about my pregnancy, Hmm I looked at the ceiling like it could give me an answer, I had an evening lecture today, but it seems that will be going down in the drain cos my head is all jumbled and I don’t know if I’ll understand anything the lecturer teaches so that meant no lectures today.


I was awoke by the endless sounds from the kitchen “Elena… ” I groaned out and the sound magically stopped “Aaliyah you’ve been sleeping for over three hours since I arrived” she proclaimed widening her eye like it was the most mysterious thing to ever happen, I liked how she behaved it sometimes made me miss being a child I was never really a child, I had to learn to be an adult or should I say act like an adult before I even turned into one.

I told her about my pregnancy after I had prayed and had dinner and she was pretty amazed “You mean to tell me you are pregnant?” she asked widening her eyes like saucers. I told her half truths about Jamal and me. “Aw I’m so sad about how your story ends but I hope he sees reason to come back to you” I just smiled and begged her to stop talking about it cos I hurted whenever I remember what happened.


My pregnancy was luckily a smooth one I had no morning sickness and it was not so revealing even as  I entered my last trimester, I just gained lots of weight and my curves filled out  so I wore more loose clothes and Elena was very supportive we were not course mates but she helped me get notes  whenever I felt lazy to go for lectures, we only shared psychology class she studied computer science and psychology whiles I did (business management and psychology) and she was a genius at it I bet she will be the next best female programmer she is one of the best computer science students in Aberdeen which was a world class school.

I closed my eye really hard and pushed the book I had on my study desk away I pushed the chair back and went to stand by the window putting a hand on my small bump, all I craved now was to be held tightly by Jamal listening to his ever soothing voice sooth me to sleep I missed him so much and daddy too, I pulled out my cell phone but I stopped midway as I was dialling his number and used the land-line phone downstairs Elena has programmed it like a phone booth so calls couldn’t be traced she did it to pull prank on people the phone was answered on the second ring “Hello” I closed my eyes as his voice wash over me I really missed him “Hello” he said again “Please who’s on the line” I slammed the phone back on the dialler, and placed my hand on my chest as I willed my heart to regulate it’s beating, my heart pounded like it was going to come out of my chest.

I knew I will never be able to get over Jamal his love was tattooed onto my heart, so permanent I can’t ¬†forget him even if I ¬†willed myself to do so.


We were done with the exam within two weeks, I was very happy when we were given a long break. The doctor was very happy with my progress, things were running smoothly, my investment was paying off quite well and the baby will be arriving soon.

“So what do you say will you go with me?” she asked giving me a pleading look, “Ugh Lena I know your parents are very nice but I don’t want to be a burden on you guys, with this thing I have in front of me” I said pointing to my tummy. She looked annoyed when I said that “You didn’t have to insult my godson and he’ll never be a burden on me” the baby kicked like it knew what we were talking about I smiled and soothed my tummy as I made way to go lie on the bed. She opened the closet and took the trolley at the entrance of the walk in closet, she brought the luggage out and started stuffing my clothes in the bag, “Elena…” I groaned “stop that” “No Lil missy you’re going with me and you have no say in this” I rolled my eyes and closed my eyes I was asleep in a few minutes.






I bit my lip in pain but smiled nervously when Elena looked my way we’ve been in London for the past two weeks and I was very happy with the kind of reception her parents gave me she had two older brothers and they were all super friendly and tolerant, they didn’t mind that I was a Muslim and pregnant all that mattered to them was I was a good friend of Elena and automatically a member of the family, Mr and Mrs Banks treated me like a daughter and their sons Clayton and Jordan were my big brothers I really loved them.


She raised an eyebrow questioningly but I swallowed and smiled again I held the fork tightly and nervously chewed on the side of my lip, I winced and rubbed my hand on my waist what was happening to me I felt a cool liquid on my thigh and widened my eyes then screamed.


I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT, I OPENED MY EYES, and blinked them repeatedly trying to remember what happened I instinctively touched my tummy and it was a little flat, did I have a miscarriage was my baby dead? I closed my eyes tightly and shook my head gingerly this couldn’t happen to us, a nurse entered the room and that was when I studied my room it was a private room I think cos I was the only one in the room.


She checked the needle and water that hanged on the metal pole, “how do you feel?” she asked coolly with a soft smile on her face “the doctor will join us soon” she added when I only nodded.


My throat felt too dry to speak, I wanted to ask about my baby, I was scared of the answer they might give me “M-my” my voice was so silent she wouldn’t have known I was trying to speak if she hadn’t been watching me, the doctor joined us just then.










I BUSIED MYSELF WITH PAPERWORKS THE DAYS THAT FOLLOWED, I was very distressed after the short conversation we had on phone, I didn’t want to be easily convinced plus he knew he had dad’s support so I had to be fast before he spoilt everything for me, I held my bag tightly and breathed in a large gulp of air when I reached the entrance of the bank, I have only three days left to go on this journey less than three days actually since I had a little over 48 hours to leave everything behind. I smiled at the security guard who was giving me a suspicious look and entered the bank. I went straight to the receptionist who was wearing ¬†her ever welcoming smile “Welcome ma’am how can I help you?” “I want to empty my account” I said in my utmost serious tone” she asked me what I was using the money for when she saw the exuberant amount in the account “Are you really sure you want to withdraw all ¬†these she asked once again “I’m investing it” I said when she was too complative “OK” she muttered as she handed me the withdrawal slip. I sighed when she was done, that was a close one I sat on one of the waiting chairs and as I waited for my turn.


Dad was seldom at home these days ¬†and I have not contacted any of my friends since I came I really missed them, but I had to go to Accra tomorrow I didn’t want to waste anytime. I didn’t even want to tell dad so I called his office ¬†after he had left for office knowing very clearly he might be in a meeting and asked his assistant to inform him I was leaving for Accra for the final part of my paperwork. I gave my room a once over look, God I missed the place already, the last time I left the house like this was when I left with Jamal, my husband to go start a new life, which ended just as it had began, I swear I sometimes think it was all a dream, I quickly wiped the lone tear that trickled down my face,”no more tears princess” I whispered to myself I smiled sadly when I used the pet name he called me. And today here I am leaving this house all over again and this time around I wonder when I will be coming back.

I ¬†took a taxi to the bus ¬†station, I wanted to see more of Kumasi, which might also be the last, for only God ¬†knows when I will be back so driving in a commercial vehicle will be a whole lot better, I’ve already transferred all the money I had withdrawn to a new account and invested a reasonable amount in ¬†a promising business, ¬†the bank was world acclaimed and had branches worldwide so I wouldn’t have any cash problems.

I was very lucky I had the window seat , I leaned my head on the glass as I remembered all the things we did when we were together.I was so lost in thought I didn’t know when we reached our destination, I alighted and went for my luggage, I schooled here so I had lots of friends here, but I had to do this alone I lodged into a hotel a bit far from the airport area, ¬†I didn’t want to leave ¬†any trail behind.


I had my ticket, luggage and everything in check I threw my sim card in the dustbin and pulled my bag away. It really hurted going away leaving everything that has ever been dear to me behind.


IT’S BEEN THREE DAYS since I came down here I’m already done with my registration and everything and I have a very cheerful and friendly roommate, a white British girl Elena she could talk hours non stop ¬†without getting tired, I didn’t want to be ¬†friendly when we first met but I could not ignore her ¬†humble friendship request ¬†and be bitchy everytime when she was just trying to be nice, she was the only friend I had though, ¬† she actually reminded me of Yanick I wonder how she reacted to Jamal’s ¬†confession, did she already know of his plans or was kept in the dark as us all.

I’VE BEEN NAUSEOUS SINCE YESTERNIGHT I vomited almost everything I tried to chew on, Elena has been bugging me to see a doctor but I saw no reason to do so since all the necessary test that needed to be done were done when I was enrolled into school “IT might be the pizza we ate in the morning”, I said when she complained for the hundredth time for me to see a doctor “Aaliyah you mean to tell me a pizza with pineapple topping makes you vomit for almost ¬†12 hours” she asked giving me a confused look “Y-yes” I said innocently pulling the blanket tighter over me “I’m calling in a doctor then” she said pulling out her phone from her side pocket.





I ALMOST WENT CRAZY WHEN DR. AMIN CALLED TO TELL ME LIYAH WAS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND “I’ll find out from the school if she has checked in” I told him when I realised the tension in his voice. ¬†I was scared myself where is she? Where has she gone to? Is she OK?. Those were the questions I ¬†repeatedly asked myself it was late at night and there was nothing I could do at this time, I opened my laptop on the small coffee table and powered it up.

I reserved an online ticket to Connecticut, I just pray I’m not so late and that she’s really in school even if she wasn’t willing to see me, and I pray she does forgive me, I know I shouldn’t have lied to her but I’m only human, I’ve given her enough ¬†time to get over it cos I knew I was at fault but judging from how she’s acting I don’t think she’ll ever forgive me, it’s now time to invade her space and seek for forgiveness, I did my late night prayer but couldn’t sleep afterwards I had a very bad feeling I just prayed what ¬†I felt was just a feeling or my mind playing tricks on me, I wanted to call Jamal but he had a game tomorrow and I didn’t want to disturb him I took my phone and started looking through the pictures we took at the resort God Liyah I really miss you and it really hurts you don’t believe in our love, seeing you this happy and then remembering the day you left really hurts cos you believed me with the ever trusting faith of a child and I ruined everything with just one ¬†lie “Please come back to me my love” I whispered to the pic and kissed it softly.

I didn’t get a good night sleep cos I was in the chair the whole night my body ached a bit when I woke up cos I was unaccustomed to the sleeping posture but I still had to go to the school today, Dr Amin called me in the morning, he said none of her friends knew of her whereabouts I wished I had Sumy’s number Liyah doesn’t do a thing without consulting her she might know her whereabouts, ¬†I told ¬†him to probe ¬†Sumy and Lisa they might know something, these are times I regret not buying a private jet, I could have gone to the school ¬†the very minute I was told she had gone missing.

THERE WAS NO ONE BY LIYAH’S NAME THAT HAD ENROLLED, “YOU MEAN TO TELL ME NO ONE BY THE NAME OF AALIYAH AMIN has been enrolled this year”, “Let me check again” she typed some “She was granted admission but she never paid her tuition” I just nodded and rose from my seat and walked slowly out of the office “Are you alright sir?” she asked when I stumbled a bit, “I’m ok” I replied in a stiff voice. Where did she go I didn’t want to stress her dad my phone rang and it was him “Jamal did you find her?” I was mute “Uhm” “You’ve not found her right?” I was quiet again “I’m so sorry sir but I’ll find her in Shaa Allah” he sighed “Jamal I trust you to find her, she is all I have, I have a PI investigating into the matter, I don’t like this feeling one bit, my business associates could use her against me, she had no reason to leave home, there is a mining company I am buying but it seems the children of the man are not happy he wants to sell the company, I hate doing things without proof ¬†but I suspect his sons are the ones behind this” my brain stopped working when he said that, What is happening to her? Is she OK? ¬†“Son are you there?” I was startled, I ¬†was so lost in thought I had forgotten I was talking to him “I’m listening sir, ¬†I’ll be coming down there today I can’t be here whiles she’s out there, I’ll call my grandparents to find out if she has contacted them” I was more nervous after my phone call with him ¬†I would never forgive myself if anything was to happen to her. I took a flight back to Los Angeles and chartered a flight to Ghana, I first went home and my grandparents were not around I tried calling their phone but it was not going through, granny told me they will be visiting Nzulezu so I was not worried much cos the area had a poor network connection, I took another flight to Ksi that very day I couldn’t waste time, it was all I needed, I had to face her dad and seek for her forgiveness, I could forgive her dad, I could give her anything ¬†she wanted, finding her right now and confessing the kinda love I had for her was all that mattered.

Security was very tight at the house Adam came out to meet me, we shook hands as he led me inside “So how has the investigation been so far” he sighed and gave me a sad look “We didn’t want to involve police but the PI had already started with his investigations and we’ve called the main suspect for questioning, he denies being involved but we’re watching his movements and actions that’s all I know for now the boss is over there” he muttered pointing to the garden,¬†Adam looked sad he was Liyah’s favorite guard.

The old man’s posture was slump, I cleared my throat but he didn’t turn he seemed so deep in thought “Sir” I called silently he turned around sharply and what I saw nearly knocked me down “Jamal” he said sadly “you finally got here” he sighed sadly, he looked older than his age, I looked away when our eyes met.


“I’m so sorry Sir ¬†I am to blame for all these, I made her lose trust in us and I also had your support which irked her the more” I was quiet again ¬†“Jamal I’ve never blamed you for Aaliyah’s disappearance I’ve never doubted the love you have for her even for one second, I rather blame myself I should never have ¬†joked with her security like that I should have known better” he massaged his temple and looked at me again “I think we have to talk about your parents” I shook my head as he spoke “No son you have to know what happened, Liyah told me it was the reason why she left you, she.. ” “Uhm Sir sorry to interrupt but I really loved your daughter, I fell for her before we met and I never intended to use her against you never, but regarding my parents death I have already forgiven you if indeed you are responsible” “I’m not responsible for your parents death, Jamal I wanted us to talk this through the moment I heard about it but you weren’t in the country and now we have Liyah’s disappearance to deal with” he told me how close he was to dad and what really happened before he went on a peace keeping mission, I also told him what happened to us and everything they told dad before killing him.

“I’m so sorry I believed the worst of you I should have told you upfront what I really knew, because seeing you made me doubt what I’ve always known, I really trust my instincts and I liked you from the very first time I saw you, even when I thought you were behind my parents death”.

“It was all meant to happen son the most important thing is finding Liyah, then we can be a happy family as we’re suppose to”.

Now I’ve found half of ¬†the peace ¬†I’ve always wanted to have I didn’t need to be shown any prove but I believed this man, he has always wanted the best for me, he knew how Liyah and I felt about each other and urged me to pursue her even when he knew I was at fault, he possessed ¬†everything I could ever wished for in a dad. “I’m so grateful sir I’ve faulted you in many ways yet you still support me, thanks for everything” “You are my son even if you still don’t see it like that, and you deserve better”.

My phone chimed just then I answered from my Bluetooth headset “Jamal you’re back why didn’t you call us”. I swallowed hard and asked the question I was afraid to ask “Granny is Liyah with you?” I asked without even asking her how they were doing “What do you mean Liyah is with us isn’t she with her dad?” she asked in a surprised voice. The light that was building inside me died an early death when when she uttered those words.









“JAMAL MY SON how are you doing?” I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard that “You know we have to talk” he chuckled and continued “Liyah is doing well, but you have to be here we have to talk things through” he was quiet again listening to whatever the bastard ¬†had to say I didn’t believe Dad could degrade himself to Jamal like that, I know Jamal was hurt but dad had to also consider my feelings ¬†I’m his daughter for crying out loud, ¬†I wanted to barge into the ¬†office but I stayed behind the door and listened on “Promise me you’ll be here next week as you’ve promised, ¬†I’ll be expecting you ¬†son”

I retraced my steps and went back upstairs I had to hasten my admission process I won’t let dad convince me to go back to Jamal, there was no future for us ¬†maybe more heartbreaks cos it was going to take a lot for him to accept that dad had nothing to do with his family’s death the thing was encraved in his mind, and no matter how much he claims to love me he would still see me as the daughter of a murderer and what if we were to have a family together how would he treat our kids?

Would he love them as every dad was suppose to love his kids or hate them for being the grandchildren of his family’s murderer thinking about it made me sick, ¬†my head throbbed really hard, I tried to regulate my breath and ¬† on my bed facedown, I hated the posture but I was tired of everything, Dad would by all means want me to go back to Jamal and I could never say no to dad so I had to leave the country by any means ¬†before Jamal comes down.


Dad was ready for the office and had already reached the ¬†door as I descended the stairs “Daddy” I called out “wait a minute please, I have something really important to tell you, he came back in and stood near one of the long flower vase. ¬†I forced a smile on my face “Liyah I didn’t want to disturb you” he said with a wide smile “You look splendid, I like how you are recoporating” I widened my smile and shrugged “So what did you want to talk about?” he asked walking back to the study “Uhm dad uh I had admission to Yale so I’ll be leaving for the embassy early tomorrow morning” I said looking deep into his eyes. ¬†He nodded “I’m really proud of you Liyah but does Jamal know about this ¬†you’re still married to him and need to seek his permission in things like this” my mouth was agape when dad uttered those words “Dad” I said startled at how he said it so easily I know I shouldn’t be surprised by his response I cleared my throat and shutted my eye “Dad Jamal lives in the US and Yale happens to be there besides he knew I would continue ¬†schooling before ¬†we got married so I don’t think I need to ask for any permission” I finished my voice a little ¬†higher than necessary, ¬†I drew in a gulp of air and breathed out heavily ¬†“I’m sorry I overreacted dad but he already knew ¬†all these before we got married so ¬†I thought I could go but since you say so I’ll call him and tell him tonight” his face lit up when I said that I forced a smile and rose from the chair “I’ll call him now and inform him I don’t want to delay I want to be in school already” he raised my head with his fore finger and thumb to meet his gaze “Liyah, I trust Jamal” he sighed and shook his head to whatever he had remembered ¬†“upon all that’s happened I know you ¬†feel betrayed but he would have never married you if he didn’t love you, don’t let what he had against me come between the two of you” I nodded and willed the tears that had started to well in my eyes away. I just nodded and rushed out of the study.




I LIKED HOW DR. AMIN still wanted me to be with his daughter I know I have wronged her in more ways than I would like to count for but it was already done and I didn’t regret that I ¬†ever sought for vengeance cos it brought me to Liyah, her dad had told me she had h admission to Yale, I’m glad she’s finally coming to the states, I couldn’t rush the work I had here I needed to be part of every single decision that would be made at this point cos Jamal was busy with the playoffs, I wanted to call and listen to her voice but I had to wait, I massaged my temple and looked intently at the sketches on the tablet.


My phone chimed at the side of my laptop I answered from my Bluetooth headset without even looking at the screen “Bossman speaking who am I speaking to?” there was silence at the other end “Who am I speaking to?” I asked again in an irritative voice “Uhm Jamal I -” “Liya-h ” I said surprised when I heard her voice “Princess is that really you?” I asked when she was quite “Jamal I wanted to ¬†tell you I have gained admission to Yale and will be leaving for school next week” I feigned ignorance “I’m so happy for you princess I’ll be waiting for you” I heard her swallow and closed my eye “Jamal I still want a divorce I can’t go on living in this lies, promise me you’ll grant me one” I was speechless I wanted to smash everything because of the rage I felt deep inside. “Liyah stop saying that ” I said trying very hard to control my temper she ended the call without even a goodbye I called back but she didn’t answer so I threw the phone on the sofa and walked to the other end of the room I leaned my head on the window hitted the glass with my fist it really hurted but I wish that was the pain I felt in my heart, I wish it could subside like the pain in my fist.y phone rang continuously but I ¬†didn’t make a move for it.

I couldn’t give the designers my final say on the designs they had brought I knew I was delaying our I couldn’t think of anything but Liyah ¬†she had me all wrapped around her little finger I’ll find ways to convince her to come back to me she still loved me at least I had that to my advantage.










I couldn’t bear the pain I felt in my heart, Dad couldn’t have done that, he won’t even kill an innocent fly not to talk of human I kept saying repeatedly maybe I might believe it if I repeat it more often I leaned into the seat and showed the driver the route that led to my house. I closed my eye when the driver honked at the gate, ¬†a security guard came out and checked the car before opening the gate, if he was surprised to see me he was good to hide it. The car drove to the end of the walkway I heaved a sigh and pulled out my bag, “Thank you” I said giving him a sad smile I pulled the bag with me as I walked to the door, my heart beat very fast as I walked into the house what shall be the outcome?


The door of the study was ajar when I entered the house, ¬†I left my bag at the end of the staircase and went there I peeped in and dad had his head bent down looking through some files, I cleared my throat and lightly knocked the door, he raised his head, his eyes were wide when he saw me at the door, that meant his guards haven’t informed him about my arrival yet “Liyah….! ” he said in a surprised voice I burst into tears as I entered the office, I’ve kept my emotions in check since leaving the hotel I just couldn’t hold on anymore I felt dad embrace me and lead me to a sofa he rested my head on his shoulder and patted my back when we were seated. “What happened Liyah did anything happen to Jamal?” I sniffed and wiped the lone tear that fell as I opened my mouth “D-a-ad did you have a hand in the murder of Jamal’s family”. He looked away “D-a-ad” I said again my voice much weaker this time, my heart hurts does his silence means he really had a hand in their murder. “Liyah, ¬†Parry was a very good friend of mine we were more like brothers, he called me some days before his murder, I had no idea of the questions he ¬†asked me and volunteered to ask others who knew about it but my name was among the list of those who were recruited to Lebanon I couldn’t even call to tell him what was happening” I heaved a heavy sigh.


“Did Jamal tell you I was the one who killed his parents?” he asked worriedly “Yes dad, he married me to avenge the murder of his parents” he leaned me on the sofa and went to his desk he took his mobile phone punched some keys and held the phone to his ear he tsked and turned to me “He’s not answering his phone” he muttered and turned back again, he nodded and held the phone to his ear again” . “Dad please don’t call him I’ve been through enough today, I’m going upstairs ¬†now, I still have to check my emails ¬†my ¬†admissions are out.


He nodded and smiled sadly, I hated ¬†Jamal for using me, but dad doesn’t seemed offended I lifted my bag and walked to my room I gave the house a once over look and closed my eyes never in my wildest dream would I have thought I would be leaving Jamal I still hurt but ¬†it was meant to be, I placed my bag near my closet and went to sit on my study desk at the far end of the room, I powered up my laptop and I had lots of new messages, I didn’t know which one to open first, there were lots of facebook messages I hissed and started scrolling through, I saw Yale University and closed my eyes punching the button to open the message, I have gained admission ¬†I felt like screaming at the top of my voice at least some things were going right in my life, then I remembered it was in the states my mood dampened then what should I do, I want to be as far away from Jamal as I can not even close to his shadow.


♥                             ♥                                         ♥


I also had a message from Aberdeen that actually made my day my heart was more drawn to the Yale but I had to choose Aberdeen, I’ve never been to the place and I liked to explore this will give me a chance, but should I inform dad? I drummed my forehead ¬†with my hand as I thought it through.




AALIYAH, I ¬†TOOK MY PHONE AND CALLED MIKE, ¬†“Buddy she left me” I uttered when he answered there was silence at the other end of the line, ¬†“I’m really sorry man, how did she find out?” I closed my eyes this shouldn’t have happened, I relayed what happened to him, I knew he couldn’t help me through this one but he might help with an advice or two, “How are things going with the old man?” I asked he was hesitant “Mike why are you quiet, how are things going?”

“Jamal I think he knows you are behind all these he is yet to sign the papers and keeps on asking me questions about my childhood, I think you should just be upfront with the man he seems to like you and might understand why you did what you did” “Yeah I thought about that too I’m going to give up on this vengeance thing, I promised not to go after her but it seems I’ll have to break my promise anyways” I wanted to call her dad back after I had finished speaking with Mike but I wanted to talk tonhis in person, I packed the few things I had brought and called the reception to get me a cab I went out and waited for the cab to arrive I couldn’t stand living in the room anymore.

The hotel bill had already been prepaid ¬†so there was no need to settle bills. I smiled sadly as the car drove out of ¬†the place its one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and holds the most beautiful memories of my life, we were in Accra in less than an hour.

“You know what just take me home” I gave him the address and lied back on the seat ¬†I don’t know what stopped me from going to the airport ¬†but I had to stop I promised her not to go after her ¬†and will have to fulfill that even if it’s for a ¬†week, I’ll have to let her have sometime to herself maybe that will prompt her to come back to me.

My grandparents were not at home when I arrived, they were probably at the beach or a tourist site, I’m glad they were not even around granny would have bit my ears off with her numerous questions and keep on reminding me of what a fool ¬†I have been to make my wife leave me that easily.

I freshened up and prayed then took my laptop to access the sketches of the sneakers we were adding to our ¬†shoe line I couldn’t even concentrate “Princess” I whispered to myself and took my phone, she looked so beautiful on the screen, smiling widely like she had no care in the world I kissed the screen “I really love you, you know” I kissed it once more and held the phone to my chest.






JAMAL WAS SITTING ON ¬†the bedside stool holding my left hand tightly I slowly opened my eyes, he gave me a sad smile and kissed my hand I smiled back I closed my eyes again and it all came back to me I tried ¬†pulling my hand but felt too weak and this might be the last time we’ll be together I took one last look at my surrounding ¬†I closed my eyes again this room is the beginning of the end for me I was very happy when I came here and I was going to leave a broken hearted girl tears rolled down my face I felt him wipe away tears “I want to see my dad” I said in a hoarse voice “I want to leave this place, I can’t stand the place, please take me home” my voice was weak when I finished “We’ll have to wait till morning princess, the doctor said you need rest, and it’s not daybreak yet” I tried rising from bed but ¬†still felt dizzy, he held me “you shouldn’t do that you might hurt yourself” “I want to use the washroom” I said weakly he helped me to the washroom and seated me on the toilet seat “Will you need help” I shook my head and replied ¬†“No you can leave” he reluctantly left the room.

I ¬†stood and held the sink, looking at my reflection on the mirror, I looked haggard and have lost a little weight, ¬†I closed my eyes and placed my hand on my chest I felt like strings were being pulled from my heart, it hurts so much “why me?” I asked as I cried softly, I rinsed my face and performed ablution I’m going to be alright I’m not the first person to ever be deceived into falling in love with the wrong person and I’m not going to be the last, I’ll shed ¬†no more tears; I know my heart doesn’t believe all this pep talk but I had to say it more often maybe I might believe it. He had a worried look on his face when I came out and ¬†looked away when he smiled.

I’ll have to ask dad if his allegations were true but I’m leaving him anyways ¬†he was plotting against my dad and thought he could hurt dad by using me, ¬†I won’t let that happen I just pray dad wasn’t a murderer cos the law had to take its due cause if dad was found guilty.

He entered the bathroom when I sat on the prayer mat, ¬†it was not yet prayer time so I took my phone and started reciting the Quran, my heart felt at ease at that moment, I heard as he came out of the bathroom and put on his jalabab, I didn’t mind him when he said he was leaving for the mosque.

I did my  prayers  and felt more energetic, I dressed up and packed my things on the two trolley bags I had brought, then called the reception to get me a cab. I sat on one of the stools with my suitcases on the floor next to me, waiting for their call to come through.

Jamal entered the room and was very surprised when he saw me all dressed ¬†up with my suitcase the telephone rang ¬†just then “I’ll be out right now, thank you”. I stood and took the handle of my suitcases “Where are -you going?” he stammered “I told you I wanted a divorce earlier, ¬†I can’t be with someone who is using me to get what he wants, I’m very sad for what you went through but I know dad had nothing to do with it or he would have told me”…. I sighed and closed my eyes willing the tears that had welled in my eyes not to fall “Please Liyah don’t punish me by leaving I don’t know ¬†what will become of me if you leave, I swear I’ll give up my plans against your dad just don’t leave me, I really need you” he said hugging me tightly, I went limp in his hand for a while ¬†and ¬†returned his hug when a tear ¬†fell on my shoulder, I could feel his pain but he never loved me.

The phone rang again , “the cab is waiting ma’am” the receptionist said when the call went on answer machine, I pushed him back and smiled sadly “I have to leave Jamal and ¬†if you truly love me you won’t come after me, I need to know the truth”.

He nodded and ¬†gingerly wiped away his tears, I pulled my suitcase and left the room I gave my surrounding a final look as I walked to the reception I don’t think I’ll be visiting the place anytime soon, not even the region which happens to be my favorite.





SHE LEFT ME, this is my worst nightmare come to pass, first I didn’t want to love her more than I did now ¬†because I didn’t want to have to choose between her and the vengeance I sought but the last thing on my mind right now is revenge, I had to seek justice for my parents and sister, I heard the soldier when he told dad he had been ¬†given orders by Lieutenant Amin to kill ¬†him, I heard them, I closed my eyes and burst into tears I’ve never been so clueless in my life could I give up on the revenge like I truly said, I wanted to call granny maybe she could soothe me this is really hard on me, I wanted her more than anything else, I needed her like I needed my next breath.


She would be at by home now I wonder if she has already told her dad, I can’t even get angry at her dad anymore ¬†when I remember what her dad did does this mean I have forgiven him, I shook my head vehemently and hit the wooden door with my fist, my knuckles hurt but the hurt pacified me, maybe hurting myself might reduce the self hate I felt. ¬†The two people I hate right now are myself and Dr Amin, especially myself I should have told her the truth earlier maybe she could have understood me. But I’ll respect her wishes and stay away for sometime, she needed to cool off she has been through enough already.


I’m also a bit relieved that she’s found out the truth.

I called granny and relayed what transpired between us, she was sad Liyah had left me and even volunteered to talk her into coming back to me but I stopped her “I want her to have time to look into things granny but I really hurt” my voice was a bit strained “Jamal you should have told her something, I don’t like talking about your parents and sister’s death but I think you also need therapy, you need to get over it, I’m coming over to that place” my granny is my confidante, I was much closer to granny than granddad “I’ll have to go now granny no need to come over I’ll call you when I need you to” “Take care of yourself Jamal don’t do anything stupid, and you can come join us”

I laid back and reminisced the time my parents were killed “It was a Friday night my dad was looking into a military corruption issue, weapons and funds that were supposed to go into the training and recruitment of ¬†military personnel were missing, and there was also rumours of a coup being planned by Dr Amin, dad had called the minister for defence for questioning and was killed a few days after.

I was on the tree house ¬†when they invaded the house I was playing hide and seek with Maya and she had ran into the house, I heard a ¬†gunshot and a shout some few minutes later and another one I ran into the house but stopped when I heard them talking “Lieutenant Amin Mahmud sent us, he said you called him about the missing weapons and this is the reply he asked us to give you rest in pieces” he ¬†said and pulled the trigger “Boom” I felt like shouting but fell silent, I went back to the tree house and hid they poured gasoline around the building and lit the place up I cried my heart out, my life took a complete turn ¬†then.

The fire service were quick to extinguish the fire and everything that happened after was like a dream I was flied to the US by my grandparents, went for therapy it’s even a miracle I became normal I never told my grandparents I knew the one behind their death but the thought of revenge kept me going and now here I am doubting the very facts I’ve always known.








I AM OVERJOYED right now, Liyah is finally going to be mine, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. The ceremony took place before Maghreb prayer, her dad offered to pay the bride price but I persisted on paying it myself I wanted to marry her with my own money, he,the imams and some few people witnessed the ceremony. We still had the signing part to do, there was a judge already waiting for us when we ¬†get home.


Finally Liyah is mine, I could continue with my plans. I shook Dr Amin’s hand and hugged him tightly, ¬†I was sincerely grateful for the greatest gift I’ve had in a long time I pray this marks the beginning of great things in my life. We came back home after Isha prayers Liyah, Sumy and my Grandparents were in the sitting room chatting like old buddies, I like this.


Three days later……..


I was very happy when her dad arranged the marriage three days ago, we did the ordinance marriage the next day because the judge couldn’t make it we ¬†had a little dinner party, with a few of her dad’s acquaintances, business partners and her friends, the only people I knew were my grandparents and Mike, I couldn’t really talk to Mike, couldn’t blow off my cover.


“I wonder what Yanick and Donald are doing right now, probably enjoying the beach” she chuckled and pushed herself into me “Ugh Jamal, I want this moment to last forever” I hugged her more tightly “I want that too princess, promise me you’ll never leave me no matter what” “I promise baby, I’m never going to leave you” I kissed her forehead I now felt a little bit at ease she might stick to her promise when things start going haywire I just pray she does.

The driver increased the speed of the car, I pulled her into me, and looked to the beautiful vegetation, I seldom see lots of greenery I looked down at her and she was asleep I kissed her forehead and leaned into the seat pushing it backwards.


The ¬†Eastern region is definitely gonna be my second ¬†home, I’ve never been there but she loved the region, we had to drive there because aeroplanes didn’t ¬†fly there because of the mountains that surrounded the place,La Lumiere hotel was the place we lodged into, I liked the serenity and quiet nature of the place we were ushered to our cottage I held her hand as we walked in “Here we are Princess I love the place already” “Me too”. The place was very big a whole community I could say, we walked by the beach holding hands “how many days do you think we should spend here?” she held my hand tighter and kissed my knuckles “A month?” she asked giving me a questioning look “I can’t guarantee that princess but I’ll see what I can do about it but we’ll be travelling frequently so we might visit places much better than this” “I just love the serenity of the place, my soul feels content here Mal, thank you so much for sharing this with me” I held her hands up and kissed each of her fingers, I kissed her forehead then ¬†her nose, “Princess… ”





I WAS AMAZED AT HOW fast things happened ¬†I was finally married to Jamal, words can’t express how happy I am, we left for Accra after a small wedding reception, I shed tears when I was leaving home I missed my friends too.


I regularly called dad and my friends especially Sumy she always wanted to know if I was doing OK by him.


We’ve ¬† lived in La Lumiere hotel for almost three weeks, my admission letters were already in and Jamal has been very busy for these past days he always on phone barking orders to his workers, he pushed me back when I tried to crawl into but he pushed me back. “You know I can’t join you, do you want me to lose everything” he almost shouted and locked himself in one of the rooms, I felt tears well in my eye, ¬†I’m quite emotional these days, ¬†little things made me teary, I crawled into the sofa and had a good cry, is Jamal falling out of love with me or was I imagining things.”Princess.. wake up it’s past prayer time”, he kept whispering in my ear, I turned and flicked my eyes open I smiled when our eyes met, it’s prayer time wake up I want us to pray together, he carried me to the bathroom and seated me on the WC “I’m going out now, freshen up and perform ablution i’ll be waiting for you , I joined him when I was done, he kept very long in sujjud, I prayed my heart out I didn’t know what was going to come my way but I know Allah will boulder my shoulders. I started walking to the bedroom when we were done “Princess…. ” I stood still but still faced the bedroom “I’m sorry for pushing you away earlier ” he said embracing me frm behind. I held our joint hands to my tummy and smoothed my face on his arm, “Don’t ever push me away Jamal I don’t know if I can take it please” he hugged me more tightly “I won’t ever push you away”.We went for a stroll that evening “We’ll be leaving for LA very soon I want you to meet my friends”. I was happy when he said that.


I woke up late night around 2.00 am I couldn’t go back to sleep, I prayed a few rakahs and tried going back to sleep, my eyes caught Jamal’s laptop on the table, I hated prying into people’s stuff but this was different he is my husband and it’s not like I’m going to do anything bad just checking my emails, The machine was already on and he had a file opened I scrolled ¬† to save and close the file when my eye caught my dad’s company name, what has it got to do with Jamal, I frowned a bit and looked through,what I saw gave me the greatest shock of my life , it was about the transfer of shares from one Mike to him, I remember dad introducing me to someone with such name, A-ha ¬†the one I met at dad’s office, I pray this is not what I’m thinking I closed the file and started scrolling through the remaining icons, I opened almost all the icons and ¬†finally got what I was looking for it was about a military colonel ¬†(Mohammad Amin Mahmud) which happens to be my dad’s name conspiring with the military to kill the Attorney General it became difficult to breathe I hope ¬†this is not what I think it is, Was I just a means to an end? I pushed the laptop from the table and it thudded heavily across the room I breathed in huge gulps of air but it seemed pointless I couldn’t regulate my breathe I started hitting my chest with both hands, “Liyah…” he called out as he came in “where are you?” he stood motionless when he switched on the light and saw me sitting on the floor with the laptop not too far from me, he ran to me and held me “Liyah what is wrong with you?” I ¬†tried pushing him away but ¬†I was too weak, I heard him call the hotel doctor.






I STRETCHED MY HAND TO pull her into me but I felt nothing the place was cold which meant she hasn’t been there for long, I sat up frighteningly, I had heard a sound earlier, something was being hit repeatedly “Liyah…. ” I called out o switched on the light , ¬†there was my laptop lying on the ground I remember placing it on one of the side tables, then I heard Liyah’s choking , I don’t know what has happened “breathe slowly OK” I rushed to call the reception “a doctor will be sent right away”. Her¬†breath had regulated by then and she burst into tears I held her but she pushed me away “Why me Jamal” I tried embracing her ¬†but she pushed me, “Leave me alone!”she shouted “Jamal I want a divorce, but there’s one thing I want you to know if you had told my dad your reason for coming to our house he would have given you what you wanted, there was no need to involve me in your fuck revenge” there was a knock on the door just then I opened it and I don’t know how but Liyah was at the door like lightening “Please take me away” I tried holding her hand but she fainted just then. “Liyah.. ” I carried her back into the room with th for the doctor to examine her “Lovers spat?” the doc asked





I WAS VERY TIRED I ¬†was in LA yesterday, I had to shorten my trip because ¬†my grandparents will be arriving today, Liyah called to ask if ¬†we would be arriving today I really missed her, ¬†I talked to her on the phone but it wasn’t like seeing her, I would let my grandparents persuade her dad to move the wedding forward ¬†I have lots of projects to attend to I had a shoe collection about to be opened in LA with Jamal Crawford, Mike seems to be having problems with the old man I needed to marry Liyah like this second I don’t want my plans to ruin my relationship with her I’m so confused right now.


“Liyah please listen to me, I swear I love you I never intended to hurt you or use you against your dad” “Leave me alone Jamal I hate you I swear I regre-” I hugged her tightly but she was resists and pushes me away.

Breathing became ¬†difficult, the portion of my bedspread was drenched with sweat . What does this mean ¬†I checked my phone clock and it was a few minutes past 3 pm, the flight will be arriving soon, I freshened up, prayed and packed a few things. This time I’ll be coming back with Liyah as my wife I’m gonna use every persuasive tact to convince her dad my luck is my grandparents liked her they didn’t know of my plans but my feelings for Liyah were sincere so it was alright.

I called the taxi service in my area to send a taxi my house I didn’t want to tire the driver out.

I was at the airport in less than 30 minutes, the driver directed me to the airport restaurant when I called to ask where they were since I didn’t see them at the arrivals area, ¬†“Jamal ” my granny called out excitedly when she saw me, ¬†there was never a dull moment with Nana around I hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek “Jamal my boy you’ve grown more handsome than ever” granny knew I didn’t like it when she said that but says it anyway “Come here my boy”my grandpa hugged me more tightly and patted my back “Missed you my boy” “I missed you too”. We ordered only drinks and sipped lightly as we waited for our flight “We’ll be taking another flight in about 15 minutes” I told them “I like this country already, ¬†I read there are lots of beaches here, ¬†I can feel the waters calling out my name already” Granny said stretching out her arms I gave grandad a look and shook my head. “Grandad I want you to convince Liyah’s dad to push forward the wedding” my grandma grinned “Someone is in love, I really like that girl Jamal you will have to deal with me if you break her heart” I swallowed lightly and smiled ¬†nervously, flashes of the dream crossed my mind “I don’t pray to do that granny I really love her”. I wanted to surprise Liyah ¬†so I didn’t call her when we were about to take off.

The driver drove the car away before ¬†our flight departed , I couldn’t take my mind off granny’s words throughout the flight, I have to get married to this girl I can feel something will go wrong I can’t lose her.




I COULD FEEL SOMETHING ¬†would be happening, a life changing experience maybe I looked at the mirror ¬†and straightened my dress, I ¬†turned to Sumy again “are you sure he’s going to love this?” “You look so beautiful I don’t think he’s going to let another guy give you a second look” I sighed “Thank you”.

I was wearing a light green and black armless wrap dress  with a black head scarf and applied a light make up and lip gloss.

DAD arrived ¬†first ¬†I hugged him and took his briefcase “Welcome dad, ¬†how was your trip?” “Good princess, how have you been?” “Splendid dad”. ¬†Sumy also greeted him and went on to the sitting room I took his briefcase to his room and came back to join her.

“Has Jamal arrived yet?” dad asked when he joined us later “No dad he’s yet to come I think his grandparents came into the country not too long ago he ¬†might be on his way by now “Liyah I want you to do something for me”….. I wonder what it would be this time “I want your wedding ¬†to be done today” I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad what does this mean “Liyah?” he called ¬†my name questionably “Did you here what I said”. My voice choked I love Jamal but I still had to get used to the idea of getting married . “OK dad, but why the rush” he just smiled and shook his head


A taxi drove inside, Jamal and his grandparents came out of the car and I ran out to meet them I hugged Yanick tightly before doing same to Donald, Jamal stood behind crossing his hand to his chest, ¬†he winked at me and smiled when our eyes met, I think my heart somersaulted then. “What about me don’t I get a hug?” he said stretching out his arms I frowned a bit and twisted my lip “Really you want a hug?” I asked taking Yanick’s hand in mine and walking inside with her as Jamal and Donald tailed behind us.

Dad met us at the door and hugged Jamal tightly giving him a pat on the back “Welcome back son” he shook Donald and Yanick’s hand and showed them in.

“I’m happy I finally got to meet you Mr and Mrs Jones”. “Freshen up first then you come down from your meals” I said as I showed them to their room upstairs.

I was so excited I had forgotten to introduce Sumy, Dad was having a talk with Jamal so it was the two of us again “I’m sorry I didn’t get to introduce you to Yanick but I’ll do that when they come out” she turned away, I held her arm “Mi amigo please ok” she tsked and rolled her eyes “I hear you”

We were going to have an early supper today like the Ashantis ¬†do I introduced them to Sumy before we went to the table. Yanick couldn’t stop praising the cook “Liyah you know I really travel” I nodded when she said that “this is one of the best meals I’ve ever had thank you” I smiled and stole a look at Jamal.

Daddy cleared his throat, here we go again “Mr and Mrs Jones as I was saying to Jamal earlier I want the wedding to be done today” Yanick widened her eye and looked from me to Jamal “Really? ¬†How can that be done?” she asked looking at her husband then giving us a questioning look. “I wanted to surprise Jamal and Liyah, ¬†and everything has already been prepared”. Jamal grinned more widely this time, “We have to hurry the imams will arrive very soon” dad said standing to leave the table, so it was true after all.





JAMAL’s call was unexpected I promised to fly to LA before game night it seems I couldn’t do that, Jamal is a good friend of mine although we’ve not known each other for long he plays for the LA clippers, we met at a charity event and ¬†had the same name almost the same in height though he was a few inches taller than me “Why didn’t you ¬†tell me about this wedding and who’s this lucky lady is she in LA?” I looked into her eyes and shook my head “No Africa, she stole my heart the very minute I saw her, and we’ll be flying to LA next two weeks I have some businesses to attend to”. Mike and Dr Amin came out of the office just then. “It was nice doing business with you sir, I’ll bring the papers tomorrow for you to look into” I heard Mike tell him as they walked towards us “Jamal come here son” I shook hand with the both of them while Liyah hugged him “Mike meet my” …he gave ¬†Aaliyah a side look before saying “son” “Jamal this is Mike my soon to be business partner” I nodded and shook Mike’s ¬†hand again, more ¬†tightly this time, I was excited when I heard what he said but he has not yet signed the papers ¬†so it was still a work in progress. “We shall talk more ¬†tomorrow” He said giving Mike a pat on the back “Yes sir,have a good day” Mike replied and went away.

I stood when we walked into the office it was much bigger and stylish ¬†than i made out from the video ; a picture of him, his late wife and little Liyah stood on his desk,they looked really happy, that is what I dream to have with Liyah. A vast mahogany table with a comfy office chair behind it ¬†and two similar but smaller ones opposite it, “Have a seat Jamal” he said pointing to the chair to his right, Liyah ¬†sat on the chair beside mine, ¬†I wondered why she didn’t sit on his lap today, he smiled and looked from me to Liyah “Liyah no need to beat around the bush I want you tell us the decision you’ve are you ready to take Jamal as a husband?” I ¬†stole a look at her but she just played with her fingers, my body tensed when she opened her lips is she going to refute my proposal?, ¬†she closed her eyes a bit and bit her lips, ¬†I felt like shaking her up maybe that will get her to hurry she looked at me then at her dad “Um dad I-” she passed me a ¬†look again “Yes I will dad but it’s not going to be as immediate as Jamal wants it?” he nodded and smiled, he was very happy with her choice, I was overjoyed with by her decision but I wanted a wedding right now ¬†“Jamal, you’ve heard the young lady, when would you want the wedding to take place?” “Today sir” he chuckled then looked at Liyah “You see the young man is in a haste” I chuckled myself ¬†“But can we make it next week I have lots of projects he smiled and turned to her again she looked down playing with her fingers she was shy all of a sudden “When did you say your grandparents will be here again?” “Ghana will be their next stop ” he nodded “Then we’ll set the date 3 months from now that’s in July” “Thank you so much sir” I replied although ¬†I would have preferred it much earlier.





I WANTED the earth to just swallow me up when I said yes, this guy can’t be serious he wanted me to marry him today has he ever saw this being done seeing a lady and marrying her in less than a week was this a reality show? I shook my head as remembered what happened in the office, ¬†the girls needed to ¬†hear this ¬†I was going to be Mrs Bossman in less than four months I felt so happy inside as for school I wondered which one to choose I have applied to 3 schools outside the country and two in Ghana my dad only knew of Yale and Birmingham University, I don’t know why I’ve not told about Aberdeen maybe it’s ¬†because I’m not really into the school.

The girls were very surprised when I told them the next day “Aaliyah are you really sure about this?” Lisa asked worriedly, she was suppose to be the roses and chocolate kinda girl and look at what she’s asking me, ¬†Sumy was unusually quiet “I don’t want to ruin your happiness girl but I pray you are not making a mistake” she said in a quiet voice I nodded and hugged her, she understood me. “All I want is your support guys” I said pleadingly “We’ve got your back Liyah” I smiled and hugged Lisa too.

Jamal had lots of businesses  to attend to because he had delayed some to be able to stay back with us, he went back to Accra two days after  our meeting with dad.


Two months later……


I ¬†was mostly fixated to my phone these days I’m either texting or calling him, he seldom visited us but made time to fly over whenever he could. “Liyah please tell your dad to push the date forward I get really tired nowadays, making runs between LA, London, Accra and Kumasi. I want to make those trips with you… Are you there babe?” I really felt sorry for him but he had to wait for the right time “We have to be patient Bossman we are only 25 days away from the wedding no need to rush things”.

Jamal will be visiting with his grandparents today, I am so excited I don’t know how to express it, I have been chatting with Yanick and Donald all this while. Yanick always made my day, Dad was at a conference in ¬†Accra but would be back today, and my step-mom was also on a trip to God knows where so I was home alone with the maids, I called Sumy to join me, Lisa was visiting with her ¬†cousins in the capital. The maids helped me ¬†prepare 3 local dishes, Yanick and Donald said they wanted to try every local dish, I didn’t want to make any heavy dish so I made otor (mashed ripe plantain), Ampesi with kontomire stew (boiled yam with cocoyam leaves) and kenkey with hot red pepper and shito(fried pepper sauce). I wondered if they’ve arrived yet I called Jamal’s number but he did not answer ¬†he came back from London just yesterday, he needed to slow down ¬†a bit, he called me later “Sorry princess I was praying when you called hope everything is going well” “Yes everything is going well what time will you be going to the airport?” “I’ve sent a driver to pick them up, we’ll be coming tomorrow” “Jamal!” I complained in a whiny voice, “you want all the meals I prepared to go to waste, you’ll have to come today its only a 45 minutes flight you’ll be here within an hour. “OK for you I’m going to ¬†buy a ticket now, I’ve bought the tickets online and our flight is 30 minutes after they arrive so I’m going to rest now baby love you” “I love you too baby, hope to see you soon”.