For Better For Best 

This page is in memory of these amazing souls Aisha Abdullahi Idris, Bariyat and Mufeeda  May Allah grant u the highest level of Jannah and forgive all your sins, along with all our departed souls. 

Nine 💕

Mom was ecstatic when she saw me,  “Come see my daughter” she bellowed to her workers as I entered the shop,  “she’s the prettiest and smartest”, I widened my already tugged lips baring almost every tooth.  My eyes widened in shock when she pulled me into a tight embrace, I relaxed as bit and rested my head on her shoulder. “Welcome back home my daughter” she whispered as she pulled away from the hug. I cringed inwardly at how her eyes skimmed over my body,  I felt like my body was under an X-ray machine,  then shook her head. 

“How was your trip?” she asked as  we walked farther into the shop,  “Cynthia please be more attentive I’ll be inside if you need me” she ordered one of her workers as she ushered me to her office, I looked around impressed with how organized the place was, “I’m impressed” I uttered looking back at her,  she nodded smiling widely. My eyes came back to the huge desk which had pictures of her, Steph and I at the wedding and other childhood pictures of mine.

I cringed at the sudden fall of her smile  replaced with a small frown, “Cassie how are things going?” she asked looking at me worriedly, “everything is cool” I answered smiling a bit,  “When will you start working?” she asked again, this meant I  was going to be getting an earful of another long lecture, mom just doesn’t understand that not all women are career driven “I’m still working on it” I replied knowing answering was better than keeping mute, mom was just one of those women who never age,  she sometimes treated me like I was a teen all over again, she shook her head disapprovingly. “Are you pregnant?” she asked again looking into my eyes I wished I could vanish into thin air then,  mom is so anti contraceptives,  she complained that she was the only one her mom gave birth to and she counted herself lucky she was even able to have me. 
I swallowed hard feeling like she could see what I  did, I bet mom could have made it to the top security service in the country,  “No,  I don’t think so” I stuttered, she nodded “Mom I feel pressured by Steph already please don’t pressure me too” she nodded tightening her hold on my hand,  “I’m very proud of you Cassie, but I’d really like for you to work,  or is Steph the one preventing you from doing so?” she added  her voice taking on a worried note,  I shook my head in response “it’s not that mom,  you really know I hate working for someone and I don’t want to start now,  Steph is already pressuring me on this pregnancy thing so I want to  have a child or two then start something later on” she opened her mouth then clamped it shut and nodded, “I hope you really know what you are doing” she muttered, I slowly pulled my hands from hers and checked the face of  my wrist watch,  “I might ran late mom I want to go ran some errands before going home” I widened my eye when I  felt her hands tightly clasped around my body then relaxed in her touch again,  I can’t count on  even one hand the number of times mom has hugged me since I reached puberty, maybe my graduation and wedding,  she was too busy being strict and warning me of getting pregnant. “Take care of yourself and your husband Cassie, I’d have really liked for you to work but I’d rather you give me grand babies now so I can spoil them rotten”

I smiled feeling more fake than ever,  here I am a graduate only 23 who should be out there working like every other 23 year old girl  who is likely partying I missed that part,  I should be partying living the life a real 23 year old  is suppose to be living, partying, travelling dating handsome men who have lots of money to spend on me,  mom, I only married for you to get off my back and Steph was too good for me to give up,  sorry to burst your bubble mom  but I’m not ready for a baby yet. 
She escorted me to my car, I looked at her through the rearview mirror, she was still standing at the gate of the shop waving at me,  I smiled and bit appreciating the  strength of the woman who birthed me,  she might have been strict on me,  and I might still have a  bit of dislike for the way I was brought up but I can’t deny that she’s a woman with the spine of steel who has wanted nothing but the best for me. 

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate our parents especially our moms for being the superwomen they are and supporting us in everything we do. 

And please guys let’s appreciate the pple around us we can never tell  the last time we might see them.