Since our return from the honeymoon Steph seemed to be having a breakthrough with his company, he was opening branches in even francophone West African countries,  so I rarely saw him,  he was seldom in the country and even when he came back from his trips  he’s mostly at work  before I wake up, the annoying part is he works on weekends. My fear of dropping the IUD or complicating things hindered my plans but it’s been 3 months now and the implant has somehow made my irregular monthly discharge normal. Unearthing my old self prodded  my mind the more as each day passed.

Finally its Saturday night,  my body felt rejuvenated  from the week long pampering, I dressed in a  midi backless  body con which fitted like a glove, I had given Awura Abena the day off so I had the house to myself with the exception of the 2 guards. I locked up and took one of the luxurious  cars  Steph had added to his collection in the past months.  I had lots of options but tonight going to Vienna City held a lot of intrigue, I might be lucky with their jackpots or even try out the casino. 

One thing I loved about the place is it’s not utterly packed, though  Saturdays are  an exemption,  I walked into the club knowing I’d garner as little attention as I could cos my clothing was modest compared to others I walked straight to the bar and ordered my drink,  I nodded in appreciation when the tender  placed my cold drink in front of me, then turned to the dance floor were bodies were swamped swaying to the rhythm,  I could feel the rhythm pounding through my system the heat emanated by the  cold drink only added to the rhythmic pound,  the last time I’d been at a club was in Joburg and this place as much rivalled with the club I went.  My eyes moved upstairs to where the casino was, maybe I should try my luck with the slot machines then I can have   party really hard.

I looked at the people lined up in front of the machines and frowned in confusion then watched the guy adjacent me mimicking his actions, I pulled the handle when I saw him do same and sat up in my chair watching the reels rumble.  ‘What in God’s name have I just done’ I  wondered staring cluelessly at the reels.  I was surprised when I  saw money come out of the machine,  the guy beside me turned and smiled at me, I nodded back and happily took the money, it wasn’t quite the jackpot but I made 500 cedis and considering I  earned it with a much lesser amount it was worth it. 

“Would you like to try the table?” I heard a voice ask behind me,  I turned and it was probably a croupier dressed in a white long sleeved shirt with a bow tie and black pants,  out to convince me to join the game.  I shook my head and  stacked the money in my purse as I made my way to the dance floor,  I closed my eyes as I stood under the dim disco lights swaying  to  Rihanna’s ‘WORK’ .  

“I can tell your beautiful  body from a room stacked with like beauties who can’t surpass you” I stiffened at the familiar voice racking my brain of where I’d heard it.  He splayed his hands on my tummy thrusting  his body behind  me forcing me to move “Go on beauty I’d like to continue what we started in SA before your husband interrupted” I turned abruptly hitting his mouth in the process. My eyes widened when I saw  Steve,  I opened my mouth then clamped it shut again “What are you doing here?”  I finally managed to ask looking around like someone who’d been caught red-handed he cocked his head to the bar smirking as he removed his hand from his lip. 

I watched him warily as I walked with him to the bar,  then did a double check looking around to see if Steph will pop out from somewhere “What are you doing here?” I asked again frowning at the permanent smirk he seemed to have developed.  “The same thing you came here to do” 
  I rolled my eyes and squinted my eyes watching him carefully he signalled for the tender to bring us drinks then turned to me with the annoying smirk again “I’m here for business and I didn’t see anything wrong with topping it with a  bit of pleasure” he retorted looking me up and licking his lips, I shook my head sympathetically the guy will definitely get an A+ in flirting,  “And is this deal in anyway related to my husband?” I asked turning my ring so he could remember I was wedded. I didn’t miss the sudden movement of his eye to my fingers and the stupid grin making a reappearance, then he nodded.  That had me worried Steph never told me he was coming back,  there was going to be a launch party though I don’t really know what it’s about all I knew was it was making waves in the media was it why Steve was here?. I shook my head and drifted my eyes back to him,  forcing  a smile on my face. 

“I have  to go Steve see you later” he nodded then stood up too I frowned when he walked to me and held my arm gently guarding me to  the door, “Let  me escort you to your car” he whispered in my ears when he  noticed my resistance.

I managed to pull from his hold and sprinted to my car when we got outside leaving a surprised Steve by the entrance. 

Steve is back and Steph is making more money hope Cassie doesn’t fret, I mean Steph is making big bucks,  what’s ur take do u think she can be lured money and the gambling too😣