I AM OVERJOYED right now, Liyah is finally going to be mine, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. The ceremony took place before Maghreb prayer, her dad offered to pay the bride price but I persisted on paying it myself I wanted to marry her with my own money, he,the imams and some few people witnessed the ceremony. We still had the signing part to do, there was a judge already waiting for us when we  get home.


Finally Liyah is mine, I could continue with my plans. I shook Dr Amin’s hand and hugged him tightly,  I was sincerely grateful for the greatest gift I’ve had in a long time I pray this marks the beginning of great things in my life. We came back home after Isha prayers Liyah, Sumy and my Grandparents were in the sitting room chatting like old buddies, I like this.


Three days later……..


I was very happy when her dad arranged the marriage three days ago, we did the ordinance marriage the next day because the judge couldn’t make it we  had a little dinner party, with a few of her dad’s acquaintances, business partners and her friends, the only people I knew were my grandparents and Mike, I couldn’t really talk to Mike, couldn’t blow off my cover.


“I wonder what Yanick and Donald are doing right now, probably enjoying the beach” she chuckled and pushed herself into me “Ugh Jamal, I want this moment to last forever” I hugged her more tightly “I want that too princess, promise me you’ll never leave me no matter what” “I promise baby, I’m never going to leave you” I kissed her forehead I now felt a little bit at ease she might stick to her promise when things start going haywire I just pray she does.

The driver increased the speed of the car, I pulled her into me, and looked to the beautiful vegetation, I seldom see lots of greenery I looked down at her and she was asleep I kissed her forehead and leaned into the seat pushing it backwards.


The  Eastern region is definitely gonna be my second  home, I’ve never been there but she loved the region, we had to drive there because aeroplanes didn’t  fly there because of the mountains that surrounded the place,La Lumiere hotel was the place we lodged into, I liked the serenity and quiet nature of the place we were ushered to our cottage I held her hand as we walked in “Here we are Princess I love the place already” “Me too”. The place was very big a whole community I could say, we walked by the beach holding hands “how many days do you think we should spend here?” she held my hand tighter and kissed my knuckles “A month?” she asked giving me a questioning look “I can’t guarantee that princess but I’ll see what I can do about it but we’ll be travelling frequently so we might visit places much better than this” “I just love the serenity of the place, my soul feels content here Mal, thank you so much for sharing this with me” I held her hands up and kissed each of her fingers, I kissed her forehead then  her nose, “Princess… ”





I WAS AMAZED AT HOW fast things happened  I was finally married to Jamal, words can’t express how happy I am, we left for Accra after a small wedding reception, I shed tears when I was leaving home I missed my friends too.


I regularly called dad and my friends especially Sumy she always wanted to know if I was doing OK by him.


We’ve   lived in La Lumiere hotel for almost three weeks, my admission letters were already in and Jamal has been very busy for these past days he always on phone barking orders to his workers, he pushed me back when I tried to crawl into but he pushed me back. “You know I can’t join you, do you want me to lose everything” he almost shouted and locked himself in one of the rooms, I felt tears well in my eye,  I’m quite emotional these days,  little things made me teary, I crawled into the sofa and had a good cry, is Jamal falling out of love with me or was I imagining things.”Princess.. wake up it’s past prayer time”, he kept whispering in my ear, I turned and flicked my eyes open I smiled when our eyes met, it’s prayer time wake up I want us to pray together, he carried me to the bathroom and seated me on the WC “I’m going out now, freshen up and perform ablution i’ll be waiting for you , I joined him when I was done, he kept very long in sujjud, I prayed my heart out I didn’t know what was going to come my way but I know Allah will boulder my shoulders. I started walking to the bedroom when we were done “Princess…. ” I stood still but still faced the bedroom “I’m sorry for pushing you away earlier ” he said embracing me frm behind. I held our joint hands to my tummy and smoothed my face on his arm, “Don’t ever push me away Jamal I don’t know if I can take it please” he hugged me more tightly “I won’t ever push you away”.We went for a stroll that evening “We’ll be leaving for LA very soon I want you to meet my friends”. I was happy when he said that.


I woke up late night around 2.00 am I couldn’t go back to sleep, I prayed a few rakahs and tried going back to sleep, my eyes caught Jamal’s laptop on the table, I hated prying into people’s stuff but this was different he is my husband and it’s not like I’m going to do anything bad just checking my emails, The machine was already on and he had a file opened I scrolled   to save and close the file when my eye caught my dad’s company name, what has it got to do with Jamal, I frowned a bit and looked through,what I saw gave me the greatest shock of my life , it was about the transfer of shares from one Mike to him, I remember dad introducing me to someone with such name, A-ha  the one I met at dad’s office, I pray this is not what I’m thinking I closed the file and started scrolling through the remaining icons, I opened almost all the icons and  finally got what I was looking for it was about a military colonel  (Mohammad Amin Mahmud) which happens to be my dad’s name conspiring with the military to kill the Attorney General it became difficult to breathe I hope  this is not what I think it is, Was I just a means to an end? I pushed the laptop from the table and it thudded heavily across the room I breathed in huge gulps of air but it seemed pointless I couldn’t regulate my breathe I started hitting my chest with both hands, “Liyah…” he called out as he came in “where are you?” he stood motionless when he switched on the light and saw me sitting on the floor with the laptop not too far from me, he ran to me and held me “Liyah what is wrong with you?” I  tried pushing him away but  I was too weak, I heard him call the hotel doctor.






I STRETCHED MY HAND TO pull her into me but I felt nothing the place was cold which meant she hasn’t been there for long, I sat up frighteningly, I had heard a sound earlier, something was being hit repeatedly “Liyah…. ” I called out o switched on the light ,  there was my laptop lying on the ground I remember placing it on one of the side tables, then I heard Liyah’s choking , I don’t know what has happened “breathe slowly OK” I rushed to call the reception “a doctor will be sent right away”. Her breath had regulated by then and she burst into tears I held her but she pushed me away “Why me Jamal” I tried embracing her  but she pushed me, “Leave me alone!”she shouted “Jamal I want a divorce, but there’s one thing I want you to know if you had told my dad your reason for coming to our house he would have given you what you wanted, there was no need to involve me in your fuck revenge” there was a knock on the door just then I opened it and I don’t know how but Liyah was at the door like lightening “Please take me away” I tried holding her hand but she fainted just then. “Liyah.. ” I carried her back into the room with th for the doctor to examine her “Lovers spat?” the doc asked


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