Value what you have now, for you never know when you might lose it. 


I heaved a sigh when I got home and there was no sign of Steph,  then frowned remembering what Steve had told me,  for all I know he only knew two people in this country Steph and me, and I could quite remember him promising to do business with Steph, so if Steph is not home why the hell is Steve here.  I ran to his home office and he was not there,  then checked every other  room in the house which also turned futile,  maybe he’s just not back yet and Steve was playing games with me.  He could definitely pull such a stunt, the man practically had no inkling of seriousness in him,  this was just a figment of his character I know he’s much worse. 
I rolled my eyes and did my nightly routine knocking out immediately I laid my head on my pillow. 

I was surprised when I opened my eyes to see Steph lying behind me with his hand draped over my body,  I blinked numerously then touched his face to  see if I was hallucinating,  I was caught off guard with the tug at both ends of my  my lips and the kiss I planted on his face, maybe I missed him more than I let on.

 I think I might have awakened  him with my touches, when just a touch wasn’t enough,  I felt his hand tighten   around my body then a trail of  wet kisses followed.

I closed my eyes losing myself to  the euphoria only he could take me. 

I woke up early in the morning and there was totally no trace of him,  I blinked several times trying to decipher  if all that I had experienced was indeed  a dream.  I bathed and dressed in one of my loose clothes,  a white knee length dress,  then went downstairs in search for breakfast. 

The house was very quiet, it was apparent Awura Abena was still not back and I was a bit amazed when I felt a bit lonely, the house was clean though. 

 I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge taking the bowl of fruits out, I washed  it with fresh water before taking a  seat on one of the long stools eating it as I  sliced it. 

I thought on how I was going to  spend the day. 

I called Nora but it went straight to voicemail,  I threw the phone on the kitchen island huffing in frustration,who knew  marriage could be so boring , I really needed to go on a vacation , I  ran back upstairs for my bag and phone,  ‘maybe I could find an interesting site to visit’, I noticed a note sticked to the side of the dressing mirror, I frowned in confusion as I  looked at it,  was I so lost in thought before that I didn’t notice it even though the mirror is the first thing I  looked at after waking up. 
I removed it from the  mirror and read the message that was obviously written by Steph 

I missed you honey wanted to surprise you with breakfast but I had an urgent call at the office I  promise to make it up to you when I get home”

Lots of love,

Steph xo

I sighed in both  relief and frustration,  last night felt so real I was a bit disappointed when I woke up to an empty bed,  this only meant he was really here, but what boggles my mind is the fact that I didn’t see him after I came from the club, was he at home then?,  I shook my head and shoved the paper and phone in my purse,  I’ll just have to find out when we meet. 


Steph really made it up to me after we met later that day, he took me to a newly opened italian restaurant then treated me to a spa the following morning but yet again he had to leave later that day. 

I couldn’t be more proud of him and myself, married to a young affluent man who came from virtually nothing and treated me like a queen,  living a life that most ladies in my circle envied, was definitely a life worth living with pride. 
2 weeks on

I met up with Nora today and she looked much better than the last time I saw her,  she was wearing a white   midi dress with a white coat over it,  I frowned a bit at her cherry red lips and red pumps,  “See who’s here, the ultimate snubber” I said as I made my way to her meeting her halfway. The girl has only picked two of my calls in the last two or three weeks,  I hugged her tightly kissing her cheek then pulled away quickly before she could stain my face with her lipstick.

“You look beautiful” I said sincerely she smiled widely and nodded looking away a bit “I’m sorry for snubbing you” she said rolling her eyes a bit as we walked back to the couch “But I’ve been very busy with work and you know with the kind of progress we are making we work twice as hard” “I kind of understand I mean Steph is barely in the country I can’t imagine the kind of pressure you undergo each day” as if on cue her phone tinged, “excuse me” she said as she looked at  the screen smiling widely at whatever was written on her screen, I wonder if she was back with that her good for nothing boyfriend “So?” I asked when she turned her gaze back to me her already widened lips widened if possible, I bet  she would  have been a watt too bright if she was a bulb “Well I met this guy last week at work and I think I’m falling for him”  I forced a smile on my face though I wasn’t a huge fan of this supposed “LOVE”I still had to support her “Ok” I said a bit enthusiastic to hide the doubt I really felt “Can’t wait to meet him,  what’s he like” that was the opening she needed the real Nora (Miss animated chatterbox)  made an appearance and I  somehow wished I could plunge my head in the deep sea.
“So what do you do now? I mean I really know you Casse, you can hardly stay at  a place for long not to talk of being a  full-time housewife” I sighed dropping the charade I put up when she started talking about her new found love “I’ll be leaving for Dubai tomorrow” I replied, her eyes widened in surprise then she squinted them, as if I was up to some mischief “Are you going to  meet up with Steph there?,  he’s there to secure a deal you naughty girl” she gasped and widened her eyes again fanning her face “You are pregnant right?” I frowned and shook my head,  I was getting annoyed with all these pregnancy issue,  why does everything I do has evolve around  pregnancy.