💞 Two 


I watched through hooded eyes as she twirled and untied her sarong sashaying whiles the wind blew her hair,  I seem to fall endlessly in love with her every second of every day, she untied it squealing when a wave tumbled, “Come join me Steph” she urged, I shook my head, I’d rather watch her enjoy herself, plus I didn’t want to evoke feelings I’d rather leave locked at the deepest and darkest part of my brain.


Port Elizabeth was the most amazing place ever,  it brought back the sweet memories of my vacation to the coast, I wished we could continue living here.

Steph was a bit laid back  since our safari tour,  I could tell he didn’t like being at the shore but I was bent on making him join me his  eyes were following me like a predator eyeing his prey, I untied my sarong dancing with the wind as I hummed a tune in my head,  at this moment my heart held nothing but the need to feel loved that’s if it really existed.

I ran to Steph and threw the sarong at him, then dived into the sea and did a few back laps, I wasn’t the best swimmer but I could still hold my own,  the water became deeper as the current increased ‘what was happening?’ I felt like I was being pulled by a heavy force, then I felt a hand around me,  I held on to the hand breathing heavily.  “You are saved now hun open your eyes” a heavy accented voice urged “What happened?” I heard Steph asking worriedly,  “I think she couldn’t contend with the wave it was  a bit much for her” the voice answered, “Thanks for saving her man……but I think she still needs to see a doctor”.

I rolled my eyes at the worried look both Steph and the stranger had on their faces when I  opened my eyes “I don’t need to see any doctor” I rasped coughing,  “And who are you?” I asked the handsome stranger squinting my eyes a bit “Ah sorry for my manners I’m Steve Hudson” he said with a huge smile showing his pearly white teeth and  extended his hands to Steph “I’m Steph thanks once again man, I’m forever indebted to you for saving my wife” Steph uttered raining kisses all over my face “Uhm thanks Steve” I rasped looking away from him,  “You are welcome Steph” he replied looking at Steph then back at me “And you are…… ” “Cassie ” Steph carried me bridal style as we walked back to the hotel with Steve. 

“Join us for dinner tonight, Steve it was nice meeting you,  hopefully Cassie will be much better later when we meet”  he said giving Steve  his business card. 
I had a feeling Steve was going to be a major part of our lives,  and  hated that I liked him.