HE PACED THE HALL FOR WHAT SEEM LIKE HOURS,  how could he lose her when he just had her,  for the last months he’d prayed fervently for her return he was quite disappointed with  her cold shoulder treatment, but he still loved her, her eyes seemed haunted when she returned but he didn’t want her to feel coerced to tell him what was wrong with her,  he just prayed it wasn’t something serious.

He wondered if it was about her spendings, he would gladly give her more she was extravagant by nature.

For all he cared she could spend whatever she wanted besides  he couldn’t spend all the money he made alone, that was why they were partners they are meant to help each.

He smashed his fist to the wall hissing in pain afterwards.  “Stop that Steph I understand you are impatient  but self harm will only delay our stay here,  let’s just pray for her” Mrs Yawson chastised..
He took short deep breaths  to relax himself then looked skyward closing his eyes.  

He wasn’t a church enthusiast but he was a firm believer of  miracles of the Lord,  He’d saved him in more ways than he could count and although he seldom prayed he wished with all his heart that Cassie will be saved. 

After patrolling almost every part of the  hallway he finally sat close to Mrs Yawson and held her hand tightly,  she looked at his fear stricken face and nodded.  She was scared herself,  Cassie was all she had she might have been angry when she left her husband for months but at the end of the day she was her little girl. 

They both bolted from their seats when the Doctor came out “Doctor what’s happening hope she’s okay” Steph asked hurriedly, the doctor looked over at where Mrs Yawson  was,  “She’s my daughter” she hurriedly  answered the unasked question,  “Well your wife had a miscarriage but it was a complicated one,  the foetus couldn’t settle in the uterus because of the IUD she had” Steph blinked in confusion how could she have an IUD when they have  never discussed family planning infact he’s been enthusiastic about having kids since the day they tied the knot. 

“She was lucky the foetus was only 8 weeks old or the split in her fallopian tube would have been worse” Steph slumped heavily on the chair from the sudden dizziness that hit him,  he felt like his brain was on fire, he was in a whole different world, how could she be 2 months pregnant when the last time they had intercourse was barely 4 months.

Mrs Yawson furrowed her brows in deep thought,  Cassie had not been in the country for over two months how could she be pregnant for her husband or did he meet up with Cassie somewhere.

He took in  deep breaths to slow his rapid heart beat.  Cassie couldn’t do that to him,  it was a mistake,  she was not two months pregnant, or could the semen stay in the womb for some time before fertilisation?.


She couldn’t look him in the eyes when he entered the room,  she’d feigned to be asleep the whole for the past 6 hrs,  whatever anesthesia she’d been injected with was suppose to wear off since morning. 

He sat on the stool at the head of the bed looking at her frail frame, she’d lost weight in the past 48 hours.  
She finally turned her face to him,  tears already running down her cheeks,  he finally knew her secret.
He shook his head when she opened her mouth,  “I’m not going to tell your mom” she was a bit relieved but couldn’t sigh,  the woman would have been disappointed, she knew she was a disappointment to her mom and herself,  she could never hold a candle to the woman who birthed her. 
Her dad left them when she was young but that didn’t deter the woman in any way.  She worked her back to give the best to her daughter. 

She tried to smile but burst into tears,  he marveled at his bravado he was boiling inside, but still pitied her,  her tears tore and soothed him at the same time,  he wished to just wake up and realize it was all a bad dream.
               «»   «»   «»  «»





IT’S BEEN TWO WEEKS SINCE I  CAME BACK HOME,  and my relationship with Steph has not improved in anyway,  I couldn’t muster the courage to tell him I’d slept with another man,  the jet lag coupled with guilt and the silent treatment I received from both mom and Nora was eating me up. 

Steph was getting fed up I could tell,  I’ve practically turned down all advances he’s made on me,  my conscience wouldn’t make me open up,  telling mom would be the worse mistake I’ll ever make,  with how furious she is now she won’t think twice before beating me to pulp,  Nora worked with Steph and she was also angry with me already,  she tends to act stupid when angry,  I can never tell if she’ll run to mom or Steph with the news after I tell her. 

I sighed in frustration and fell backwards on the bed almost  bumping my head on the headboard,  I’ve never deemed myself perfect,  I know I’ve always despised working and poverty,  I might have married Steph for the wrong reasons but the guy has supported me even when he was the one being treated unfairly by me. 

Not once has he ever complained on my spendings,  I don’t know the amount he stacks in my account but not once has it ever run out even when I went on the doomed voyage spree.

‘You knew that all along but still cheated on him’ the humane part of my conscience chastised,  I made up my mind then to tell him the truth,  he at least deserved the truth from me.

 This relationship has been one sided anyway,  the only time I showed him love was before marriage .
I rose from the bed and made way to the closet,  then stopped when I remembered everything there was bought by him.

God, mom never raised me to be like this she was a strong independent woman, she has worked day and night just so I’ll get a good education,  yet look how I’ve turned out. 

I walked to the bathroom and showered,  Steph was almost home I had to finish up before he came. 

I wore a simple knee length white dress, then took my phone,  there was no need for makeup or anything and the little balance I had on my mobile money account should be enough to support me for a few weeks. 

I frowned when I heard a car pull up at the lot,  Steph was home already I  had to get this thing over and done with. 
I held the banister looking down to the front door,  then started descending the stairs when I saw the knob turn. I made it downstairs before he came in. 

The house was quiet,  I went to the kitchen when I heard the thud of his shoes, the fridge was stocked up with soups and stews and occasional left overs,  I poured a cup of rice in the rice cooker to cook then took  a bowl of stew from the fridge to heat. 

Maybe he’d be more understanding after eating,  I heaved a sigh and went to the living room again, he had  gone upstairs then,  I sat on the couch contemplating whether  to follow him there then convince him to join me or just forget about the matter all together besides there was no way I could get pregnant.  
I looked around the house, admiring the architectural prowess of whoever designed it,  it might also  be the last I’m seeing it too.

I then went upstairs to the master bedroom.  He was lying on the bed with both hands covering his face.  I admired his handsome stature and wondered why I never fell for him like I was suppose to. 

I cleared my throat and smiled when he removed his hands  from his face. He seemed surprised but smiled back and patted the space next to him I shook my head and beckoned him to stand with my index finger,  I burst in laughter when he started twisting his lips sideways looking skyward like he was in deep thought. 
“To whom  does this humble servant hold the honor to be  visited by this beautiful angel”

“God Steph your food will get cold” I said a bit exasperated,  “And she cooked for me Hallelujah” he threw his hands in the air as if he was giving  testimony. 

I suddenly became saddened by his reaction, he is suppose to be angry with me,  I’ve never cooked for him.  “I only cooked the rice though” I felt the need to remind him as we made our way downstairs.

 I made him sit at the dinning area then went to the kitchen to bring the food. 


He might have felt me tense when he took the first bite,  he closed his eyes as he chowed the food moaning and nodding,  “will have to tell you this is the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted” I shook my head and chuckled: “at this juncture I know you are lying Steph I only boiled the rice and it was in the rice cooker,  stop exaggerating”  he chuckled and shook his head then brought a spoonful to my mouth “Come on ahhh” I smiled and opened my lips,  I wonder if he’ll be this way after I tell him what really happened. 


I came back and sat on the chair I was occupying after I’d finished washing the plates. 

Steph was typing something on his phone but placed it down immediately I took my seat. 

“Steph I’m sorry for all that I’ve made you gone through,  I’ve not been a good wife and ……”

I closed my eyes tightly when I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen,  my head started throbbing and my vision blurry . 
Lord if it’s my time to die, please grant me a little time to ask for forgiveness.




I stood at the baggage lounge waiting to for my luggage to be cleared, I couldn’t ward off the uneasiness that settled at the pit of my stomach, what awaited me at home.
I know they’d be worried, a vacation I’d planned to go for two weeks had turned to being more than a month away.

What would I tell them kept me long?, Steph might be a bit understanding but how would I get mom to understand and Nora too, I owed her an explanation, I know she’s the one to bear all the grilling whiles I was away: Steph would have probably gone to her or mom by now to enquire about my whereabouts if he’s back from his trips.

I heaved a sigh as I pulled my bag by the handle and made way to the taxi rank.

I glanced through the cars, searching for a more suitable car to take me home, there was no way I was pulling up in front of my house with a car which looks like it might break out in the middle of the road.

I settled on a red and yellow painted Kia Sorento, the colour was the only give off that it was a taxi, everything else looked brand new. I looked at the bush of drivers who seemed to be in a hot argument and motioned to the car, the driver made it to the car before me and opened the trunk hurriedly shoving my luggage in before opening the passenger door for me.

I shook my head and opened the back door instead then rested my head on the headrest as I thought of how I was going to handle the situation.


The house was very quiet when I entered I went straight to the guest room, arranged my clothes in the closet and then laid on the bed a bit to rid myself of the jet lag.

I woke up after what seems like hours of rest and  entered the bathroom,  our guestrooms were already stocked with brushes, sponges and toothpaste so I went by my normal morning routine before making my way downstairs. 

It was late evening and Awura Abena was mopping the kitchen floor when,  I cleared my throat when I got closer to her, She turned abruptly almost losing her balance and the grip she had on the mop.  

Her eyes widened like saucers as her mouth widened agape,  she closed it then as if her mind just registered my presence she squealed and called Steph’s name “Sir!” she shouted,  I frowned and shook my head “Welcome back ma” she ran towards Steph’s home office after welcoming me. 

I shook my head and rolled my eyes then entered the kitchen to fix something for myself to eat. 
I rolled my eyes when I heard the shuffling in the living room and focused on the carton of milk and bowl of cereal. 
“Cassia?” he called questioningly,  I closed my eyes as his reverberated through my body,  then the face of Timone flashed through my mind. 

I felt his hands on mine, I opened my eyes, then pulled away,  I couldn’t let him touch my body when I’ve made another man done same,  “I -” I shook my head and held my hand up stopping him mid sentence,  then forced a smile on my face. 
“Let me eat when I’m done you can ask me whatever you want to know”
He seemed taken aback by my nonchalant attitude but he was quiet,  he stood up and walked out of the room I heaved a sigh I didn’t even know I was holding.  If only he knew what had happened he’d not even wish to be anywhere  near  me. 

I blinked back the tear that threatened to fall from my eyes, now wasn’t the time to cry I’ve wallowed way too much in this sorrow, it was time to get over it and tell Steph the truth. 

Can she tell the truth though. Should infidelity in anyway be forgiven?  What if the person really regrets his actions? 






He looked  distraught staring at  yet another contract blankly,  he couldn’t focus on what was written on the paper whiles his mind was faraway,  what could be happening to her?, where was she?, these questions kept prodding his mind,  Nora told him she was in Dubai but the call he just had said no one with her name had been in the country,  should he file her missing already,  what would he tell her mom?

 And to top it off he had a mole in his company ,  some of the ideas he and his team had come up with when meeting with his potential partners was already been implemented  by his main  competitor .

He paid employees  fairly well, way much than most employers in his circle of work do so who was the sell out.

  He sighed rubbing his thumb  and forefingers on his temple,  could it be Nora? Steph? Jude? He growled in frustration and threw his neatly arranged files off his table breathing heavily like he’d  ran a marathon,  he hated being stuck, cheated on and the worst of them all POVERTY.

 Pushed by avarice he’d done a good deal of work to never get there, and his networth was proof, marrying Cassie was his way of showing the world just how great he was,  he had no family all he could remember from his childhood was the hard labour he was forced to do,  going to sea as a kid to fish with older men and forced to swim down the deep water for nets that got stuck. 
He deemed himself lucky to have been saved by the NGO,  he’d lost 6 of his friends to the cause,  two of which died from snake bites. 

He wiped the sweat that had beaded his forehead due to the sudden memory crash.

He hated remembering the past, he’s done his best to  bury that part of his life but it was a part of him, he couldn’t just wish it away he was stuck with those thoughts for life. 
He found his redemption in school, strived and made it among the best, he seemed to possess the   Midas touch everything he touch turned to gold after school. 


He slumped on his swerving chair breathing heavily as he tried to calm himself. Where was Cassie?  He could never be calm if she wasn’t found. 

Then the words of the old lady started racing through his mind,  she’d prophesied he’d go through pain,  he just hope it had nothing to do with losing Cassie cos truth be told he was helpless without her, they might not have the most ideal relationship,  there was practically nothing worth emulating from  their relationship but she kept him sane,  he loved her for crying out loud. 

And her mom treated him like her own, they were the family he’d never had.
He has always been lonely, lived the most part of his life alone,  and he wasn’t a huge fan of making friends,  she and Nora were two out of the three friends he made when he went to tertiary. He couldn’t tell neither Nora nor Jude about the mole issue.

He left the office thinking of a way to tell Mrs Yawson about Cassia’s absence. 




I switched for a Morrocan visa which was granted to me  without delay,  if Steph was indeed in Dubai, going there will only be a damper on my expeditions, I want to experience everything I  can now, exploit a bit before the end of my five years break.

From Marrakesh to Rabat then right straight to the streets and shops of Milan I couldn’t get over the immense euphoria I  felt especially when I go skydiving or sightseeing  and then the ultimate of them all SHOPPING. 

I bought just about everything and nothing from expensive jewelleries to the cheapest crinkets and charms, everything was a snap of a finger away creating my very own paradise right on earth.
  The five star hotel was an addendum, room service was immaculate,  and the in-house masseuse I  could call up was quite incredible.  I had my mini spa treatment right in my room without going out.  

Living the rich luxurious life I could never imagine much less dream of cos there was no way I’d have even a  flash of this life in my dream when I’ve never thought of  it. 

It also came with a huge casino and club downstairs at the ground floor Monaco was indeed a city worth living. The clubs and  hotels were literally places you could die for I’d never regret spending my last dime in this place. 

I went downstairs dressed in a dark mid thigh body con with my 6 inches high heels, my make up was over the notch,  I decided to go for a bold red lips to go with my bright makeup.

I went  straight to the  jackpot immediately I  entered the club,  I’m still yet to try the cards, who knows,  I could be lucky like I was at Vienna City.
 This one seems to be more complicated than Vienna’s jackpots though it was much  sophisticated,  I rolled my eyes when I finally figured where the slot was and slotted my money  through.  My head turned  with all the rumblings it made after I’d pressed on almost every button on it then it pinged,  the reels were mismatched,  that meant I didn’t win anything I rolled my eyes tsking at how annoying the whole experience had been. 

I had wasted my precious time and money I could have just danced and gone back upstairs with totally no harm done. 
 I left the area and walked over to the bar, I gently placed my purse on the cabinet  and sighed before hoisting  up the long stool. I ordered for  tequila shots with lime.  I swiped my  tongue around the salty sugary powder coated on the rim of the glass before shoving the drink down my throat.  I closed my eyes at the burn in my throat which had me feeling warm all over then went out to the dance floor.  
I felt someone behind me “You are such a good dancer”a voice appraised behind me as he started grinding on me,  I stiffened and pulled away,   “Sorry if I came onto you like that I was captivated by your beauty” he apologized in his thick accent,  “I’m Timone” he said holding his palm  to his chest, “Please let me treat you to a drink” I smiled a bit and nodded, I didn’t miss the sigh that skipped his mouth,   We went over to the bar  and ordered drinks. 

I laughed at Timone’s attempt to  translate  the names of the drinks in English, I made a note to try the “volcano” he  recommended. 


My head felt like it had been plucked from my head then bounced to and fro a wall,  it might probably erupt anytime soon,  what’s happening ? I slowly opened my closed lids but it felt like huge boulders were placed on it, I rolled to my side and closed my eyes scared I might burst an eye if I shut it too tightly. 

After what felt like days I woke up with a throbbing head. 

A man in his shorts laid sprawled on the farthest part of the bed,  I blinked trying to clear off the fog that had clogged my mind, but he just won’t  disappear,  WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?  and not fully clothed too,  this is not happening, I’m I really capable of acting this way, all I remember is asking for a Volcano,  why was T- I closed my eyes again what the hell was his name,  why was he in the same bed with me?. 

I held my head as the thud increased this time along with my tummy,  bile filled my mouth, I forced myself to rise from the bed,  but didn’t make it to the bathroom,  I emptied everything on the tiled floor of the room. 

Whathas Casse got herself into? Did she really sleep with Timone, let me know what you think 😉.