SEEING HER THIS HAPPY MAKES ME HAPPY,  I WATCHED AS SHE FUSS OVER THE CHILDREN’S WEAR, she even fussed over Annette who is sadly older than all the kids in the shelter, she named it AN-NOOR  I was dressed  in a black suit, “Don’t you think a kente will be more appropriate?” she asked knitting her brows a bit,  I shook my head vigorously I was not ready to deal with righting the big over cloth every few seconds and my people knew nothing about that kind of clothing she pouted and blinked like she was going to break down in tears any minute, “OK I’ll not wear the kente but I’ll alternate it for the smock are you happy now” she jumped on me I staggered a bit and held her “Watch it woman you might do harm to the baby in there” she rolled her eyes “For the enth time dear husband I’m not pregnant, I’m just going through a phase of my womanhood it all comes with being a woman” keep telling yourself that I wanted to retort but kept mute. 

It’s been two amazing years since the opening of her shelter and I’m so  happy with the help she’s given people we have people from almost every part of Nigeria at the shelter and have extended it to villages  even beyond Nigeria. 

“Snap out of it already what has you zoning out on me” I chuckled and held her up swinging  her around “I’m so proud of you, you’ve been very helpful I mean you are a great wife,  a great sister, a great daughter and above all a great mother ” I watched as her face closed with emotion, “I couldn’t have done it without you My star you made me know my worth, your patience helped me go through that I am the luckiest woman ever to have you as a husband” she replied in a voice thick with emotion and rewarded me with a kiss on the lip. 

She’d really done well,  she fussed over the children and made them feel part of the family she spends almost all her time with them,   her program now aired two times a week in the evening so she spends the morning with the kids. And she had an amazing relationship with my parents. My parents will be attending the ball today, dad was more fit now even though he still needs a  stick to aid him when walking.  

I quickly changed into the smock (fugu) , I bought it when we visited Ghana last year,  the kente was a gift from her Granddad, I frowned and looked down at my smock  “Hell no ” I knocked on the bathroom door “Zahra you’re not going to wear that smock” I warned she opened the  door and rolled her eyes “Of course I’m going to wear it, I want us to match” I sighed and shook my head “Don’t be too difficult just don’t wear it your arms are going to be exposed I don’t  like that” I reprimanded “I’m not wearing the kente” I sighed and kissed her shoulder “I’ll be downstairs with the family please hurry up we don’t want to be late for our own program”.
Dad,  Maruf and I were ready but of course mom and Zahra were not its been almost 45 minutes since I left her but she was still not ready. Mom joined us “You look handsome son I can see your wife has turned you into a Ghanaian already” she teased as she gave us all a kiss on the cheek.  “Masha Allah” I heard mom say,  I looked up from my phone and almost dropped it, “My wife surely knows how to entice her man” Maruf said walking  to  the foot of the stairs to wait for her he held his hand up, she eased her hands  in his when she made it down. I heaved a sigh but couldn’t take my eyes off her,  she looked regal in her kente cloth like the QUEEN  she is. 
I winked at her and gently took her hands from Maruf’s “You should lay claim on your own wife when you get one” I growled into his ear. “God stop all these childish acts kids we’re running late already” mom said in a stern voice rolling her eyes “Mom tell your son to stay away from my wife” “Ahmad” dad’s voice gruffed out.


The hall looked exquisite with lights hanging low she hurried to the children as soon as we got there,  she’d been acting a bit off ever since we entered the car I couldn’t tell what was wrong with her,  we seated ourselves at our reserved seats,  and waited for the program to start,   We were entertained by the kids doing a mix of African dance and ballet. 

We were all seated on the same table,  my parents and hers then my siblings, their spouses and her aunty, uncle and lovely twin cousins. 

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Annette a survivor and a beneficiary of this noble foundation, I remember when this whole thing started two years ago by one of  the most amazing women to ever walk on this earth, my mentor, my mom Mrs Fatima Alkali….” there was a roar of applause I wish she was here so I could tell her how amazing she was, “I want to use this platform to thank her and I want each and everyone of you here to go back home a winner by helping continue this great cause, help save a life by donating generously, thank you” there was another applause I could tell everyone was touched by her speech.
Fatima joined us and left after some few minutes. The kids came and did a whole lot of plays and survival stories were given by other survivors of  sexual abuse, and their relatives.  Lots of people were in tears,  some stories were just not believable. 

 “And now the lady herself the master mind behind all these the phenomenon  Mrs Fatima Alkali is coming to give us her vote of thanks” she walked to the podium looking more beautiful than earlier if that’s even possible  I was so fixated on her, I didn’t even hear a word she said “………my family helped me go through this and I thank them for the support they still show me and the kids,  and I want to thank everyone  who made it here tonight and donated for such a good cause thank you and have a goodnight”.

We hugged her when she joined us “I’m so proud of you”  I whispered into her ears. 


I FELT GIDDY AS I GAVE MY VOTE OF THANKS to end the program,  it took everything in me not to blurt out everything at the top of my voice, I looked over at my family and didn’t know how to contain the joy I felt and thank my CREATOR for blessing me with such a loving family both my in-laws who are more  like my parents and siblings (brother and sisters-in-law) then my parents and cousins. 

I looked over and my eyes caught Dabs “Thank you” I mouthed to her before going backstage and later on joining my family. 

“We are so proud of you” Mom said and hugged me tightly, my mom has changed so much this past year,  she now went with dad on his trips and called me like thrice a day dad joins the conversation, I feel more close to him than ever. 


We were deserted by everyone eventually I wanted to stay a bit longer with the kids Annette and Abdul with along with the  care takers could do it but I still couldn’t leave them here without our nightly hugs,  I wonder how I’ll manage to do that in a few months though. 

“I’m so proud of my babies” I whispered resting my head on his shoulders and pulling his hand tighter around my body.  “Look at how Annette and Abdul are all grown it feels like I just yesterday when I met them …………..and of course Dabs helped a lot…………… I’m ranting right?” I asked biting my lower lip, he sighed slowly his breath tickling my nape “No baby I love hearing your voice,  you know you have this cool sultry voice at night I sometimes wonder if you’re trying to seduce me” “ugh” I growled trying to pull myself from his hold but he held me tighter, “OK OK you are not trying to seduce me cos you already have me but you have the sexiest voice ever” “Mr AHMAD ABUBAKAR I’d like to believe  you didn’t just say that or so help me you’re so going to get it” I muttered in my best fiery voice “I love you Fatima, thanks for being supportive and being there even when you were suppose to leave” he uttered his breath  fanning my nape and behind my ear.  I gulped and held his hand tighter resting it on my abdomen “I love  you too Mostar you’re one of the best things to ever happen to me”.


The days went by in a blur things were the same as they’d always been,  making runs between work,  AN-NOOR  and home I felt the need to slow down but I wanted to set everything right before things got more hectic. 

I could tell mom was suspicious though she’d look at me for several minutes then look away and shake her head. 
My wedding anniversary was just around the corner and I was so sad when Ahmad told me he wouldn’t be around because of a business trip,  I was angry at him,  I wanted to break the news to him over an intimate dinner I had planned but since he couldn’t make it,  I had work to do,  Stanley said one of Africa’s youngest and finest business moguls wanted to be on the show but said the  he’d like to be anonymous till he comes on the show,  I refuted to do it  but since Ahmad will be out of the country on our anniversary I had no choice but to do it,  and I was a bit excited for the interview and curious to  see who wanted to be on my show so badly he didn’t want to disclose his identity. 

I WAS DRESSED TO THE ENTH probably  looking  more lovely than I should, Lola convinced me to wear this dress it was a red halter neck ankle length dress which was tight at the bodice but I had a jacket over it so it looked appropriate but without the jacket the dress was super sexy,  she said it was my anniversary and I needed to look beautiful because it was “MY DAY” her words not mine but my dress was still appropriate I waited for the guest to arrive, “Fatima you look over there at the screen and read the questions from there those are the only questions he agreed to answer to” Stanley said smiling,  I frowned a bit “Stanley I don’t think I can deal with such an egotistical guest I’ll have to ask him questions I want cos I’m the interviewer I only agreed to do this cos I love this job and don’t want to come off as rude but…………” I stopped midspeech when I saw a tall dark man in suit standing with his back towards me as he spoke to the camera man,  something looked familiar about him but I was too enraged to spare him a second look,  “He’s here so you don’t have to worry the program will be over before you know it” Stanley uttered giving me a thumbs up and walking away,  almost all the crew left with him except the camera man. I was tapping on my phone and didn’t even notice when he took his seat, he cleared his throat and I looked up only to find his face covered in a mask with only his lip and hairy chin exposed.  I nodded and shook my head I was 1 second from going away from all this crap. I rolled my eyes at the smirk he had, “Good evening and welcome to LIFE WITH FATIMA” “Thanks for having me” he replied in an annoying gruffy baritone voice,  I gave him a strained smile and read out the questions he wanted to be asked.

Interestingly the questions were centred around his parents and his many businesses, and talking to him was fun “So tell me do you have a wife?” I asked looking away from the screen “Well I have the most amazing lady ever and today happens to be our anniversary ……… in fact I’d like to use this platform to wish her a happy anniversary , I heard you also have yours today right?” I nodded and chewed on my lips “Happy anniversary babe,  I’m so proud of you and what you’ve become you’ve made me the happiest man by sticking even when I was nothing but trouble, thanks for loving me” he uttered his eyes never leaving mine,  I think he was looking at the camera behind me, but I don’t know if I’m hallucinating I think his voice very much sounded like Ahmad’s.  I breathed deeply trying to regulate my thumping heartbeat.  Suddenly I had Ahmad in front of me raising me from my chair I bit my lip hard and yelped when I felt the pain, “Is that really you Ahmad?” I asked hesitantly he nodded and pulled me to him then kissed my lips like it was the first time we’d met “Med) wo me hemaa” (I love u my Queen) I smiled broadly he still remembered the words. 
I pulled away from him again “I love you too,  but you should never play such a prank on me again” “Please give me another  kiss before the family starts trooping in” he looked into my eyes again “So when were you going to tell me?”  he asked frowning and pulling away, I knitted my brow in confusion “About the blessing we were going to have?” I smiled and looked away suddenly feeling  shy “I was going to tell you over a planned romantic dinner today” I said lowering my voice and nuzzling his chest. “I saw the pregnancy test and wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine so I made up this whole business trip thing” he uttered “Mhm so you went all Anas Aremeyaw Anas on me  because I didn’t tell you,  seriously Mr Ahmad I’m hurt by your words” I said in a hurry voice,  holding my chest. 
“Happy anniversary lovey dovey couple” Aunty Zainab uttered as she walked into the room, Ahmad didn’t make me move away from him even when I was trying to.  “God Zainab to you really have to be here” he asked gritting his teeth,  she smiled and shook her head “I knew you needed some saving when my naive brother kept you here longer than necessary, …………come let’s join the others they don’t have all day and lots of them need to go smooch with their spouses too” she uttered directing the last part at him. I sucked in a deep breath after she left the room and Ahmad didn’tmake me follow her. 

We joined them together for a short while before Ahmad decided to end everything “You can stay and keep on enjoying but I really need to leave with my wife, we have a very important place we need to be at thanks for coming and making our day” he said through the microphone and took me bridal style as we left the lobby that had been transformed into a diner.  I was seething with anger and refuted to talk to him as he drove, we drove to AN-NOOR, prayed with the kids and spent the rest of the day with them. 

“I love you Fatima you complete me and giving me a kid makes me the most happiest man alive, I like that we’ve made it this far although is not very long but I feel like I’ve known you all along because that’s what it’s really been” I looked into his glassed  eyes and blink back the tears that had gathered in my eyes as he said those “I’m proud of you sweety and you’re one of  the strongest women to ever walk on the face of this earth Ohemaa Zahra” he wiped the lone tear that was trickling on my cheek “Don’t cry you deserve more than this,  words cannot express how much you are worth you are timeless”.

I was lost of words he made me what I was he deserved all those credits his patience and love brought us this far and we had the rest of our lives to show ourselves just how much we loved each other.

“I love you too ” I said softly as he loved me  the only way he could. 

“I love that you sided with me even though I was BROKEN,  You made me feel complete and recreated my BROKEN pieces into the BEAUTY   I am now I love you dear husband of mine,  I love that I can call you Mine cos you are Mine, Thanks for helping me recreate myself”   

              from your ever lightening  star 

                                           ZAHRA 💕

I gently tucked the note in his pocket cos that was all I could do words can never be enough. 

                   *THE END*


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