JAMAL WAS SITTING ON ¬†the bedside stool holding my left hand tightly I slowly opened my eyes, he gave me a sad smile and kissed my hand I smiled back I closed my eyes again and it all came back to me I tried ¬†pulling my hand but felt too weak and this might be the last time we’ll be together I took one last look at my surrounding ¬†I closed my eyes again this room is the beginning of the end for me I was very happy when I came here and I was going to leave a broken hearted girl tears rolled down my face I felt him wipe away tears “I want to see my dad” I said in a hoarse voice “I want to leave this place, I can’t stand the place, please take me home” my voice was weak when I finished “We’ll have to wait till morning princess, the doctor said you need rest, and it’s not daybreak yet” I tried rising from bed but ¬†still felt dizzy, he held me “you shouldn’t do that you might hurt yourself” “I want to use the washroom” I said weakly he helped me to the washroom and seated me on the toilet seat “Will you need help” I shook my head and replied ¬†“No you can leave” he reluctantly left the room.

I ¬†stood and held the sink, looking at my reflection on the mirror, I looked haggard and have lost a little weight, ¬†I closed my eyes and placed my hand on my chest I felt like strings were being pulled from my heart, it hurts so much “why me?” I asked as I cried softly, I rinsed my face and performed ablution I’m going to be alright I’m not the first person to ever be deceived into falling in love with the wrong person and I’m not going to be the last, I’ll shed ¬†no more tears; I know my heart doesn’t believe all this pep talk but I had to say it more often maybe I might believe it. He had a worried look on his face when I came out and ¬†looked away when he smiled.

I’ll have to ask dad if his allegations were true but I’m leaving him anyways ¬†he was plotting against my dad and thought he could hurt dad by using me, ¬†I won’t let that happen I just pray dad wasn’t a murderer cos the law had to take its due cause if dad was found guilty.

He entered the bathroom when I sat on the prayer mat, ¬†it was not yet prayer time so I took my phone and started reciting the Quran, my heart felt at ease at that moment, I heard as he came out of the bathroom and put on his jalabab, I didn’t mind him when he said he was leaving for the mosque.

I did my  prayers  and felt more energetic, I dressed up and packed my things on the two trolley bags I had brought, then called the reception to get me a cab. I sat on one of the stools with my suitcases on the floor next to me, waiting for their call to come through.

Jamal entered the room and was very surprised when he saw me all dressed ¬†up with my suitcase the telephone rang ¬†just then “I’ll be out right now, thank you”. I stood and took the handle of my suitcases “Where are -you going?” he stammered “I told you I wanted a divorce earlier, ¬†I can’t be with someone who is using me to get what he wants, I’m very sad for what you went through but I know dad had nothing to do with it or he would have told me”…. I sighed and closed my eyes willing the tears that had welled in my eyes not to fall “Please Liyah don’t punish me by leaving I don’t know ¬†what will become of me if you leave, I swear I’ll give up my plans against your dad just don’t leave me, I really need you” he said hugging me tightly, I went limp in his hand for a while ¬†and ¬†returned his hug when a tear ¬†fell on my shoulder, I could feel his pain but he never loved me.

The phone rang again , “the cab is waiting ma’am” the receptionist said when the call went on answer machine, I pushed him back and smiled sadly “I have to leave Jamal and ¬†if you truly love me you won’t come after me, I need to know the truth”.

He nodded and ¬†gingerly wiped away his tears, I pulled my suitcase and left the room I gave my surrounding a final look as I walked to the reception I don’t think I’ll be visiting the place anytime soon, not even the region which happens to be my favorite.





SHE LEFT ME, this is my worst nightmare come to pass, first I didn’t want to love her more than I did now ¬†because I didn’t want to have to choose between her and the vengeance I sought but the last thing on my mind right now is revenge, I had to seek justice for my parents and sister, I heard the soldier when he told dad he had been ¬†given orders by Lieutenant Amin to kill ¬†him, I heard them, I closed my eyes and burst into tears I’ve never been so clueless in my life could I give up on the revenge like I truly said, I wanted to call granny maybe she could soothe me this is really hard on me, I wanted her more than anything else, I needed her like I needed my next breath.


She would be at by home now I wonder if she has already told her dad, I can’t even get angry at her dad anymore ¬†when I remember what her dad did does this mean I have forgiven him, I shook my head vehemently and hit the wooden door with my fist, my knuckles hurt but the hurt pacified me, maybe hurting myself might reduce the self hate I felt. ¬†The two people I hate right now are myself and Dr Amin, especially myself I should have told her the truth earlier maybe she could have understood me. But I’ll respect her wishes and stay away for sometime, she needed to cool off she has been through enough already.


I’m also a bit relieved that she’s found out the truth.

I called granny and relayed what transpired between us, she was sad Liyah had left me and even volunteered to talk her into coming back to me but I stopped her “I want her to have time to look into things granny but I really hurt” my voice was a bit strained “Jamal you should have told her something, I don’t like talking about your parents and sister’s death but I think you also need therapy, you need to get over it, I’m coming over to that place” my granny is my confidante, I was much closer to granny than granddad “I’ll have to go now granny no need to come over I’ll call you when I need you to” “Take care of yourself Jamal don’t do anything stupid, and you can come join us”

I laid back and reminisced the time my parents were killed “It was a Friday night my dad was looking into a military corruption issue, weapons and funds that were supposed to go into the training and recruitment of ¬†military personnel were missing, and there was also rumours of a coup being planned by Dr Amin, dad had called the minister for defence for questioning and was killed a few days after.

I was on the tree house ¬†when they invaded the house I was playing hide and seek with Maya and she had ran into the house, I heard a ¬†gunshot and a shout some few minutes later and another one I ran into the house but stopped when I heard them talking “Lieutenant Amin Mahmud sent us, he said you called him about the missing weapons and this is the reply he asked us to give you rest in pieces” he ¬†said and pulled the trigger “Boom” I felt like shouting but fell silent, I went back to the tree house and hid they poured gasoline around the building and lit the place up I cried my heart out, my life took a complete turn ¬†then.

The fire service were quick to extinguish the fire and everything that happened after was like a dream I was flied to the US by my grandparents, went for therapy it’s even a miracle I became normal I never told my grandparents I knew the one behind their death but the thought of revenge kept me going and now here I am doubting the very facts I’ve always known.









I AM OVERJOYED right now, Liyah is finally going to be mine, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. The ceremony took place before Maghreb prayer, her dad offered to pay the bride price but I persisted on paying it myself I wanted to marry her with my own money, he,the imams and some few people witnessed the ceremony. We still had the signing part to do, there was a judge already waiting for us when we ¬†get home.


Finally Liyah is mine, I could continue with my plans. I shook Dr Amin’s hand and hugged him tightly, ¬†I was sincerely grateful for the greatest gift I’ve had in a long time I pray this marks the beginning of great things in my life. We came back home after Isha prayers Liyah, Sumy and my Grandparents were in the sitting room chatting like old buddies, I like this.


Three days later……..


I was very happy when her dad arranged the marriage three days ago, we did the ordinance marriage the next day because the judge couldn’t make it we ¬†had a little dinner party, with a few of her dad’s acquaintances, business partners and her friends, the only people I knew were my grandparents and Mike, I couldn’t really talk to Mike, couldn’t blow off my cover.


“I wonder what Yanick and Donald are doing right now, probably enjoying the beach” she chuckled and pushed herself into me “Ugh Jamal, I want this moment to last forever” I hugged her more tightly “I want that too princess, promise me you’ll never leave me no matter what” “I promise baby, I’m never going to leave you” I kissed her forehead I now felt a little bit at ease she might stick to her promise when things start going haywire I just pray she does.

The driver increased the speed of the car, I pulled her into me, and looked to the beautiful vegetation, I seldom see lots of greenery I looked down at her and she was asleep I kissed her forehead and leaned into the seat pushing it backwards.


The ¬†Eastern region is definitely gonna be my second ¬†home, I’ve never been there but she loved the region, we had to drive there because aeroplanes didn’t ¬†fly there because of the mountains that surrounded the place,La Lumiere hotel was the place we lodged into, I liked the serenity and quiet nature of the place we were ushered to our cottage I held her hand as we walked in “Here we are Princess I love the place already” “Me too”. The place was very big a whole community I could say, we walked by the beach holding hands “how many days do you think we should spend here?” she held my hand tighter and kissed my knuckles “A month?” she asked giving me a questioning look “I can’t guarantee that princess but I’ll see what I can do about it but we’ll be travelling frequently so we might visit places much better than this” “I just love the serenity of the place, my soul feels content here Mal, thank you so much for sharing this with me” I held her hands up and kissed each of her fingers, I kissed her forehead then ¬†her nose, “Princess… ”





I WAS AMAZED AT HOW fast things happened ¬†I was finally married to Jamal, words can’t express how happy I am, we left for Accra after a small wedding reception, I shed tears when I was leaving home I missed my friends too.


I regularly called dad and my friends especially Sumy she always wanted to know if I was doing OK by him.


We’ve ¬† lived in La Lumiere hotel for almost three weeks, my admission letters were already in and Jamal has been very busy for these past days he always on phone barking orders to his workers, he pushed me back when I tried to crawl into but he pushed me back. “You know I can’t join you, do you want me to lose everything” he almost shouted and locked himself in one of the rooms, I felt tears well in my eye, ¬†I’m quite emotional these days, ¬†little things made me teary, I crawled into the sofa and had a good cry, is Jamal falling out of love with me or was I imagining things.”Princess.. wake up it’s past prayer time”, he kept whispering in my ear, I turned and flicked my eyes open I smiled when our eyes met, it’s prayer time wake up I want us to pray together, he carried me to the bathroom and seated me on the WC “I’m going out now, freshen up and perform ablution i’ll be waiting for you , I joined him when I was done, he kept very long in sujjud, I prayed my heart out I didn’t know what was going to come my way but I know Allah will boulder my shoulders. I started walking to the bedroom when we were done “Princess…. ” I stood still but still faced the bedroom “I’m sorry for pushing you away earlier ” he said embracing me frm behind. I held our joint hands to my tummy and smoothed my face on his arm, “Don’t ever push me away Jamal I don’t know if I can take it please” he hugged me more tightly “I won’t ever push you away”.We went for a stroll that evening “We’ll be leaving for LA very soon I want you to meet my friends”. I was happy when he said that.


I woke up late night around 2.00 am I couldn’t go back to sleep, I prayed a few rakahs and tried going back to sleep, my eyes caught Jamal’s laptop on the table, I hated prying into people’s stuff but this was different he is my husband and it’s not like I’m going to do anything bad just checking my emails, The machine was already on and he had a file opened I scrolled ¬† to save and close the file when my eye caught my dad’s company name, what has it got to do with Jamal, I frowned a bit and looked through,what I saw gave me the greatest shock of my life , it was about the transfer of shares from one Mike to him, I remember dad introducing me to someone with such name, A-ha ¬†the one I met at dad’s office, I pray this is not what I’m thinking I closed the file and started scrolling through the remaining icons, I opened almost all the icons and ¬†finally got what I was looking for it was about a military colonel ¬†(Mohammad Amin Mahmud) which happens to be my dad’s name conspiring with the military to kill the Attorney General it became difficult to breathe I hope ¬†this is not what I think it is, Was I just a means to an end? I pushed the laptop from the table and it thudded heavily across the room I breathed in huge gulps of air but it seemed pointless I couldn’t regulate my breathe I started hitting my chest with both hands, “Liyah…” he called out as he came in “where are you?” he stood motionless when he switched on the light and saw me sitting on the floor with the laptop not too far from me, he ran to me and held me “Liyah what is wrong with you?” I ¬†tried pushing him away but ¬†I was too weak, I heard him call the hotel doctor.






I STRETCHED MY HAND TO pull her into me but I felt nothing the place was cold which meant she hasn’t been there for long, I sat up frighteningly, I had heard a sound earlier, something was being hit repeatedly “Liyah…. ” I called out o switched on the light , ¬†there was my laptop lying on the ground I remember placing it on one of the side tables, then I heard Liyah’s choking , I don’t know what has happened “breathe slowly OK” I rushed to call the reception “a doctor will be sent right away”. Her¬†breath had regulated by then and she burst into tears I held her but she pushed me away “Why me Jamal” I tried embracing her ¬†but she pushed me, “Leave me alone!”she shouted “Jamal I want a divorce, but there’s one thing I want you to know if you had told my dad your reason for coming to our house he would have given you what you wanted, there was no need to involve me in your fuck revenge” there was a knock on the door just then I opened it and I don’t know how but Liyah was at the door like lightening “Please take me away” I tried holding her hand but she fainted just then. “Liyah.. ” I carried her back into the room with th for the doctor to examine her “Lovers spat?” the doc asked





I WAS VERY TIRED I ¬†was in LA yesterday, I had to shorten my trip because ¬†my grandparents will be arriving today, Liyah called to ask if ¬†we would be arriving today I really missed her, ¬†I talked to her on the phone but it wasn’t like seeing her, I would let my grandparents persuade her dad to move the wedding forward ¬†I have lots of projects to attend to I had a shoe collection about to be opened in LA with Jamal Crawford, Mike seems to be having problems with the old man I needed to marry Liyah like this second I don’t want my plans to ruin my relationship with her I’m so confused right now.


“Liyah please listen to me, I swear I love you I never intended to hurt you or use you against your dad” “Leave me alone Jamal I hate you I swear I regre-” I hugged her tightly but she was resists and pushes me away.

Breathing became ¬†difficult, the portion of my bedspread was drenched with sweat . What does this mean ¬†I checked my phone clock and it was a few minutes past 3 pm, the flight will be arriving soon, I freshened up, prayed and packed a few things. This time I’ll be coming back with Liyah as my wife I’m gonna use every persuasive tact to convince her dad my luck is my grandparents liked her they didn’t know of my plans but my feelings for Liyah were sincere so it was alright.

I called the taxi service in my area to send a taxi my house I didn’t want to tire the driver out.

I was at the airport in less than 30 minutes, the driver directed me to the airport restaurant when I called to ask where they were since I didn’t see them at the arrivals area, ¬†“Jamal ” my granny called out excitedly when she saw me, ¬†there was never a dull moment with Nana around I hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek “Jamal my boy you’ve grown more handsome than ever” granny knew I didn’t like it when she said that but says it anyway “Come here my boy”my grandpa hugged me more tightly and patted my back “Missed you my boy” “I missed you too”. We ordered only drinks and sipped lightly as we waited for our flight “We’ll be taking another flight in about 15 minutes” I told them “I like this country already, ¬†I read there are lots of beaches here, ¬†I can feel the waters calling out my name already” Granny said stretching out her arms I gave grandad a look and shook my head. “Grandad I want you to convince Liyah’s dad to push forward the wedding” my grandma grinned “Someone is in love, I really like that girl Jamal you will have to deal with me if you break her heart” I swallowed lightly and smiled ¬†nervously, flashes of the dream crossed my mind “I don’t pray to do that granny I really love her”. I wanted to surprise Liyah ¬†so I didn’t call her when we were about to take off.

The driver drove the car away before ¬†our flight departed , I couldn’t take my mind off granny’s words throughout the flight, I have to get married to this girl I can feel something will go wrong I can’t lose her.




I COULD FEEL SOMETHING ¬†would be happening, a life changing experience maybe I looked at the mirror ¬†and straightened my dress, I ¬†turned to Sumy again “are you sure he’s going to love this?” “You look so beautiful I don’t think he’s going to let another guy give you a second look” I sighed “Thank you”.

I was wearing a light green and black armless wrap dress  with a black head scarf and applied a light make up and lip gloss.

DAD arrived ¬†first ¬†I hugged him and took his briefcase “Welcome dad, ¬†how was your trip?” “Good princess, how have you been?” “Splendid dad”. ¬†Sumy also greeted him and went on to the sitting room I took his briefcase to his room and came back to join her.

“Has Jamal arrived yet?” dad asked when he joined us later “No dad he’s yet to come I think his grandparents came into the country not too long ago he ¬†might be on his way by now “Liyah I want you to do something for me”….. I wonder what it would be this time “I want your wedding ¬†to be done today” I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad what does this mean “Liyah?” he called ¬†my name questionably “Did you here what I said”. My voice choked I love Jamal but I still had to get used to the idea of getting married . “OK dad, but why the rush” he just smiled and shook his head


A taxi drove inside, Jamal and his grandparents came out of the car and I ran out to meet them I hugged Yanick tightly before doing same to Donald, Jamal stood behind crossing his hand to his chest, ¬†he winked at me and smiled when our eyes met, I think my heart somersaulted then. “What about me don’t I get a hug?” he said stretching out his arms I frowned a bit and twisted my lip “Really you want a hug?” I asked taking Yanick’s hand in mine and walking inside with her as Jamal and Donald tailed behind us.

Dad met us at the door and hugged Jamal tightly giving him a pat on the back “Welcome back son” he shook Donald and Yanick’s hand and showed them in.

“I’m happy I finally got to meet you Mr and Mrs Jones”. “Freshen up first then you come down from your meals” I said as I showed them to their room upstairs.

I was so excited I had forgotten to introduce Sumy, Dad was having a talk with Jamal so it was the two of us again “I’m sorry I didn’t get to introduce you to Yanick but I’ll do that when they come out” she turned away, I held her arm “Mi amigo please ok” she tsked and rolled her eyes “I hear you”

We were going to have an early supper today like the Ashantis ¬†do I introduced them to Sumy before we went to the table. Yanick couldn’t stop praising the cook “Liyah you know I really travel” I nodded when she said that “this is one of the best meals I’ve ever had thank you” I smiled and stole a look at Jamal.

Daddy cleared his throat, here we go again “Mr and Mrs Jones as I was saying to Jamal earlier I want the wedding to be done today” Yanick widened her eye and looked from me to Jamal “Really? ¬†How can that be done?” she asked looking at her husband then giving us a questioning look. “I wanted to surprise Jamal and Liyah, ¬†and everything has already been prepared”. Jamal grinned more widely this time, “We have to hurry the imams will arrive very soon” dad said standing to leave the table, so it was true after all.





JAMAL’s call was unexpected I promised to fly to LA before game night it seems I couldn’t do that, Jamal is a good friend of mine although we’ve not known each other for long he plays for the LA clippers, we met at a charity event and ¬†had the same name almost the same in height though he was a few inches taller than me “Why didn’t you ¬†tell me about this wedding and who’s this lucky lady is she in LA?” I looked into her eyes and shook my head “No Africa, she stole my heart the very minute I saw her, and we’ll be flying to LA next two weeks I have some businesses to attend to”. Mike and Dr Amin came out of the office just then. “It was nice doing business with you sir, I’ll bring the papers tomorrow for you to look into” I heard Mike tell him as they walked towards us “Jamal come here son” I shook hand with the both of them while Liyah hugged him “Mike meet my” …he gave ¬†Aaliyah a side look before saying “son” “Jamal this is Mike my soon to be business partner” I nodded and shook Mike’s ¬†hand again, more ¬†tightly this time, I was excited when I heard what he said but he has not yet signed the papers ¬†so it was still a work in progress. “We shall talk more ¬†tomorrow” He said giving Mike a pat on the back “Yes sir,have a good day” Mike replied and went away.

I stood when we walked into the office it was much bigger and stylish ¬†than i made out from the video ; a picture of him, his late wife and little Liyah stood on his desk,they looked really happy, that is what I dream to have with Liyah. A vast mahogany table with a comfy office chair behind it ¬†and two similar but smaller ones opposite it, “Have a seat Jamal” he said pointing to the chair to his right, Liyah ¬†sat on the chair beside mine, ¬†I wondered why she didn’t sit on his lap today, he smiled and looked from me to Liyah “Liyah no need to beat around the bush I want you tell us the decision you’ve are you ready to take Jamal as a husband?” I ¬†stole a look at her but she just played with her fingers, my body tensed when she opened her lips is she going to refute my proposal?, ¬†she closed her eyes a bit and bit her lips, ¬†I felt like shaking her up maybe that will get her to hurry she looked at me then at her dad “Um dad I-” she passed me a ¬†look again “Yes I will dad but it’s not going to be as immediate as Jamal wants it?” he nodded and smiled, he was very happy with her choice, I was overjoyed with by her decision but I wanted a wedding right now ¬†“Jamal, you’ve heard the young lady, when would you want the wedding to take place?” “Today sir” he chuckled then looked at Liyah “You see the young man is in a haste” I chuckled myself ¬†“But can we make it next week I have lots of projects he smiled and turned to her again she looked down playing with her fingers she was shy all of a sudden “When did you say your grandparents will be here again?” “Ghana will be their next stop ” he nodded “Then we’ll set the date 3 months from now that’s in July” “Thank you so much sir” I replied although ¬†I would have preferred it much earlier.





I WANTED the earth to just swallow me up when I said yes, this guy can’t be serious he wanted me to marry him today has he ever saw this being done seeing a lady and marrying her in less than a week was this a reality show? I shook my head as remembered what happened in the office, ¬†the girls needed to ¬†hear this ¬†I was going to be Mrs Bossman in less than four months I felt so happy inside as for school I wondered which one to choose I have applied to 3 schools outside the country and two in Ghana my dad only knew of Yale and Birmingham University, I don’t know why I’ve not told about Aberdeen maybe it’s ¬†because I’m not really into the school.

The girls were very surprised when I told them the next day “Aaliyah are you really sure about this?” Lisa asked worriedly, she was suppose to be the roses and chocolate kinda girl and look at what she’s asking me, ¬†Sumy was unusually quiet “I don’t want to ruin your happiness girl but I pray you are not making a mistake” she said in a quiet voice I nodded and hugged her, she understood me. “All I want is your support guys” I said pleadingly “We’ve got your back Liyah” I smiled and hugged Lisa too.

Jamal had lots of businesses  to attend to because he had delayed some to be able to stay back with us, he went back to Accra two days after  our meeting with dad.


Two months later……


I ¬†was mostly fixated to my phone these days I’m either texting or calling him, he seldom visited us but made time to fly over whenever he could. “Liyah please tell your dad to push the date forward I get really tired nowadays, making runs between LA, London, Accra and Kumasi. I want to make those trips with you… Are you there babe?” I really felt sorry for him but he had to wait for the right time “We have to be patient Bossman we are only 25 days away from the wedding no need to rush things”.

Jamal will be visiting with his grandparents today, I am so excited I don’t know how to express it, I have been chatting with Yanick and Donald all this while. Yanick always made my day, Dad was at a conference in ¬†Accra but would be back today, and my step-mom was also on a trip to God knows where so I was home alone with the maids, I called Sumy to join me, Lisa was visiting with her ¬†cousins in the capital. The maids helped me ¬†prepare 3 local dishes, Yanick and Donald said they wanted to try every local dish, I didn’t want to make any heavy dish so I made otor (mashed ripe plantain), Ampesi with kontomire stew (boiled yam with cocoyam leaves) and kenkey with hot red pepper and shito(fried pepper sauce). I wondered if they’ve arrived yet I called Jamal’s number but he did not answer ¬†he came back from London just yesterday, he needed to slow down ¬†a bit, he called me later “Sorry princess I was praying when you called hope everything is going well” “Yes everything is going well what time will you be going to the airport?” “I’ve sent a driver to pick them up, we’ll be coming tomorrow” “Jamal!” I complained in a whiny voice, “you want all the meals I prepared to go to waste, you’ll have to come today its only a 45 minutes flight you’ll be here within an hour. “OK for you I’m going to ¬†buy a ticket now, I’ve bought the tickets online and our flight is 30 minutes after they arrive so I’m going to rest now baby love you” “I love you too baby, hope to see you soon”.









I FELT CONTENT when ¬†I ¬†woke up I had a feeling today was going to be a good day, Liyah would be ¬†saying yes I’m quite sure about that, I was up very early as usual did all my morning routines and had breakfast with the man of the house I was becoming fond of the man, I loved his daughter and now I’m becoming more closer to him than I liked, I couldn’t like him, liking him is a risk I can’t take, he called Liyah’s phone but she didn’t answer “Jamal I want you and Liyah to meet me up at the office, I have a very important meeting to attend” he said when he was leaving. I went to my room and rested afterwards only to come out to see her dressed like an angel I liked the way the dress covered her up she looked really beautiful, I think I’ll fill up her closet with more white because it suited her better, I couldn’t keep myself from smiling, smiling has now become a nature to me Liyah did that to me I was smiling more often than ever “Can I join you?” I asked as she ate her porridge she smiled back and said I could but was a bit sad when she told me she couldn’t eat from the same bowl and spoon with me, that was going to change cos when I ¬†marry her we’re gonna eat from the same bowl for the rest of our lives,

I ate the leftover cos she said she was full.

I called Nana’s line when Liyah ¬†laughed when I said her porridge was the best breakfast I ever had, my Nana is the worst cook ever she could only fry bacon and eggs, but the rest was history, we had a maid who did the cooking but my grandad also helped out he is a good cook , and I learnt from him so I’m not a bad cook myself. “Nana…. I want you to speak with Liyah my fiancee” she widened her eyes and shook her head when I said that ¬†“Nana let me call you on facetime I want you to see how pretty she is” ¬†Liyah pulled her chair back and stood up to leave but I was quick enough to catch up with her “Please don’t run away sweetie I want you to talk to my grandparents before they come down here she shook her head and batted her eyelashes I don’t know if she was doing it on purpose ¬†but it was damn cute making her look more prettier “Ple-a-se” I pleaded in a soft voice she pushed me back a bit and nodded, I didn’t even know I was holding her so close, I called granny and she was so excited “Jamal where is she I’m dying to see her” I chuckled when she said that my grandma is a very lively person living life to the fullest has always been her motto “OK ¬†I’m gonna give the phone to her but you don’t have to scare her with your excitement, where’s granddad?” she rolled her eyes “You know your granddad he went to play golf can you imagine in this heat”she said fanning her face with her hand ¬†“so where’s my granddaughter -in -law?” “Granny Pls don’t ask her many questions” I said as I passed the phone to her “Good afternoon ma’am” she said with a smile on her face “Afternoon dear how are you? And please don’t call me ma’am you can call me Yanick” “I’m good, hope you are enjoying your trip?” “Very exciting, you look much prettier than I imagined”


I liked the way she talked with my granny like she has known her for a long time, Liyah was “it” for me I feel it deep inside me and I know she feels it ¬†too.

“Liyah your dad wants to see us at his office, ¬†he had to leave because he had an important meeting to attend, but I’ll go to the mosque since it’s already time for Zuhr, ¬†I’ll call you to meet me at the gate when I’m done”.




I DIDN’T WANT TO speak with his grandparents I was really surprised at how young his grandmom looked she could pass for his mom, we talked like we had known each other for long I liked her already I pray her husband is also friendly, I also went to pray when Jamal was gone, my phone rang some few minutes after ¬†I was done it was Jamal “We’ll go in my car” he said when I picked up. I just took my red Chanel purse, I didn’t feel like wearing high heels today I chose a red wedge sandals.


I frowned at the him that wasn’t his car , when did he buy a new one?, it was a red Venza I just shrugged and held the handle to pull open he held up his hand, so I stopped he looked very angry I wonder who he was making the call with “I told you I wanted those shares I don’t know how you are going to get them for me but I want them, you might be my friend but I still pay you to do your job, don’t make this difficult for me” he said angrily he opened the door for me and motioned for me to enter when I just stood there. “I’m sorry man I didn’t mean to burst out like that, ¬†my emotions went out of place but I ¬†really need those shares please make it hasty OK, so we’re cool?” he smiled when I gave him a worrying look “Thanks man, I’ll be leaving for Accra within the week though” “You like the car ?” he asked as he entered the car “Nice car where’s the other one?” I asked glancing ¬†through the cars parked at the lot. ¬† “I returned it to the rental at the airport and bought this one” I nodded slightly. My dad’s office is located ¬†at the city centre not too far from home but the traffic jam was crazy we were in the hold up for almost ¬†an hour “this is why I hate going there it’s even worse today I wonder what’s happening in town?” I muttered tsking.

We were at the office some few minutes later the jam was caused by the Ashanti King and his convoy. We had to wait cos dad was in another meeting his assistant was more vigilant this time she didn’t want me to barge in like I did the other day, I sat quietly this time I didn’t want to bother Jamal cos he looked deep in thought I felt sad for him, he looked too young to be handling all these businesses his phone chimed again I frowned when I saw Jamal written on the screen “Hey man how’re you?” he looked happy when speaking to this person I wonder who this person is “I’m so sorry I can’t make it to LA on game day maybe I’ll join you in the finals and I’ll be bringing my wife along” he finished giving me a quirk smile. He winked when I gave him an angry look. ¬†Who told him I was gonna marry him anyways.











I WONDERED why they had kept long it was already past 8pm and they should’ve been home already, I saw the time they left for mosque and dad knows I can never have dinner without him ,I layed on the prayer mat, ¬†and dialled Sumy and Lisa’s line they were definitely going to be mad at me, I told them I would call them when I got home and look at the time now, I called Lisa first then held the call to call Sumy on a conference call “Guys I’m so sorry I didn’t call earlier” I said immediately the call went through “You now have lover boy so you easily forget about us right?” Lisa teasingly asked “Ah Really? I knew you before I knew him don’t be afraid guys you are my blood and ¬†what did ¬†you call him again … “lover boy” can’t take that from you” “You finally accept that he’s your lover boy?” Sumy asked in her serious tone “Sumy you are a killjoy..” there was a knock on the door just then “I’m coming…..! I’ve got to go guys I think dinner has been served, I might call you later tonight but if you don’t hear from me, we’ll meet up tomorrow if God permits”, the knock was more insistent this time, It was Mary when I opened the door “Dinner has been served ma’am” she said politely and went away when I nodded. I untied the wrapper I had over my ¬†knee length sundress, dad and Jamal were engaged in a deep conversation as I descended the stairs, I liked how they have clicked in this short time, Jamal saw me first cos his table faced the stairs I winked at him and hugged dad from behind and kissed his cheek “I really missed you today dad”; I sat on the chair next to him, and listened quietly as they talked, one of the maids served us, It was plain rice with vegetable salad. We ate quietly as dad and Jamal continued talking,”I’m so sorry I couldn’t join you I had this terrible headache that was why” she uttered giving dad a peck we were almost done when she came.I rolled my eyes as she did her act the woman was attention starved she always wants to be the center of attention “How are you young man, hope you enjoyed the meal?” she asked looking at Jamal “Thank you ma’am I’m very grateful” she took the seat next to mine and called one of the maids to clear the table. My dad cleared his throat after the maid was done , he usually did that when he had something important to say, come to think of it he’s been doing that lately.”Aaliyah” my heart almost stopped beating when he mentioned my name I looked at Jamal and looked back at Dad “Jamal came to see me this morning because he wanted to seek for your hand in marriage , I got to know he is the son of my good friend who is of late (may his soul rest in peace)when I asked him to tell me more about himself, I don’t want to force you into doing anything against your will, but I’ll be very happy and grateful if you accept my son”. I didn’t know if I was hearing him right but did he just tell me Jamal wanted to marry me, Jamal wanted forever with me I looked at Jamal who also had his eyes on me, it was only the two of us when our eyes met,he smiled when I nodded lightly, and ¬†motioned to dad with his eye,”Um da-ad please let me think about it I’ll give you an answer in the morning”. I didn’t know why I said that I really wanted to shout “Yes” but it seems my mouth had a mind of its own. I marveled at how my step mom kept mute when dad was speaking she always had something to say, maybe she had a change of heart.




WHAT IS THIS girl playing at I know she loves me no sane woman would be jealous over a man she doesn’t love maybe she wants a little persuasion and I feel what we have is very strong then why is she doing this, I gave her a questioning look but she looked away “Dad I’ll retire now I have a lot to do tomorrow” she said pulling her chair, he nodded “OK dear but think about it I’ll wait for your reply tomorrow”she nodded and gave me a look I spotted a smile on her face, I gave her a wink and looked away swallowing hard “Sir I’ll also retire now” I said when she was gone “Good night ma’am” I walked to the stairs but prayed she has not reached her room yet we had an unfinished business.

She was throwing her fist the air when I gotta t upstairs I cleared my throat and she froze and started walking hurriedly “Wait up” she rushed to her room and closed the door before I could catch up. I smiled and went to my , Alhamdulillah I finally had something I really wanted go ¬† my way, I tried calling her phone but she didn’t answer, I already had what I wanted, I closed my eye daydreaming about the kind of life we would live.


I WAS ABSOLUTE I ¬†wanted to marry him,to be his forever. My dad trusted him and dad was a very good judge of character ¬†and I also loved him ¬†wholeheartedly but there was a sliver of fear or should I call it doubt “what if he has a hidden agenda or he plans to leave me for his ex-girl “Ya Allah ¬†don’t let this be my worst mistake” I prayed more after my morning tilawat and did a few runs on my treadmill, I wasn’t going to give room to any doubt there was no going back ,I saw him, I wanted him and I’m now going to have him in Shaa Allah that was it no more excuses.

I fell asleep after I had bathed, and had the best dream ever. I woke up late in the morning it was almost noon and I’ve not even had my breakfast I freshened up and chose a ¬†long sleeve white dress, I tied a white headscarf and applied a ¬†little makeup painting my lips the deepest shade of red. My phone rang just then I looked at the screen and it was dad. Dad was not a patient person he was very persistent when he wanted. He wanted ¬†to make me feel like I made the decision to marry Jamal but I know he would find other means to make me if he really wants to.

The table was already set, I felt like having maize porridge today , I went to the kitchen to make it myself I tied an apron over my dress and made the porridge.

“Can I join you?” Jamal asked as I was eating “Of course you can” I said giving him a smile of my own when I ¬†saw the smile on his face. He looked more handsome than ever “I can bring you a bowl if you want” he gave me a half smile and shook his head “You don’t want my food, I prepared it myself” I said in a sad voice ¬†“No baby I want to eat from the same bowl with the same spoon can you do that for me?” I shook my head gingerly the act felt too intimate “No but you can have the rest I am very full” he ate everything in the bowl and almost licked it clean “This is the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever had” he said after he was done “You are sure?” “Yes” he was very funny “I’ll have to ask your Nana if it’s true?” he brought out his phone immediately I said that he held it to his ear and shook his head when I stood up to clear the table “Granny Liyah want to speak with you…she’s the girl i’ve ¬†been telling you about… Yes my fiancee”




WE joined Lisa and Sumayya who were already seated Jamal had the attention of almost every girl in the room his height made him stood out and the man was also beautiful, we joined them and made our orders it was already noon so I ordered banku with okra stew and grilled tilapia, he ¬†also ordered same ,Sumy had ¬†rice Lisa always wanting to try new things ordered a ¬†Chinese dish. “Tell us about you Jamal the guy who has made our friend go haywire, we want to know you better”.”Sumy!-God you are a real killjoy” I said rolling my eyes “But it’s true or I’m I lying” she said laughing I liked the fact that he has clicked with my friends he made small talks with them when we were eating asking them about school and stuff. “What do you want to know about Sumy”he asked looking around the table and later setting his eyes on Sumy, ¬†she looked down and continued “Everything from childhood,school, girlfriends” she finished giving me a look , I nearly had a heart attack when she asked,come to think of it I’ve never asked him if he had a girlfriend, I kept quiet but I was listening intently to what he was going to say “I am Jamal Bossman, and I’ve lived in Los Angeles, California all my life ¬†and graduated from the University of California, I’m now involved in IT and other businesses, and your last question was about my relationship right?” Sumy nodded when he asked again, “I had a girlfriend back in LA but we broked ¬†up long before I came down here” “Really?” she asked giving me a worried look “Yes” he said nodding. I just smiled weakly and relaxed on the chair, Jamal settled the bill it was really nice meeting you “Jamal I’m so happy to have met you it was really nice speaking to you” Sumy said “Same here,hope to hear from you soon ” Lisa added “Goodbye will call you ¬†girls when I get home” I watched as they drove away and handed the keys to him I really wanted to know about this girl he broke up with did he broke up with her or was she the one to leave him was he still in love with her? I sighed and closed my eyes, he parked the car “I’ll be right out Princess” he said leaving the car I slowly opened my ¬†eyes we were at the Golden Tulip not too far from our house so this was where he stayed I smiled and pushed the seat a little backwards he came much earlier than I imagined and placed a small suitcase and backpack ¬†in the backseat, the drive home was quite quick, we came out of the car simultaneously he took the suitcase and pulled it as we walked in whiles I carried the backpack. Her Royal highness was sitting on a lone sofa with the maids on her sides as usual I really wanted to walk away but Jamal greeted her which made me come back “Good afternoon Ma” I also said “Won’t you introduce us” Jamal said when I was about to walk away “I thought dad already I introduced you sorry that’s my lovely step mom” I said walking away “I’ll come back to show you to your room when you’re done” I added as I walked on.


I was very happy I had ¬†won her friends over. I went to the hotel and packed the few things I brought and took my backpack she was asleep when I came back and drove to the house I had no problem going in this time, a woman who I placed to be the lady of the house was sitting on her sofa with maids attending to her I greeted her and called Liyah who was walking away to introduce us ,she was the step mom, maybe she didn’t treat Liyah well that was why she didn’t acknowledge her when we came in “Who are you and what are you doing with that spoilt brat” I now understand Liyah “I’m a guest of Dr Amin” I answered shortly “If ¬†you would excuse me it was nice meeting you ma’am” I said following Liyah’s trail, Liyah ¬†stood at the top of the staircase holding the banister “I thought you would never come” she said rolling her eyes I just shook my head and followed her “This is your room everything has already been prepared” she said handing out the backpack and walking away “Aaliyah” I called out ¬†this was the first time I have mentioned her name completely she turned and I just looked deeply into her eyes and nodded I think she understood what I meant and nodded back it was the answer to every unasked question I just wanted ¬†to reassure her, let her know we were OK I sensed her discomfort when Sumy asked if I had a girlfriend back at home I needed her to know she was the only one she needed that assurity. I performed my prayers and rested a bit.


I was in a garden with Aaliyah and a baby boy who looked so much like me. I held him in one hand and held Aaliyah in the other “thank you so much princess you mean a lot to me” I said looking her in the eye. A noise kept bugging me I really didn’t want this moment to be lost, I opened my eyes and it was all a dream there was a knock on the door “Jamal” she called out as she knocked, I closed my eyes and opened them again I ¬†checked my phone and there was a miss call from Aaliyah and the time was already past four which means I had missed my Asr prayers “Jamal…. Dad is home” “I’m coming princess just give me some few minutes ¬†I’ll be with you in a while” “Would you know your way around?” she asked ¬†a bit worried “Yes princess I’m going to pray I’ll join you when I’m done” “OK I’m going to inform dad” I freshened up and did my prayers.

The man had a smile on his face when he saw me I would have really liked this man if not that I already knew him too well “Welcome sir” I said upon reaching the room ¬†“Thank you, take a seat” he said pointing to the other seat of the two seater sofa, “How was your day?”he said looking at me from where he sat on the other side of the sofa “Splendid sir thank you once again for trusting me with Liyah” he ¬†sighed heavily and began “About that, you asked of Liyah’s hand right?” I was speechless when he said that I didn’t know he would bring it up this early “Yes sir I want to marry her ¬†and would be very happy if you give me her hand in marriage sir”. He smiled shortly “One thing I’ve always wanted more than anything is Aaliyah’s happiness, her happiness is mine she lost her mom at a very young age and my relationship with her has not been the best of relationships but I have been trying my best to make ¬†amends, I never want to force her to do anything against her will But”.. I was very scared when he said but was he going to deny me Aaliyah I could do anything for her even give up… No I can’t go there I can’t give up on something I’ve been planning since childhood for her, not for anyone “But you are an exception you are like a son to me and I would be very happy if I have relations with my late friend, Parry” he said in a choked voice “Thank you so much Sir” I said sincerely grateful “But.. ” he added ¬†another but I wondered ¬†what his condition was going to be “You still need to seek for her love”.