Five 💕

I couldn’t decipher what was happening to me so I decided to enjoy  whatever fun Steph had planned,  maybe letting this be a real honeymoon will ease the pressure  on the both of us,  for heaven knows I’d never remarry : enjoying this one to the fullest is my only option. 

Today’s tour was nothing short of amazing and sad,  seeing the prisons and everything had a little damper on my mood but I lightened up when we joined the carnival. Steph bought the huge feather crown and tutu for me,  I looked funny when I wore it, I had to pull my dress up tying the ends so I  could dance freely. We took lots of pictures and videos.  “Let’s go over there Steph” I uttered pulling him to a tent, there was a long queue but I was curious to know what was going on.  “Why are we still standing here when we can be having fun” he asked trying to pull me away, I shook my head and wrapped his hand around my body “We’ll know when we get there”I watched as couples walked away smiling, and others with frowns. 

I didn’t believe in this but it would be fun to  see how people make up lies about your life and tell you the impossible would come to pass. 
I smiled and kissed Steph whenever he tsked I was getting  impatient myself but my curiosity was at its peak. 

We waited patiently as the girl before us rose from the woman’s chair with a wide smile on he face. 

I almost bellowed in laughter at Steph’s scrunched face as he took his seat he looked like he a child that had been denied his favorite candy.  “Aww poor baby stop sulking” I cooed pouting my lips a bit then turned to the lady.  “Ah I can see you two are newly weds” the old lady said in her thick South African accent as she placed her stack of cards close to her, I almost rolled my eyes we were definitely newly weds our wedding bands were brand new even a blind man could tell we were newly married. 

“Give me your hand” I thrusted my hand into her wrinkled ones and waited for her to speak “Ah” she began with a wide smile then frowned as her smile dropped just as it came “I can see so much bitterness” she began in a voice so small I wouldn’t  have heard if I wasn’t so attentive, then crossed a look at Steph,  I didn’t miss the glint of  sadness that crossed her face. She forced a smile  and asked Steph for his hand, he frowned in confusion as he gave her his hand “You are a brave one” she said looking up after she had studied the lines in his hand, there was some kind of message that transpired between them when their eyes locked. 

“What you will go through is going to  hurt more than what you’ve been through but you are a brave one” she volubled.

“We are charactarised by different motions,  we choose which one to depict us” she said quickly looking into my eyes I couldn’t avoid the loud thumping of my heart as fear set into my veins seeping into my blood and bone. My breath became shallow as I  shivered from the sudden chill that engulfed me. 

My brain was  shouting run but my limbs were too weak to comply. What was happening,  I blinked rapidly when my eye met Steph’s did he catch on what the woman told me?.  I forced a smile at his worried face but even I could tell it wasn’t convincing.  “I doubt what she said is e-e-ver going to come to pass” he assured but the little waver in his voice was enough to tell me even he wasn’t sure of what he was saying maybe we were two disturbed souls who have only come together to ruin each other. 

But even if I was to be ruined there was no way I’d be miserable like my mom,  this only  certified that my future actions will be totally necessary, ‘I’ll never end up miserable’ I repeated the mantra as I shook my head sideways.